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This library shows monthly listings of books added to the library during the current academic year.

The Latest Current and Popular Reading!

At Piedmont University Library, we encourage our users to think of reading as more than just for study or research – in fact, we believe that reading for pleasure and personal enrichment is an essential part of the college experience. That's the inspiration behind our Current & Popular Leisure Reading Collection.

All students, staff, and faculty have access to this ever-expanding, always-evolving collection, which features new and popular titles representing a variety of genres and interests – literary fiction, mystery, science fiction, young adult, horror, sports, history, humor, graphic novels, memoir, sociology, politics, and more. Books are available for 14-day checkouts with three renewals, and you can borrow as many as five at a time.

To simplify browsing, we created a Goodreads account to organize and provide more information about new titles. Each new book is assigned to various "shelves" – or categories – and all of those shelves can be explored individually. If you're only interested in graphic novels, you can limit your browsing accordingly. Follow this link to visit our Goodreads account page, and from there you can browse to your heart's content. Or click any of the book covers below to learn more about that title ... Enjoy!