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Permalinks for Online Services

This guide will show how to obtain permalinks to journal articles, ebooks and ebook chapters, and videos found in the Library's online research services. Permalinks can be used to create links to learning objects in Canvas courses.

Films on Demand Education Collection

Films on Demand Education Collection provides over 1,500 videos that address effective teaching methods and classroom management as well as best practices for use of technology, application of standards, overcoming the challenges of special needs students, understanding legal and ethical issues, and more.

Permalinks for these videos are very easy to obtain. They are complete when you get them, like EBSCO and ProQuest permalinks.

We'll use this video for an example: Why Reading Matters: A Holistic Study for the Digital Age (click the link to follow live).

1. On the full display screen, click on the Share icon below the video frame.
















2. When the popup window opens, you should click on the Link tab. And then click the Copy button to copy the permalink to the clipboard. (You can use either version of the link; they are the same.)