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About the Library ...

The Library's Mission

The mission of the Arrendale Library of Piedmont University ...

is to support the University's academic programs and research by facilitating the information access and instructional needs of all members of the University community, wherever they are located.

To accomplish our mission, the Library will provide ...

  • the facilities, tools, and resources needed to support, enhance, and extend the academic work and research of all members of the University community;
  • a selection of resources that portrays the intellectual, spiritual, and cultural heritage of humanity, beyond the immediate needs of classwork and research;
  • a pleasant, welcoming environment that encourages effective and productive use of the Libraries by all members of the University community and the community at large;
  • assistance and instruction for all members of the University community to develop information-seeking and research skills from which they may benefit throughout their lives.

Approved by the Piedmont University Library Committee, April 13, 2011.

Edited to reflect change from College to University, April 5, 2021.

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