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Requesting Books and EBooks

Requesting New Books and Ebooks

Right-click on the download link and Save ... As you do so, give the spreadsheet a unique name.
Open it and click Enable Editing if need be.
When finished, email your spreadsheet as a attachment to with the subject "New Library Order Request."

When You Submit Order Requests ...

  • Your college/school/department library allocation can be used for the one-time purchase of books or ebooks. If you'd like to request new subscriptions for online materials/services, please contact the one of the librarians to start that discussion.
  • Please provide as much information as possible, especially authors, publishers and Standard Numbers, such as ISBNs. The product listings on the Amazon website and publisher websites will include ISBNs.
  • Usually, we will not order more than one copy of a printed book. If you think multiple copies are warranted, please provide a justification in the Notes field of the spreadsheet.
  • We do not usually add textbooks to the Library's collections, especially if they are currently in use by Piedmont University classes.
  • In-print books can usually become available in about two weeks. Out-of-print titles, when available, could take 2-3 weeks. If you need materials quicker than that, please let us know at the time you place your order.
  • Ebooks can usually be made available in less than 48 hours.
  • Not all printed books are available as ebooks. And just because a book is available for consumer purchase as an ebook doesn't mean a library can purchase it as an ebook. We will be glad to discuss any issues with the acquisition of ebooks.
  • If you need help identifying items, please call on any member of the library's staff
  • You will receive an e-mail after an order has been placed and again when items have been received and are ready for checkout.

Sources for Information, Reviews, and Recommendations

Choice Reviews Online is a service of the Association of College and Research Libraries. Librarian subject specialists provide reviews of high quality and reliability for current academic books and electronic products. Reviews are addressed to librarians and faculty who select library materials, especially for undergraduate research and teaching. All reviews from 1988–present are included, as are all Choice Outstanding Books from that period.

The Faculty and Collection Development

The Faculty and Collection Development

The process of recommending materials for the library is a cooperative effort involving classroom faculty and library faculty members. Indeed, the Library relies on the subject expertise of the faculty. The faculty are expected to participate in selecting library materials; they should monitor their professional literature for appropriate library acquisitions; they should be aware of the curricular needs for learning resources of their students. In addition, the Library's faculty also select materials as part of special projects to improve and expand areas of the collections that are identified as needing improvement.

Materials purchased with library allocations funds become part of the library collections and are subject to those policies and procedures that best serve the entire academic community. All requests for the acquisition of materials will be considered in the light of the overall instructional and education purposes of Piedmont University.

The previous two paragraphs are excerpted from the Library's Collection Development and Management Policy, which you can consult for more information.