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Faculty Resources for Student Engagement

This library guide's primary purpose is to provide a place where faculty can find the many different kinds of materials available for enrichment of student learning experiences.

Student Engagement Resources

There are many different ideas and techniques to help students engage more actively with their learning experiences. The content that the Library provides to support the curriculum and research of the University is an essential part of the toolbox that faculty members have at their disposal.

The Student Engagement Resources section of this library guide points out both physical and virtual learning materials that you can incorporate into your instruction to enlarge and enhance students' learning activities.

In some cases, familiar information is presented in a different way, to help you find your way to materials for your discipline. This is true of the streaming video services, the ebook services, and the research services, all of which are listed by subject, rather than by title.

In other cases, we have improved access to services that haven't been so easy to find, such as the American Antiquarian Society Periodicals, the HeinOnline Social Justice Suite, and the major components of SAGE Research Methods.

There's a great deal of information here, so please call on us librarians to learn more.