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Permalinks for Online Services

This guide will show how to obtain permalinks to journal articles, ebooks and ebook chapters, and videos found in the Library's online research services. Permalinks can be used to create links to learning objects in Canvas courses.

Permalinks for HeinOnline Services

HeinOnline Academic is a broad-based research service that include many intersecting disciplines in its numerous components, including history, political science, criminal justice, religious studies, international relations, women's studies, LGBTQ studies, civil rights, gun rights, public policy and administration, and many more. Its journal collection features nearly 3,800 periodicals, most coverage dating from the first issue to current issues. Includes the millions of official documents and other work products of the U.S. Federal Government from the beginning of the nation. Includes in-depth access to State and Federal case law and to the HeinOnline Social Justice Suite.

Go to the Library's HeinOnline Academic library guide for a detailed presentation about its content and subsets and guides to searching. That guide also includes complete permalinks for the major sections of HeinOnline.

Permalinks for HeinOnline Documents

Permalinks for HeinOnline Documents

HeinOnline provides permalinks to individual documents, but they are incomplete; they will not invoke OpenAthens authentication. You can use the OpenAthens Link Generator to create a link that will invoke OpenAthens authentication for an individual document permalink.

Our example will create a permalink to the text of an important speech President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave in Gainesville, Georgia in 1938.

1. Go to HeinOnline Academic and search on these keywords: franklin roosevelt gainesville georgia. The result screen is shown below. Click on the hot-linked title to go to the document.

HeinOnline permalink graphic 1


2. When the document is displayed, click on the Link icon in the toolbar.

HeinOnline permalink graphic 2


3. The popup window that appears provides the base of the permalink. Click in the link field and the URL is automatically copied to the clipboard.

HeinOnline permalink graphic 3


4. Go to the OpenAthens Link Generator and create the complete permalink that will invoke OpenAthens Authentication. A full description of how this works and looks is available through the OpenAthens Link Generator menu item above.