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Permalinks for Online Services

This guide will show how to obtain permalinks to journal articles, ebooks and ebook chapters, and videos found in the Library's online research services. Permalinks can be used to create links to learning objects in Canvas courses.

Using the OpenAthens Link Generator

Use the OpenAthens Link Generator to form complete permalinks that invoke OpenAthens authentication for JSTOR, SAGE, and HeinOnline articles, videos and ebooks.

1. When you have a link for which you need to generate a permalink, highlight it and copy it to the clipboard by pressing CTRL-C.

2. Then go to the OpenAthens Link Generator for Piedmont University. 













3. Paste your URL using CTRL-V into the Enter Your Links field, where the arrow is pointing. You will not need to press Enter to produce your OpenAthens permalink.

4. Click the Copy button to copy it to the clipboard. You can now use this URL to create a working link in a Canvas page or a Word document or whatever other use you'd like to make of it.