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Faculty Resources for Student Engagement

This library guide's primary purpose is to provide a place where faculty can find the many different kinds of materials available for enrichment of student learning experiences.

About the Faculty Resources Library Guide

The Faculty Resources and Student Engagement library guide has two basic purposes, though the information it gathers is sizable in scope. 

  • To present in one place tools the faculty may find useful in developing or enhancing student engagement and learning.
  • To provide tools that may be useful in creating learning modules, whether for in-person or online instruction.

Student Engagement Resources presents pages with expanded and enhanced access to the services being described. This section aims to increase awareness of what is available to support teaching and learning, whether in-person or online.

Writing & Research Skills; Academic Integrity presents guides to support instruction in information literacy, writing and research skills, and academic integrity.

Working Online & In Canvas provides information about the larger online environment the University community works within and procedural information about incorporating learning objects into Canvas course shells.