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HeinOnline Academic

Learn about HeinOnline, a premier online research platform providing access to multidisciplinary current and historical documents.

Getting Started & Searching 101

HeinOnline Academic is a very large platform that provides access to over 40 different subsets of materials. This page will give you an introduction to HeinOnline Academic and some basics of how to search the services and how to create your own workspace.

This HeinOnline Academic brochure is a comprehensive introduction to the content of HeinOnline Academic.

HeinOnline Blog - HeinOnline Academic has so many diverse parts that you may like to take a look at, and perhaps subscribe to, their blog to learn about additions and about suggestions and examples, created by their librarians, about how the content can be used to support instruction.

The librarians at HeinOnline have created excellent resources to help you learn as much as you need about using the platform so you can go as far with your research as you need. We recommend these links to get started.

How to Navigate the Welcome Page (video)

Searching 101 LibGuide

Knowledge Base: Searching

This link leads to the library guides at HeinOnline, which provide detailed information about the content and how to best search the 40+ services that are part of the platform. (A few titles on the list of library guides are not part of Piedmont University's subscription, but most are.)

This URL is the complete permalink for HeinOnline Academic:

My Hein

MyHein is HeinOnline's personal workspace service. Users can create their own private folder where they can:

  • Bookmark documents
  • Save search queries
  • Set eTOC alerts
  • Edit author profiles
  • Manage SmartCILP notifications
  • Favorite databases
  • Manage author alerts
  • Manage search history

Creating a MyHein Account

MyHein User's Guide