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About the Library ...

The Library's Mission

The mission of the Arrendale Library of Piedmont University ...

is to support the University’s community of students and faculty in the pursuit of their academic research and intellectual ambitions, by providing them access to information and instruction wherever they are located.

Goal 1: The Library will provide easy access to research assistance, instruction, and resources that are adequate and appropriate to support the curricular and educational needs of the University community.
Goal 2: The Library will provide a selection of resources sufficient in quality, depth, and timeliness to represent the intellectual, spiritual, and cultural heritage of humanity, which is embodied in the University’s Mission and Core Values, as well as its academic programs.
Goal 3: The Library will design and enact an outreach strategy to engage the University community and promote greater awareness of the availability and value of the Library’s services and resources.
Goal 4: The Library will shape and maintain practical, welcoming environments - both physical and virtual - that encourage productive use by all members of the University community.

Approved by the Piedmont University Library Committee, February 14, 2024.

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