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HeinOnline Academic

Learn about HeinOnline, a premier online research platform providing access to multidisciplinary current and historical documents.



HeinOnline Academic is a service that provides full-text primary and secondary sources for:

  • the case law of the United States;
  • Federal government documents and law;
  • international law and relations;
  • Georgia law and government and their history;
  • special research collections of government documents and law related to important issues of the day.

Highlights include

  • the complete Congressional Record;
  • the U.S. Congressional Serial Set;
  • the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations
  • the U.S. Reports (Supreme Court) from 1754; 
  • access to the case law of both Federal and State jurisdictions;
  • the Foreign Relations of the United States;
  • the Compilation of Presidential Documents;
  • Federal Legislative Histories,
  • and the historical and contemporary work product of the Federal Government.

Special Subject Collections include Covid-19; Criminal Justice and Criminology; the John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection; Religion and the Law; Women and the Law; Gun Rights and Regulation; LGBTQ+ Rights; Civil Rights and Social Justice.

Major Subjects that can be pursued in depth: political science, history, international relations, human rights, criminal justice, criminology, pre-law, paralegal studies, religious studies, women’s studies, gender studies, business & economics, immigration, African American studies, Latino studies, LGBTQ studies.

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HeinOnline Academic Brochure This is a comprehensive introduction to the content of HeinOnline Academic.

HeinOnline Blog HeinOnline Academic has so many diverse parts that you may like to take a look at, and perhaps subscribe to, their blog to learn about additions and about suggestions and examples, created by their librarians, about how the content can be used to support instruction.