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Permalinks for Online Services

This guide will show how to obtain permalinks to journal articles, ebooks and ebook chapters, and videos found in the Library's online research services. Permalinks can be used to create links to learning objects in Canvas courses.

Alexander Street Press: Academic Video Online, AVON

Academic Video Online: AVON is a multidisciplinary collection of videos that touches on the curriculum needs of virtually every department, with over 70,000 titles available. Disciplines and subjects include anthropology, counseling & therapy, fashion, business & economics, diversity studies, education, documentary film, feature film, history, music & dance, news & current events, and theater. This link will show you the A-Z listing for AVON, including its many subject subsets.

Finding a URL is fairly straightforward, but to form a complete permalink that invokes OpenAthens authentication you have to use the OpenAthens Link Generator. The example is a video about Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors from an excellent series called Shakespeare in Perspective.

1. At the fullscreen display for the video, click on Share and under the heading "To embed your video," click the Copy Permalink button.

(Don't use the link named Copy Embed Code. The URL provided there doesn't work with the OpenAthens authentication system.)



















2. When the popup window opens, you can choose either Copy button. They provide you with the same URL.

3. Now, visit the OpenAthens Link Generator for Piedmont University. (OpenAthens is our user authentication service. OA also dictates how permalinks must be formed.) Paste your URL using CTRL-V into the Enter Your Links field, where the arrow is pointing. You don't need to press Enter to produce your OpenAthens permalink; the action of pasting creates your permalink.













4. Click the Copy button to copy it to the clipboard. You can now use this URL to create a working link in a Canvas page or a Word document or whatever other use you'd like to make of it.