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This landing page brings together services you can use for research.

About Discovery Galileo

Using Discovery GALILEO, you can search for and locate almost every resource, physical and virtual, the Library provides for you :

  • Journal, magazine, and newspaper citations;
  • Full-text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles;
  • Ebooks;
  • Printed books;
  • Streaming videos;
  • Graphic images;
  • Primary research materials.


There are millions of full-texts available to you immediately in the form of journal articles and ebook chapters. but you have access to tens of millions of citations to articles and books, etc. If you find a citation that you need, but the full-text isn't immediately available, don't overlook the Full-Text Finder icon.

Full Text Finder Full-Text Finder can locate full-text articles or ebooks in any of our services or it can help you create an ILL (Interlibrary Loan) request and the Library will obtain a copy for you.

You can limit or focus your search considerably by choosing a subject or discipline from the dropdown menu.

Discovery Search

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