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November 2021
154 Titles Added
A:  General Works
B:  Philosophy & Psychology & Religion
B802 .R635 2021
Robertson, Ritchie, author.
The Enlightenment : the pursuit of happiness, 1680-1790 / Ritchie Robertson.
First U.S. edition.
B809.5 .A45 2020
Allen, Ansgar, author.
Cynicism / Ansgar Allen.
B809.6 .G865 2021
Gunkel, David J., author.
Deconstruction / David J. Gunkel.
B828.3 .G47 2019
Gertz, Nolen, author.
Nihilism / Nolen Gertz.
B829.5 .E54 2020
Engelland, Chad, author.
Phenomenology / Chad Engelland.
BD215 .N55 2014
Nilsson, Nils J., 1933-2019.
Understanding beliefs / Nils J. Nilsson.
BF327 .M66 2017
Montfort, Nick, author.
The future / Nick Montfort.
BF371 .B26 1995
Bartlett, Frederic C. (Frederic Charles), Sir, 1887-1969, author.
Remembering : a study in experimental and social psychology / by Sir Frederic C. Bartlett ; [with a new introduction by Walter Kintsch].
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1995, Ã1932.
BF692.5 .A26 2019
Abelson, Miriam J., author.
Men in place : trans masculinity, race, and sexuality in America / Miriam J. Abelson.
BF697 .N475 2019
Nevzlin, Irina, author.
The impact of identity : the power of knowing who you are, Irina Nevzlin.
United States : Irina Nevzlin, 2019.
BF789 .D4 P54 2021
Piemonte, Nicole M., author.
Death and dying / Nicole M. Piemonte and Shawn Abreu.
BL624 .N475 2020
Neshama, Rivvy, author.
Recipes for a sacred life : true stories and a few miracles / Rivvy Neshama.
Revised and expanded edition.
C:  Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography
CT120 .W33 2015
Wagman-Geller, Marlene.
Behind every great man : the forgotten women behind the world's famous and infamous / Marlene Wagman-Geller.
CT3230 .W346 2021
Wagman-Geller, Marlene, author.
Unabashed women : the fascinating biographies of bad girls, seductresses, rebels, and one-of-a-kind women / Marlene Wagman-Geller.
D:  History (Europe & World)
D117 .J56 2021
Jones, Dan, 1981- author.
Powers and thrones : a new history of the Middle Ages / Dan Jones.
First United States edition.
DA506 .A2 R634 2021
Roberts, Andrew, 1963- author.
The last king of America : the misunderstood reign of George III / Andrew Roberts.
First United States edition.
E:  History (U.S.)
E169 .Z83 O97 2021
Osnos, Evan, 1976- author.
Wildland : the making of America's fury / Evan Osnos.
First edition.
E210 .E45 2021
Ellis, Joseph J., author.
The cause : the American Revolution and its discontents, 1773-1783 / Joseph J. Ellis.
First edition.
E302.1 .V363 2019
Van Cleve, George, 1952- author.
We have not a government : the Articles of Confederation and the road to the Constitution / George William van Cleve.
E441 .A15 2021
The 1619 Project : a new origin story / created by Nikole Hannah-Jones and The New York Times Magazine ; edited by Nikole Hannah-Jones, Caitlin Roper, Ilena Silverman, and Jake Silverstein.
First edition.
E467.1 .L4 G84 2021
Guelzo, Allen C., author.
Robert E. Lee : a life / Allen C Guelzo.
First edition.
E475.53 .G875 2014
Guelzo, Allen C., author.
Gettysburg : the last invasion / Allen C. Guelzo.
First Vintage Books edition.
E743.5 .M18 2021
Marrin, Albert, author.
A time of fear : America in the era of red scares and Cold War / Albert Marrin
First edition.
E807 .B735 2009
Brands, H. W.
Traitor to his class : the privileged life and radical presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt / H.W. Brands.
1st Anchor books ed.
New York : Anchor Books, 2009.
F:  History (U.S. State/Local & New World)
F5 .G55 2012
Gilson, Thomas.
Carved in stone : the artistry of early New England gravestones / photographs by Thomas E. Gilson ; essay by William Gilson.
Middletown, CT : Wesleyan University Press, Ã2012.
G:  Geography & Anthropology
G109.5 .C47 2018
Ceruzzi, Paul E., author.
GPS / Paul E. Ceruzzi.
G70.212 .S538 2019
Shekhar, Shashi, 1963- author.
Spatial computing / Shashi Shekhar and Pamela Vold.
GN452.5 .M36 2013
Manguel, Alberto.
The traveler, the tower, and the worm : the reader as metaphor / Alberto Manguel.
1st ed.
Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, Ã2013.
GT3203 .B38 2014
Baugher, Sherene, 1947- author.
The archaeology of American cemeteries and gravemarkers / Sherene Baugher and Richard F. Veit ; foreword by Michael S. Nassaney.
H:  Social Sciences & Business
HB3722 .T655 2021
Tooze, Adam, 1967- author.
Shutdown : how COVID shook the world's economy / Adam Tooze.
HC103 .L38 2021
Levy, Jonathan, 1978- author.
Ages of American capitalism : a history of the United States / Jonathan Levy.
First edition.
HD57.7 .H335 2004
Hacker, Stephen, 1955-
Transformational leadership : creating organizations of meaning / Stephen Hacker and Tammy Roberts.
Milwaukee, Wis. : ASQ Quality Press, Ã2004.
HD6285 .S35 2010
Schilt, Kristen.
Just one of the guys? : transgender men and the persistence of gender inequality / Kristen Schilt.
Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2010.
HM742 .J46 2020
Jemielniak, Dariusz, author.
Collaborative society / Dariusz Jemielniak and Aleksandra Przegalinska.
HN28 .H28 2020
Hallsworth, Michael, author.
Behavioral insights / Michael Hallsworth and Elspeth Kirkman.
HN49 .R33 B464 2018
Berger, J. M. (John M.), 1967- author.
Extremism / J.M. Berger.
HQ 35 .H35 2018
Hakanson, Cath, author.
The sex education answer book : by-the-age responses to tough questions kids ask parents about sex / by Cath Hakanson.
2nd edition.
HQ1064 .U5 W27 2018
Wagman-Geller, Marlene, author.
Great second acts : in praise of older women / Marlene Wagman-Geller.
HQ1073 .D68 2019
Doughty, Caitlin, author.
Will my cat eat my eyeballs? : big questions from tiny mortals about death / Caitlin Doughty ; illustrations by Diannâe Ruz.
First edition.
HQ1075 .S755 2021
Stockton, Kathryn Bond, 1958- author.
Gender(s) / Kathryn Bond Stockton.
HQ1190 .S788 2017
Stryker, Kitty, 1984- author.
Ask : building consent culture / Kitty Stryker ; foreword by Laurie Penny ; afterword by Carol Queen.
HQ1412 .S75 2020
Stephens, Autumn, 1956- author.
Wild women : crusaders, curmudgeons, and completely corsetless ladies in the otherwise virtuous victorian era / Autumn Stephens.
HQ32 .B645 2021
Bondy, Halley, 1984- author.
#MeToo and you : everything you need to know about consent, boundaries, and more / Halley Bondy ; illustrated by Timothy Corbett.
HQ32 .H348 2021
Hancock, Justin, author.
Can we talk about consent? / [written by Justin Hancock ; illustrated by Fuchsia MacAree].
HQ32 .P66 2019
Popova, Milena, author.
Sexual consent / Milena Popova.
HQ35 .A6144 2019
Alderton, Molly, author.
In case you're curious / written by: Molly Alderton, Daniela Fellman, Meghan Hilton, Julie LaBarr, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains ; illustrated by: Meghan Hilton ; edited by: Alison Macklin.
First edition.
HQ35 .C783 2016
Corinna, Heather, author.
S.E.X. : the all-you-need-to-know sexuality guide to get you through your teens and twenties / Heather Corinna.
Second edition.
HQ35 .L36 2018
Lang, Jennifer (Obstetrician), author.
Consent : the new rules of sex education : every teen's guide to healthy sexual relationships / Jennifer Lang, MD.
HQ535 .F354 2015
Families as they really are / edited by Barbara J. Risman, University of Illinois at Chicago, Virginia E. Rutter, Framingham State University ; with contributions by Amy Brainer.
Second edition.
HQ536 .S488 2019
Shifting the center : understanding contemporary families / edited by Susan J. Ferguson, Grinnell College.
Fifth edition.
HQ75 G56 v.9, no.1/2
Desiring disability : queer theory meets disability studies / edited by Robert McRuer and Abby L. Wilkerson.
Durham, N.C. : Duke University Press, Ã2003.
HQ75.53 .P38 2020
Patton-Imani, Sandra, author.
Queering family trees : race, reproductive justice, and lesbian motherhood / Sandra Patton-Imani.
HQ759 .D685 2019
Dow, Dawn Marie, author.
Mothering while Black : boundaries and burdens of middle-class parenthood / Dawn Marie Dow.
HQ77.9 .P5155 2017
Pfeffer, Carla A., author.
Queering families : the postmodern partnerships of cisgender women and transgender men / Carla A. Pfeffer.
HV8073 .B555 2020
Black, Sue M., author.
All that remains : a renowned forensic scientist on death, mortality, and solving crimes / Sue Black.
First North American paperback edition.
HV875.55 .G59 2020
Glaser, Gabrielle, author.
American baby : a mother, a child, and the shadow history of adoption / Gabrielle Glaser.
J:  Political Science
JF1081 .R6827 2020
Rotberg, Robert I., author.
Anticorruption / Robert I. Rotberg.
JF801 .K64 2019
Kochenov, Dimitry, 1979- author.
Citizenship / Dimitry Kochenov.
JV6475 .O97 2021
Our stories carried us here : a graphic novel anthology / Zaynab Abdi, [and 10 others], storytellers ; Ashraf El-Attar, [and 10 others] ; Julie Vang, Tea Rozman, Tom Kaczynski, editors.
K:  Law
K5210 .C37 2021
Carlson, Caitlin Ring, author.
Hate speech / Caitlin Ring Carlson.
KF4700 .B73 2016
Brandzel, Amy L., 1970- author.
Against citizenship : the violence of the normative / Amy L. Brandzel.
KF4865 .C486 2020
Gillman, Howard, author.
The religion clauses : the case for separating church and state / Howard Gillman and Erwin Chemerinsky.
L:  Education
LB1027.9 .G37 2018
Garcia, David R., author.
School choice / David R. Garcia.
LB1072 .M365 2020
Markowitz, Nancy Louriâe, author.
Teaching with a social, emotional, and cultural lens : a framework for educators and teacher educators / Nancy Louriâe Markowitz, Suzanne M. Bouffard.
LB1590.3 .H327 2020
Haber, Jonathan, author.
Critical thinking / Jonathan Haber.
LB2340.2 .M583 2021
Mitchell, Josh (Journalist), author.
The debt trap : how student loans became a national catastrophe / Josh Mitchell.
First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
LB2345.3 .R37 F74 2018
Freitas, Donna, author.
Consent on campus : a manifesto / Donna Freitas.
LB2345.3 .R37 G75 2017
Grigoriadis, Vanessa, author.
Blurred lines : rethinking sex, power, and consent on campus / Vanessa Grigoriadis.
LB2345.3 .R37 H57 2020
Hirsch, Jennifer S., author.
Sexual citizens : a landmark study of sex, power, and assault on campus / Jennifer S. Hirsch & Shamus Khan.
First edition.
LC192.6 .H38 2018
Harris, Anne M., author.
Queering families, schooling publics : keywords / Anne M. Harris, Stacy Holman Jones, Sandra L. Faulkner, Eloise D. Brook.
M:  Music
ML420 .Z3913 A3 2021
Zauner, Michelle, author.
Crying in H Mart : a memoir / Michelle Zauner.
N:  Fine Arts
N6530 .C2 S58 2021
Sorkin, Jenni, author.
Art in California / Jenni Sorkin.
N6538 .B53 P69 2021
Powell, Richard J., 1953- author.
Black art : a cultural history / Richard J. Powell.
Third edition.
N72 .S6 B595 2020
Boylan, Alexis L., author.
Visual culture / Alexis L. Boylan.
N7575 .B38 2021
Beard, Mary, 1955- author.
Twelve Caesars : images of power from the ancient world to the modern / Mary Beard.
NB1800 .K45 2004
Keister, Douglas.
Stories in stone : a field guide to cemetery symbolism and iconography / written and photographed by Douglas Keister.
New York, NY : MJF, Ã2004.
P:  Language & Literature
P301.5 .I73 K74 2020
Kreuz, Roger J., author.
Irony and sarcasm / Roger Kreuz.
P308 .P65 2017
Poibeau, Thierry, author.
Machine translation / Thierry Poibeau.
PE1617 .O94 W56 1998
Winchester, Simon.
The professor and the madman : a tale of murder, insanity, and the making of the Oxford English dictionary / Simon Winchester.
1st ed.
New York : HarperCollins Publishers, Ã1998.
PG5039.21 .U6 N3413 1991
Kundera, Milan.
[Nesmrtelnost. English]
Immortality / Milan Kundera ; translated from the Czech by Peter Kussi.
1st American ed.
New York : Grove Weidenfeld, 1991.
PN3433.5 .V55 2021
Vint, Sherryl, 1969- author.
Science fiction / Sherryl Vint.
PN6725 .W64 2021
Wolk, Douglas, author.
All of the marvels : a journey to the ends of the biggest story ever told / Douglas Wolk.
PN6728 .B51926 L37 2018 v.2
Lemire, Jeff, author.
Black Hammer / written by Jeff Lemire ; art by Dean Ormston ; color art by Dave Stewart ; letters by Todd Klein.
Library edition.
First hardcover edition.
PR5823 .S78 2021
Sturgis, Matthew, author.
Oscar Wilde : a life / Matthew Sturgis.
First American edition.
PR9499.3 .R59 G63 2008
Roy, Arundhati, author.
The god of small things / Arundhati Roy.
Random House Trade paperbacks edition.
PS3552 .O495 H68 2021
Bohjalian, Chris, 1962- author.
Hour of the witch / Chris Bohjalian.
First Edition.
PS3555 .R42 N54 2020
Erdrich, Louise, author.
The night watchman : a novel / Louise Erdrich.
First edition.
PS3555 .R42 S46 2021
Erdrich, Louise, author.
The sentence : a novel / Louise Erdrich.
First edition.
PS3556 .R352 C76 2021
Franzen, Jonathan, author.
Crossroads / Jonathan Franzen.
First edition.
PS3557 .L8 W56 2021
Glèuck, Louise, 1943- author.
Winter recipes from the collective / Louise Glèuck.
First edition.
PS3562 .O75 Z463 2017
Lorde, Audre, author.
A burst of light : and other essays / Audre Lorde ; foreword by Sonia Sanchez.
Ixia Press edition.
PS3575 .O798 A6 2021
Young, Kevin, 1970- author.
[Poems. Selections]
Stones : poems / Kevin Young.
First edition.
PS3607 .O5979 W58 2021
Gornichec, Genevieve, author.
The witch's heart / Genevieve Gornichec.
PS3619 .H79 O97 2021
Shteyngart, Gary, 1972- author.
Our country friends : a novel / Gary Shteyngart.
First edition.
PS3620 .E75 P47 2021
Benedict, Marie, author.
The personal librarian / Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray.
PS3623 .H5864 F67 2021
Whitten, Hannah, author.
For the wolf / Hannah Whitten.
First edition.
PS617 .B474 2021
The best American poetry 2021 / Tracy K. Smith, editor ; David Lehman, series editor.
First Scribner edition.
PT 4898 .K43 L35 2019
Keidar, Amira, author.
Lalechka / Amira Keidar.
PT2635 .I65 D813 2009
Rilke, Rainer Maria, 1875-1926.
[Duineser Elegien. English]
Duino elegies ; and, the sonnets to Orpheus / Rainer Maria Rilke ; edited and translated by Stephen Mitchell.
1st Vintage International ed., Dual-language ed.
New York : Vintage International, Ã2009.
PT8950 .H3 S84 1998
Hamsun, Knut, 1859-1952.
[Sult. English]
Hunger / Knut Hamsun ; translated by Sverre Lyngstad.
New York : Penguin Books, 1998.
PZ7.7 .S86|BSIT 2019
Sumerak , Marc. author.
The secrets of the sith : dark side knowledge from the skywalker saga, the clone... wars, star wars rebels, and more. / Marc Sumerak ; illustrated by Sergio Gomez Silvan
PZ7.7 .S86|bJed 2019
Sumerak, Marc, author.
The secrets of the Jedi / by Marc Sumerak.
Q:  Science
Q173 .E536 2020
Engelhaupt, Erika, author.
Gory details : adventures from the dark side of science / Erika Engelhaupt ; illustrations by Briony Morrow-Cribbs.
Q175.35 .K436 2021
Kean, Sam, author.
The icepick surgeon : murder, fraud, sabotage, piracy, and other dastardly deeds perpetrated in the name of science / Sam Kean.
First edition.
Q325.5 .A47 2021
Alpaydin, Ethem, author.
Machine learning / Ethem Alpaydin.
Revised and updated edition.
Q325.5 .K454 2019
Kelleher, John D., 1974- author.
Deep learning / John D. Kelleher.
Q334.7 .C64 2020
Coeckelbergh, Mark, author.
AI ethics / Mark Coeckelbergh.
QA76.76 .E95 P48 2021
Pieraccini, Roberto, 1955- author.
AI assistants / Roberto Pieraccini.
QA76.9 .A25 W554 2021
Wilson, Duane, author.
Cyber security / Duane Wilson.
QA76.9 .A43 L668 2020
Louridas, Panos, author.
Algorithms / Panos Louridas.
QA76.9 .B45 K45 2018
Kelleher, John D., 1974- author.
Data science / John D. Kelleher and Brendan Tierney.
QA76.9 .C65 G745 2019
Greengard, Samuel, author.
Virtual reality / Samuel Greengard.
QA76.9 .H84 B73 2013
Brabham, Daren C., 1982-
Crowdsourcing / Daren C. Brabham.
QA76.9 .L63 D46 2019
Denning, Peter J., 1942- author.
Computational thinking / Peter J. Denning and Matti Tedre.
QB54 .R597 2020
Roush, Wade, author.
Extraterrestrials / Wade Roush.
QC174.17 .E58 B76 2020
Brody, Jed, author.
Quantum entanglement / Jed Brody.
QD37 .B28 2020
Ball, Philip, 1962- author.
The beauty of chemistry : art, wonder, and science / text by Philip Ball ; photographs by Wenting Zhu and Yan Liang.
QD466 .B26 2021
Ball, Philip, 1962- author.
The elements : a visual history of their discovery / Philip Ball.
QL761 .B24 1999
Bagemihl, Bruce.
Biological exuberance : animal homosexuality and natural diversity / Bruce Bagemihl ; illustrated by John Megahan.
1st ed.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 1999.
QL85 .R623 2021
Roach, Mary, author.
Fuzz : when nature breaks the law / Mary Roach.
QP364.5 .C67 2016
Costandi, Moheb, author.
Neuroplasticity / Moheb Costandi.
QP451 .J66 2018
Jones, Lynette A., author.
Haptics / Lynette A. Jones.
QR189 .G64 2021
Goldenberg, Maya J., author.
Vaccine hesitancy : public trust, expertise, and the war on science / Maya J. Goldenberg.
R:  Medicine & Nursing
R692 .N56 2021
Nimura, Janice P., author.
The doctors Blackwell : how two pioneering sisters brought medicine to women--and women to medicine / Janice P. Nimura.
First edition.
R730 .K36 2017
Kang, Lydia, author.
Quackery : a brief history of the worst ways to cure everything / Lydia Kang, MD, Nate Pedersen.
R857 .T55 R36 2021
Raman, Ritu, author.
Biofabrication / Ritu Raman.
RA1063 .B54 2013
The big book of celebrity autopsies / edited bt Kevin Viani.
New York : Skyhorse Publishing, 2013.
RA622 .D68 2017
Doughty, Caitlin, author.
From here to eternity : traveling the world to find the good death / Caitlin Doughty ; illustrations by Landis Blair.
First edition.
RC386.6 .M34 B36 2020
Bandettini, P. A. (Peter A.), author.
fMRI / Peter Bandettini.
RC394 .S93 C963 2018
Cytowic, Richard E., author.
Synesthesia / Richard E. Cytowic, M.D., M.F.A.
RC553 .A88 M393 2016
Meeks, Lisa, author.
Parties, dorms and social norms : a crash course in safe living for young adults on the autism spectrum / Lisa M. Meeks and Tracy Loye Masterson with Michelle Rigler and Emily Quinn ; forewords by Jane Thierfeld-Brown and Aaron Schatzman ; illustrated by Amy Rutherford.
RC883 .P53 2021 eb
Playdon, Zoe-Jane, author.
The hidden case of Ewan Forbes : and the unwritten history of the trans experience / Zoèe Playdon.
First Scribner hardcover edition.
RD27.35 .L57 F58 2017
Fitzharris, Lindsey, 1982- author.
The butchering art : Joseph Lister's quest to transform the grisly world of Victorian medicine / Lindsey Fitzharris.
First edition.
RD86 .K4 M64 2021
Moghaddam, Bita, author.
Ketamine / Bita Moghaddam.
RG136.2 .D78 2020
Drucker, Donna J., author.
Contraception : a concise history / Donna J. Drucker.
S:  Agriculture
T:  Technology
TA1654 .F37 2019
Farid, Hany, author.
Fake photos / Hany Farid.
TD159.4 .H35 2020
Halegoua, Germaine R., 1979- author.
Smart cities / Germaine R. Halegoua.
TD794.5 .J673 2019
J²rgensen, Finn Arne, 1975- author.
Recycling / Finn Arne J²rgensen.
TD885.5 .C3 H47 2018
Herzog, Howard J., author.
Carbon capture / Howard J. Herzog.
TK7895 .E43 G74 2021
Greengard, Samuel, author.
The internet of things / Samuel Greengard.
Revised and updated edition.
TL788.5 .N48 2018
Neufeld, Michael J., 1951- author.
Spaceflight : a concise history / Michael J. Neufeld.
TR140 .E92 A47 2020
Alpers, Svetlana, author
Walker Evans : starting from scratch / Svetlana Alpers.
TR681 .D43 B39 2014
Beyond the dark veil : post-mortem & mourning photography from the Thanatos Archive.
Second U.S. edition.
TR708 .M88 2007
Mèutter Museum : historic medical photographs / the College of Physicians of Philadelphia ; edited by Laura Lindgren ; introduction by Gretchen Worden ; foreword by Max Aguilera-Hellweg.
1st ed.
New York : Blast Books, 2007.
TX353 .P355 2019
Parasecoli, Fabio, author.
Food / Fabio Parasecoli.
U:  Military Science
V:  Naval Science
Z:  Bibliography & Library Science
Z1021 .B8 2020
Brooke-Hitching, Edward, author.
The madman's library : the strangest book, manuscripts and other literary curiosities from history / Edward Brooke-Hitching.
Z4 .B74 2018
Borsuk, Amaranth, 1980- author.
The book / Amaranth Borsuk.
Z693.3 .A55 K35 2021
Kalir, Remi, author.
Annotation / Remi Kalir and Antero Garcia.
Z711.9 .W54 2018
Wiegand, Wayne A., 1946- author.
The desegregation of public libraries in the Jim Crow South : civil rights and local activism / Wayne A. Wiegand and Shirley A. Wiegand.
Z721 .B28 2003
Battles, Matthew, author.
Library : an Unquiet History / Matthew Battles.
First edition.
Z721 .P48 2021
Pettegree, Andrew, author.
The library : a fragile history / Andrew Pettegree and Arthur Der Weduwen.
First US edition.
Z731 .W734 2017
Wiegand, Wayne A., 1946-
Part of our lives : a people's history of the American public library / Wayne A. Wiegand.
[Oxford University Press paperback edition].
Z733 .B283 R63 2000
Robbins, Louise S.
The dismissal of Miss Ruth Brown : civil rights, censorship, and the American library / by Louise S. Robbins.
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, Ã2000.
ZA3084 .S37 2020
Schrage, Michael, author.
Recommendation engines / Michael Schrage.