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Library Services at Piedmont University

Overview of Library Services: For students and faculty wherever they are located and for students and faculty at the Demorest and Athens campuses.

The Library During the Pandemic

ALERT: Piedmont Together, Living and Learning During the Pandemic

The Library affirms all the principles for action embodied in the Piedmont Together page on the College's website. The Library is certainly one of those "densely populated common spaces" mentioned in the Piedmont Together plan.

Here are some of the steps we have taken to make the Library a healthy and safe environment during the pandemic. Many of these steps are confirmed with signage.

  • added hand sanitizer stations on every floor.
  • removed and rearranged furniture to promote physical distancing.
    • spread the public-access computers on the 3rd floor further apart, without reducing the number of computers available (still 15).
    • limited occupancy of the study rooms to a maximum of 2.
    • limited some tables to 2 users; other, larger tables to 3 users.
    • limited use of the (very small) restrooms to 1 at a time.
    • limited use of the elevator to 2 at a time.

Other steps we have taken to promote a healthy environment include creation of a system of small signs at every seat in the library.

  • When you lay the sign down after using a seat, we notice and will clean and sanitize later that day. 
  • We clean and sanitize the study rooms more than once a day (as does the College's cleaning team).

Last, but not least, we are committed to reminding everyone:

  • Masks must be worn at all times in the Library.
  • Masks must cover both mouth and nose. 
  • While we do clean and sanitize frequently, good sense requires mask-wearing even when you are sitting alone or using a study room alone.

In conclusion, the Library would like to say that the spirit of discipline and cooperation we experienced with these guidelines during the Fall semester was just excellent. We are so pleased and heartened that everyone wanted to do the right thing and cooperate with these health and safety guidelines. And so we all had a great Fall semester with no serious outbreaks of COVID-19 on-campus!

While we can't rest on our laurels during the Spring semester and become undisciplined in our observance of guidelines, we accomplished something we all be proud of: we overcame our dislike of restrictions and took care of one another. Let's continue and have a fantastic Spring semester!