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Circulation Policies


Circulation Periods

    • 30 days for Students and Alumni College staff, with 3 renewals. All Student checkouts are due by the last day of a semester.
    • 14 days for Habersham Central High School students, with 3 renewals. All HCHS checkouts are due by the last day of a semester. HCHS users are limited to check
    • 14 days for Friends of the Library, with 3 renewals.
    • 180 days for Faculty and Staff, with unlimited renewals.
    • 14 days for Reciprocal Agreement participants, with 3 renewals. All Reciprocal Agreement checkouts are due by the last day of a semester.


  • Any user with internet access may use online renewal through the MAYFLOWER. A user must provide her or his library barcode number when doing so. The MAYFLOWER will not allow renewals if an item is already overdue, or has been requested by another user, or if fines total more than $10, or if the renewal limit has been reached.
  • All users may also telephone the library's Circulation Desk at 706-776-0111 for renewal.
  • Telephone renewals are not allowed on items which are overdue. Users must bring overdue items in to the library and pay the fines on them before renewal will be allowed.
  • If there is a request for an item, the user must return in within 7 days.


  • All library materials are subject to recall after the 1st two weeks of the first period they are checked out by any category of user.
  • Users should respond to a recall notice within 7 days of its issuance.
  • Materials which have been renewed by any category of user are subject to recall at any time.


  • 10¢ per day per item, with a 5-day grace period and with a $10 maximum fine per item, applied to Students, Alumni, Friends, Partners, and Reciprocal Agreement participants.
  • $1 per day per recalled item, for each day after the 7-day grace period of a recall notice, applied to Students, Alumni, Friends, Partners, and Reciprocal Agreement participants.
  • When accrued fines on a user's account exceed $10, the account must be settled before the user may check out or renew library materials.

Lost Library Materials

Library materials which have been overdue more than 60 days will be declared lost. A Lost Materials Bill will be created and sent to the user.

The charges for lost materials will consist of:

  • Overdue Fines: Fines will continue to accrue until the matter is settled, to a maximum of $10 per item.
  • Processing Fee: $25, to reimburse the Library for processing costs associated with the Lost Materials Bill and with acquiring a replacement work.
  • Replacement Costs: Replacement value of the lost item will be determined by the Library, based on whether the item is in print or not.
    • If the item is in print, the current retail price given in Books in Print or a similar source will be charged.
    • If the item is out of print, the replacement value of a similar work will be determined by the Library. Minimum charges will include the current average cost of an academic monographic work in the subject area of the missing item, as reported in The Bowker Annual: Library and Book Trade Almanac. Other acquisitions costs will be added as necessary.
Damaged Library Materials

  • In the case of library materials which a user damages beyond repair, the Library will prepare a Replacement of Damaged Materials Bill. This bill will consist of the Processing Fee and the Replacement Costs described above in the Lost Library Materials section.

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