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March 2022
64 Titles Added
A:  General Works
B:  Philosophy & Psychology & Religion
BF637 .S4 W5 2017
Wiest, Brianna, author.
101 essays that will change the way you think / Brianna Wiest.
BL65 .P7 F54 2021
Flores, Nichole M., author.
The aesthetics of solidarity : Our Lady of Guadalupe and American democracy / Nichole M. Flores.
BR115 .E3 W4 1958
Weber, Max, 1864-1920.
The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism / Max Weber ; translated by Talcott Parsons, with a foreword by R.H. Tawney.
Scribner's, [Ã1958]
BR563 .N4 B36 2021
Bare, Daniel R., author.
Black fundamentalists : conservative Christianity and racial identity in the segregation era / Daniel R. Bare.
BX6455 .P34 R58 2021
Rivers, Larry E., 1950- author.
Father James Page : an enslaved preacher's climb to freedom / Larry Eugene Rivers.
C:  Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography
CT275 .R7538 A3 2021
Rodenberg, Shawna Kay, author.
Kin : a memoir / Shawna Kay Rodenberg.
D:  History (Europe & World)
D769.31 442 nd .B76 2021
Brown, Daniel James, 1951- author.
Facing the mountain : a true story of Japanese American heroes in World War II / Daniel James Brown.
DS558 .W42 2013
Wells, Tom, 1955-
The war within : America's battle over Vietnam / Tom Wells ; with a foreword by Todd Gitlin.
First edition.
E:  History (U.S.)
E125 .S7 H473 2005
The Hernando de Soto expedition : history, historiography, and "discovery" in the Southeast / edited by Patricia Galloway ; with a new preface by the editor.
Bison books ed.
Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, Ã2005.
E185.2 .M365 2021
Make good the promises : reclaiming Reconstruction and its legacies / edited by Kinshasha Holman Conwill and Paul Gardullo ; foreword by Eric Foner ; preface by Spencer R. Crew ; contributions by Kimberlâe Williams Crenshaw, Mary Elliott, Candra Flanagan, Katherine Franke, Thavolia Glymph, Hasan Kwame Jeffries, Kathleen M. Kendrick, and Kidada E. Williams.
First edition
Willis, Vincent D. VerfasserIn.
Audacious agitation the uncompromising commitment of black youth to equal education after Brown Vincent D. Willis.
E185.61 .B288 2021
Bay, Mia, author.
Traveling Black : a story of race and resistance / Mia Bay.
E185.61 .P465 2021
Person, Charles, author.
Buses are a comin' : memoir of a freedom rider / Charles Person, with Richard Rooker.
First edition.
E185.61 .S934 2021
Sullivan, Patricia, 1950- author.
Justice rising : Robert Kennedy's America in black and white / Patricia Sullivan.
E185.97 .C83 G55 2021
Gillespie, Deanna M., author.
The Citizenship Education Program and Black women's political culture / Deanna M. Gillespie ; foreword by Stanley Harrold and Randall M. Miller.
E185.97 .P495 A3 2021
Peterson, Marlon, author.
Bird uncaged : an abolitionist's freedom song / Marlon Peterson.
First edition.
E442 .R68 2021
Rothman, Joshua D., author.
The ledger and the chain : how domestic slave traders shaped America / Joshua D. Rothman.
First edition.
E449 .W155 2021
Waite, Kevin (Historian), author.
West of slavery : the Southern dream of a transcontinental empire / Kevin Waite.
E645 .C698 2021
Cox, Karen L., 1962- author.
No common ground : Confederate monuments and the ongoing fight for racial justice / Karen L. Cox.
E645 .H37 2021
Hartley, Roger C., author.
Monumental harm : reckoning with Jim Crow Era Confederate monuments / Roger C. Hartley.
F:  History (U.S. State/Local & New World)
F205 .N4 T67 2021
Torrey, Barbara Boyle, author.
Between freedom and equality : the history of an African American family in Washington, DC / Barbara Boyle Torrey and Clara Myrick Green.
F209 .M66 2021
Monroe, Stephen M., 1974- author.
Heritage and hate : Old South rhetoric at Southern universities / Stephen M. Monroe.
F259 .G7 L56 2021
Link, William A., author.
Frank Porter Graham : southern liberal, citizen of the world / William A. Link.
F880 .H266 2021
Harden, Blaine, author.
Murder at the mission : a frontier killing, its legacy of lies, and the taking of the American West / Blaine Harden.
G:  Geography & Anthropology
GT2853 .U5 E96 2021
Ewoodzie, Joseph C., Jr, author.
Getting something to eat in Jackson : race, class, and food in the American South / Joseph C. Ewoodzie Jr.
GV865 .A1 P675 2021
Posnanski, Joe, author.
The baseball 100 / Joe Posnanski.
First Avid Reader Press hardcover edition.
H:  Social Sciences & Business
HD8039 .F32 U6168 2021
Baszile, Natalie, author.
We are each other's harvest : celebrating African American farmers, land, and legacy / Natalie Baszile.
First edition.
HD9744 .F553 U62355 2021
Busse, Ryan, author.
Gunfight : my battle against the industry that radicalized America / Ryan Busse.
First edition.
HM1131 .S554 2021
Smith, David Livingstone, 1953- author.
Making monsters : the uncanny power of dehumanization / David Livingstone Smith.
HQ1237.5 .U6 H55 2021
Hill, Anita, author.
Believing : our thirty-year journey to end gender violence / Anita Hill.
HV6046 .F375 2013
The female offender : girls, women, and crime / Meda Chesney-Lind, Lisa Pasko, editors.
3rd ed.
Thousand Oaks : SAGE, Ã2013.
HV8699 .U5 R54 2021
Right here, right now : life stories from America's death row / edited by Lynden Harris ; with a foreword by Henderson Hill and an afterword by Timothy B. Tyson.
J:  Political Science
K:  Law
KF4755 .B87 2021
Burton, Orville Vernon, author.
Justice deferred : race and the Supreme Court / Orville Vernon Burton and Armand Derfner.
KF4757 .G659 2021
Gowder, Paul, author.
The rule of law in the United States : an unfinished project of Black liberation / by Paul Gowder.
KF4836 .S374 2021
Schoenholtz, Andrew Ian, 1951- author.
The end of asylum / Andrew I. Schoenholtz, Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Philip G. Schrag.
L:  Education
LB1028 .M85 2020
Mulvihill, Thalia M., 1963-
Arts-based educational research and qualitative inquiry : walking the path / Thalia M. Mulvihill and Raji Swaminathan.
LB1140.5 .L3 A28 2008
Achieving excellence in preschool literacy instruction / edited by Laura M. Justice, Carol Vukelich ; foreword by William H. Teale.
New York : Guilford Press, Ã2008.
LC1099 .G67 2018
Gorski, Paul, author.
Case studies on diversity and social justice education / Paul C. Gorski and Seema G. Pothini.
2nd edition.
LC212.42 .H37 2021
Harris, Adam, (Journalist), author.
The state must provide : why America's colleges have always been unequal--and how to set them right / Adam Harris.
First edition.
LC2741 .G48 2021
Givens, Jarvis R., author.
Fugitive pedagogy : Carter G. Woodson and the art of Black teaching / Jarvis R. Givens.
LC2771 .F45 2021
Feiler, Andrew, photographer, author.
A better life for their children : Julius Rosenwald, Booker T. Washington, and the 4,978 schools that changed America / photographs and stories by Andrew Feiler ; with a foreword by Congressman John Lewis.
LC2803 .D87 S443 2021
Segal, Theodore D., 1955- author.
Point of reckoning : the fight for racial justice at Duke University / Theodore D. Segal.
LD1961.82 .G63 2021
Godwin, Sandra E., author.
A White liberal college president in the Jim Crow South : Guy Herbert Wells and the YWCA at Georgia State College for Women, 1934-1953 / Sandra E. Godwin ; with Helen Matthews Lewis.
M:  Music
ML3918 .R37 B715 2021
Bradley, Regina N., 1984- author.
Chronicling Stankonia : the rise of the hip-hop South / Regina N. Bradley.
ML3918 .R63 K73 2017
Kramer, Michael J., author.
The republic of rock : music and citizenship in the sixties counterculture / Michael J. Kramer.
N:  Fine Arts
N353 .H64 2018
Hogan, Jillian, author.
Studio thinking from the start : the K-8 art educator's handbook / Jillian Hogan, Lois Hetland, Diane B. Jaquith, Ellen Winner ; foreword by David P. Nelson ; illustrations by Nicole Gsell.
P:  Language & Literature
PN1997 .G73 2012
Hotaru no haka (Motion picture)
Grave of the fireflies / Shinchosha presents a Studio Ghibli production ; producer, Toru Hara ; written and directed by Isao Takahata.
Remastered ed.
[United States] : Sentai Filmworks, [2012]
PR 6037 .P24 C5 2020
Spain, Nancy, 1917-1964, author.
Cinderella goes to the morgue / Nancy Spain.
New edition / introduction by Sandi Toksvig.
PS 3615 .A7 C4 2022
Barton, Marlin, 1961- author.
Children of dust / Marlin Barton.
PS3556 .E72572 D43 2021
Ferrell, Carolyn, author.
Dear Miss Metropolitan / Carolyn Ferrell.
First edition.
PS3573 .I44184 P47 2021
Wilkinson, Crystal, author.
Perfect black / Crystal Wilkinson ; illustrated by Ronald W. Davis ; foreword by Nikky Finney.
PS3602 .E936 L37 2021
Beyer, Tamiko, author.
Last days / Tamiko Beyer.
PS3603 .A5374 W38 2021
Candrilli, Kayleb Rae, author.
Water I won't touch / Kayleb Rae Candrilli.
PS3604 .I4648 L68 2021
Dimitrov, Alex, author.
Love and other poems / Alex Dimitrov.
PS3610 .O35648 M9 2021
Johnson, Jocelyn Nicole, author.
[My Monticello (Compilation)]
My Monticello : fiction / Jocelyn Nicole Johnson.
First edition.
PS3610 .O3668 K56 2021
Johnson, Nancy (Novelist), author.
The kindest lie : a novel / Nancy Johnson.
First edition.
PS3613 .A218 G37 2021
Mac, Taylor, 1973- author.
Gary : a sequel to Titus Andronicus / Taylor Mac.
PS3613 .P43 R56 2021
Mphanza, Cheswayo, author.
The Rinehart frames / Cheswayo Mphanza ; foreword by Kwame Dawes.
PS3614 .O7687 C66 2021
Norris, Keenan, author.
The confession of Copeland Cane : a novel / Keenan Norris.
First edition.
PS3619 .T838 A6 2021
Stuck, Chris, author.
[Short stories. Selections]
Give my love to the savages : stories / Chris Stuck.
First edition.
PS3623 .A4453 W38 2021
Wallschlaeger, Nikki, author.
Waterbaby / Nikki Wallschlaeger.
Q:  Science
QA29 .J64 A3 2021
Johnson, Katherine G., author.
My remarkable journey : a memoir / Katherine Johnson ; with Joylette Hylick and Katherine Moore and with Lisa Frazier Page.
First edition.
First Amistad hardcover.
QB981 .A538 2021
Alexander, Stephon, author.
Fear of a black universe : an outsider's guide to the future of physics / Stephon Alexander.
First edition.
R:  Medicine & Nursing
S:  Agriculture
T:  Technology
TX945.5 .P687 M37 2021
Martin, Rachel Louise, 1980- author.
Hot, hot chicken : a Nashville story / Rachel Louise Martin.
U:  Military Science
V:  Naval Science
Z:  Bibliography & Library Science