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February 2021
164 Titles Added
A:  General Works
B:  Philosophy & Psychology & Religion
BF1575 .N67 2003
Norton, Mary Beth.
In the devil's snare : the Salem witchcraft crisis of 1692 / Mary Beth Norton.
First Vintage books edition.
BF323 .E7 O23 2019
O'Connor, Cailin, author.
The misinformation age : how false beliefs spread / Cailin O'Connor, James Owen Weatherall.
BF76.5 .F545 2011
Five ways of doing qualitative analysis : phenomenological psychology, grounded theory, discourse analysis, narrative research, and intuitive inquiry / Frederick J. Wertz [and others].
New York : Guilford Press, Ã2011.
BF76.5 .L458 2019
Levitt, Heidi M., author.
Reporting qualitative research in psychology : how to meet APA style journal article reporting standards / Heidi M. Levitt.
BJ1227 .G8 1883
Gregory, D. S.
Christian ethics ; or, The true moral manhood and life of duty : a text-book for schools and colleges / by D.S. Gregory.
Philadelphia : Eldridge & Brother, 1883.
BR1725 .D62 S84 2019
L²vdal Stephens, Hilde, 1979- author.
Family matters : James Dobson and Focus on the Family's crusade for the Christian home / Hilde L²vdal Stephens.
BR535 .M38 1995
McCauley, Deborah Vansau, 1954-
Appalachian mountain religion : a history / Deborah Vansau McCauley.
Illini books edition.
Urbana : University of Illinois Press, Ã1995.
BS1692 2020
Bible. Apocrypha. English. New Revised Standard. 2020.
The Jewish annotated Apocrypha : New Revised Standard Version Bible translation / Jonathan Klawans and Lawrence M. Wills, editors.
BT265.3 .W54 2020
Williams, Montague R., 1983- author.
Church in color : youth ministry, race, and the theology of Martin Luther King Jr. / Montague R. Williams.
C:  Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography
CS21.3 .C68 2020
Copeland, Libby, author.
The lost family : how DNA testing is upending who we are / Libby Copeland.
D:  History (Europe & World)
D511 .M5526 2013
Mombauer, Annika.
The origins of the First World War : controversies and consensus / Annika Mombauer.
London ; New York : Routledge, 2013.
D727 .M38 2016
McCauley, Martin, author.
Origins of the Cold War 1941-1949 / Martin McCauley.
Fourth edition.
E:  History (U.S.)
E161.5 .G45 2020
Ghiglione, Loren, author.
Genus Americanus : hitting the road in search of America's identity / Loren Ghiglione ; with Alyssa Karas and Dan Tham.
E184 .S75 G63 2020
Gâomez, Laura E., 1964- author.
Inventing Latinos : a new story of American racism / Laura E. Gâomez.
E185.61 .T23 2020
Taylor, Candacy A., author.
Overground railroad : the Green Book and the roots of Black travel in America / Candacy Taylor.
E185.89 .R45 D37 2020
Darity, William A., Jr., 1953- author.
From here to equality : reparations for Black Americans in the twenty-first century / William A. Darity Jr. and A. Kirsten Mullen.
E185.97 .R39 V37 2020
Varel, David A., author.
The scholar and the struggle : Lawrence Reddick's crusade for Black history and Black power / David A. Varel.
E468.9 .N485 2020
Newson, Ryan Andrew, author.
Cut in stone : Confederate monuments and theological disruption / Ryan Andrew Newson.
E468.9 .V56 2020
Venet, Wendy Hamand, author.
Gone but not forgotten : Atlantans commemorate the Civil War / Wendy Hamand Venet.
E841 .H54 1987
Higgins, Trumbull.
The perfect failure : Kennedy, Eisenhower, and the CIA at the Bay of Pigs / Trumbull Higgins.
1st ed.
New York : Norton, Ã1987.
F:  History (U.S. State/Local & New World)
F1034.2 .K59 2007
Knight, Amy W., 1946-
How the cold war began : the Igor Gouzenko affair and the hunt for Soviet spies / Amy Knight.
New York : Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2007.
F1035 .K46 W35 2020
Wane, Njoki Nathani, author.
From my mother's back : a journey from Kenya to Canada / Njoki Wane.
F159 .P69 N484 2020
Trotter, Joe William, 1945- author.
Pittsburgh and the Urban League movement : a century of social service and activism / Joe William Trotter Jr.
F1788 .R275 2012
Rasenberger, Jim.
The brilliant disaster : JFK, Castro, and America's doomed invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs / Jim Rasenberger.
First Scribner trade paperback edition.
F220 .J5 E37 2020
Eisenfeld, Sue, author.
Wandering Dixie : dispatches from the lost Jewish South / Sue Eisenfeld.
F292 .C94 D67 2020
Doster, S. M. G. (Stephen M. G.), 1959- author.
Cumberland Island : footsteps in time / Stephen Doster ; photographs by Benjamin Galland.
F332 .P45 E55 2020
English, Bertis D., 1970- author.
Civil wars, civil beings, and civil rights in Alabama's Black belt : a history of Perry County / Bertis D. English ; foreword by Wayne Flynt.
F417 .P45 J64 2020
Johnson, J. Chester, author.
Damaged heritage : the Elaine Race Massacre and a story of reconciliation / J. Chester Johnson ; foreword by Sheila L. Walker.
G:  Geography & Anthropology
GE230 .T38 2014
Taylor, Dorceta E.
Toxic communities : environmental racism, industrial pollution, and residential mobility / Dorceta E. Taylor.
GN281.4 .V56 2020
Vince, Gaia, author.
Transcendence : how humans evolved through fire, language, beauty, and time / Gaia Vince.
First edition.
GT4986 .A1 P54 2000
Pleck, Elizabeth H. (Elizabeth Hafkin), 1945-
Celebrating the family : ethnicity, consumer culture, and family rituals / Elizabeth H. Pleck.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2000.
GT511 .L39 2020
Laver, James, 1899-1975, author.
Costume and fashion : a concise history / James Laver.
Sixth edition / updates by Amy de la Haye and Andrew Tucker.
GV884 .H33 S64 2020
Spears, Marc J., author.
The Spencer Haywood rule : battles, basketball, and the making of an American iconoclast / Marc J. Spears and Gary Washburn.
H:  Social Sciences & Business
HD4841 .S88 2021
Suzman, James, author.
Work : a deep history, from the stone age to the age of robots / James Suzman.
HD61 .H35 2006
Hassett, Matthew J.
Probability for risk management / by Matthew J. Hassett and Donald G. Stewart.
2nd ed.
Winsted, Conn. : ACTEX Publications, Ã2006.
HF5691 .C345 2018
Chan, Wai-Sum, author.
Financial mathematics for actuaries / Wai-Sum Chan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Yiu-Kuen Tse, Singapore Management University, Singapore.
Second edition.
HG4515.3 .B76 2015
Broverman, Samuel A., 1951-
Mathematics of investment and credit / Samuel A. Broverman, PHD, ASA, University of Toronto.
Sixth edition.
HG8045 .A85 2015
Asimow, Leonard A., 1939- author.
Probability and statistics with applications : a problem solving text / Leonard A. Asimow, Ph. D., ASA, Mark M. Maxwell, Ph. D., ASA.
Second edition.
HM1106 .C75 2018
The crisis of connection : roots, consequences, and solutions / edited by Niobe Way, Alisha Ali, Carol Gilligan, and Pedro Noguera.
HM1276 .W45 2017
White, Mark D., 1971- author.
The decline of the individual : reconciling autonomy with community / Mark D. White.
HM851 .B567 2015
Birkerts, Sven, author.
Changing the subject : art and attention in the Internet age / Sven Birkerts.
HN59.2 .D84 2014
Dunkelman, Marc J.
The vanishing neighbor : the transformation of American community / Marc J. Dunkelman.
First edition.
HN90 .R3 M343 2019
Marantz, Andrew, author.
Antisocial : online extremists, techno-utopians, and the hijacking of the American conversation / Andrew Marantz.
HN90 .S6 F73 2018
Fraser, Steve, 1945- author.
Class matters : the strange career of an American delusion / Steve Fraser.
HQ1075 .P47 2017
Pessin-Whedbee, Brook, author.
Who are you? : the kid's guide to gender identity / Brook Pessin-Whedbee ; illustrated by Naomi Bardoff.
HQ27.3 .O74 2020
Orenstein, Peggy, author.
Boys & sex : young men on hookups, love, porn, consent, and navigating the new masculinity / Peggy Orenstein.
First edition.
HQ518 .Y46 2011
Yenor, Scott, 1970-
Family politics : the idea of marriage in modern political thought / Scott Yenor.
Waco, Tex. : Baylor University Press, Ã2011.
HQ755.8 .G654 2015
Golombok, Susan, author.
Modern families : parents and children in new family forms / Susan Golombok.
HQ76.25 .B65 2015
Hardy, David, 1959- author.
Bold : stories from older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people / David Hardy.
HQ767 .S43 2020
Shah, Meera (Physician), author.
You're the only one I've told : the stories behind abortion / Dr. Meera Shah.
First edition.
HQ784 .I58 H435 2016
Heitner, Devorah, 1975- author.
Screenwise : helping kids thrive (and survive) in their digital world / Devorah Heitner, PhD.
HT1575 .S23 2020
Saad, Layla F, author.
Me and white supremacy : combat racism, change the world, and become a good ancestor / Layla F. Saad.
HT167 .K74 2019
Krieger, Alex, 1951- author.
City on a hill : urban idealism in America from the Puritans to the present / Alex Krieger.
HT175 .C58 2019
Cohen, Lizabeth, author.
Saving America's cities : Ed Logue and the struggle to renew urban America in the suburban age / Lizabeth Cohen.
First edition.
HT175 .M67 2017
Moskowitz, P. E., 1988- author.
How to kill a city : gentrification, inequality, and the fight for the neighborhood / Peter Moskowitz.
HV6275 .C6633 2019
Conspiracy theories and the people who believe them / edited by Joseph E. Uscinski.
HV6534 .O23 V35 2020
Valentine, Melissa, author.
The names of all the flowers / a memoir by Melissa Valentine.
First Feminist Press edition.
HV8139 .H69 2017
Howard, Marc Morjâe, author.
Unusually cruel : prisons, punishment, and the real American exceptionalism / Marc Morjâe Howard.
HV8599 .U6 B78 2018
Brundage, W. Fitzhugh (William Fitzhugh), 1959- author.
Civilizing torture : an American tradition / W. Fitzhugh Brundage.
HV9950 .N495 2019
The new criminal justice thinking / edited by Sharon Dolovich and Alexandra Natapoff.
J:  Political Science
JA84 .U5 R487 2020
Ricks, Thomas E., author.
First principles : what America's founders learned from the Greeks and Romans and how that shaped our country / Thomas E. Ricks.
First edition.
JC311 .A53 2016
Anderson, Benedict R. O'G. (Benedict Richard O'Gorman), 1936-2015, author.
Imagined communities : reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism / Benedict Anderson.
Revised edition.
JK1726 .M385 2020
Maxwell, Zerlina, author.
The end of white politics : how to heal our liberal divide / Zerlina Maxwell.
First edition.
JK1929 .N8 L45 2020
Leloudis, James L., author.
Fragile democracy : the struggle over race and voting rights in North Carolina / James L. Leloudis & Robert R. Korstad.
JK275 .M86 2019
Muirhead, Russell, 1965- author.
A lot of people are saying : the new conspiracism and the assault on democracy / Russell Muirhead, Nancy L. Rosenblum.
JK4316 .K97 1998
Kytle, Calvin.
Who runs Georgia? / Calvin Kytle and James A. Mackay ; foreword by Dan T. Carter.
Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Press, Ã1998.
JZ1329.5 .H33 2020
Haass, Richard, author.
The world : a brief introduction / Richard Haass.
K:  Law
KF4525 .S55 2020
Sikoryak, R., artist.
Constitution illustrated / R. Sikoryak.
First edition.
KF4749 .S58 2017
Sitaraman, Ganesh, author.
The crisis of the middle class constitution : why economic inequality threatens our Republic / Ganesh Sitaraman.
KF4755 .G65 2020
Goldstone, Lawrence, 1947- author.
On account of race : the Supreme Court, white supremacy, and the ravaging of African American voting rights / Lawrence Goldstone.
First hardcover edition.
L:  Education
LA217.2 .B574 2020
Black, Derek W., author.
Schoolhouse burning : public education and the assault on American democracy / Derek W. Black.
LB1027.9 .B43 2019
Ben-Porath, Sigal R., 1967- author.
Making up our mind : what school choice is really about / Sigal R. Ben-Porath and Michael C. Johanek.
LB1028 .P589 2019
Privitera, Gregory J., author.
Research methods for education / Gregory J. Privitera, Lynn Ahlgrim-Delzell.
LB1050.2 .W55 2017
Willingham, Daniel T., author.
The reading mind : a cognitive approach to understanding how the mind reads / Daniel T. Willingham.
First edition.
LB1072 .H37 2015
Handbook of social and emotional learning : research and practice / edited by Joseph A. Durlak, Celene E. Domitrovich, Roger P. Weissberg, Thomas P. Gullotta.
LB2351.2 .S438 2020
Selingo, Jeffrey J., author.
Who gets in and why : a year inside college admissions / Jeffrey Selingo.
First Scribner hardcover edition.
LB2806.36 .R385 2020
Ravitch, Diane, author.
Slaying Goliath : the passionate resistance to privatization and the fight to save America's public schools / Diane Ravitch.
First edition.
LB2806.36 .R76 2017
Rooks, Noliwe, 1963- author.
Cutting school : privatization, segregation, and the end of public education / Noliwe Rooks.
LB2840 .A38 2018
Aguilar, Elena, 1969- author.
Onward : cultivating emotional resilience in educators / Elena Aguilar.
First edition.
LB2840.2 .J46 2021
Jennings, Patricia A., author.
Teacher burnout turnaround : strategies for empowered educators / Patricia A. Jennings ; foreword by Chad Ratliff.
First edition.
LC213 .A85 2019
Atkins, Liz (College teacher), author.
Research methods for social justice and equity in education / Liz Atkins and Vicky Duckworth.
LC2574 .S53 2020
Shane, Kryss, author.
The educator's guide to LGBT+ inclusion : a practical resource for K-12 teachers, administrators, and school support staff / Kryss Shane ; foreword contributed by PostSecret ; afterword by James Lecesne, co-founder of the Trevor Project.
LC2781 .C57 2020
Cole, Eddie Rice, II, author.
The campus color line : college presidents and the struggle for Black freedom / Eddie R. Cole.
LC3731 .S436 2020
Seider, Scott, author.
Schooling for critical consciousness : engaging Black and Latinx youth in analyzing, navigating, and challenging racial injustice / Scott Seider, Daren Graves.
LD1061 .C3 T56 2020
Thomas, Rhondda Robinson, author.
Call my name, Clemson : documenting the Black experience in an American university community / Rhondda Robinson Thomas.
M:  Music
N:  Fine Arts
N332 .G33 B487 2020
Whitford, Frank, author.
Bauhaus / Frank Whitford ; with an introduction and new final chapter by Michael White.
New edition.
N5300 .C573 2018
A chronology of art : a timeline of Western culture from prehistory to the present / edited by Iain Zaczek.
N6487 .N4 M833 2017
Baum, Kelly, author.
Delirious : art at the limits of reason, 1950-1980 / Kelly Baum, with Lucy Bradnock and Tina Rivers Ryan.
N6490 .F534 2017
Findlay, Michael, 1945- author.
Seeing slowly : looking at modern art / Michael Findlay.
N6490 .L79 2020
Lucie-Smith, Edward, author.
Movements in art since 1945 / Edward Lucie-Smith.
Fourth edition.
N6490 .P42 2020
Peppiatt, Michael, author.
The making of modern art : selected writings / Michael Peppiatt.
N6494 .A2 K37 2020
Karmel, Pepe, author.
Abstract art : a global history / Pepe Karmel.
N6494 .A2 M57 2020
Moszynska, Anna, (author)
Abstract art / Anna Moszynska.
New edition.
N6494 .M78 R88 2005
Rush, Michael.
New media in art / Michael Rush.
2nd ed.
London : Thames & Hudson, 2005.
N6502.6 .L83 2020
Lucie-Smith, Edward, author.
[Latin American art of the 20th century]
Latin American art since 1900 / Edward Lucie-Smith.
Third edition.
New edition.
N6505 .A76 2020
Art of the United States, 1750-2000 : primary sources / John Davis, Michael Leja ; edited by Francesca Rose ; with contributions by Lacey Baradel.
N6537 .H348 D45 2014
Deitch, Jeffrey, author.
Keith Haring / Jeffrey Deitch, Suzanne Geiss, Julia Gruen ; in cooperation with the estate of Keith Haring.
N72 .P6 M377 2019
McQuiston, Liz, author.
Protest! : a history of social and political protest graphics / Liz McQuinston.
N7380 .K36 2020
Kasfir, Sidney Littlefield, author.
Contemporary African art / Sidney Littlefield Kasfir.
New edition.
N7433.8 .P38 2015
Paul, Christiane, author.
Digital art / Christiane Paul.
Third edition.
N7475 .F69 2020
Fowkes, Maja, author.
Central and Eastern European art since 1950 / Maja Fowkes and Reuben Fowkes.
N7650 .K87 2018
Kusserow, Karl, author.
Nature's nation : American art and environment / Karl Kusserow and Alan C. Braddock ; with contributions by Miranda Belarde-Lewis, Teddy Cruz, Rachael Z. DeLue, Mark Dion, Fonna Forman, Laura Turner Igoe, Robin Kelsey, Anne McClintock, Timothy Morton, Rob Nixon, Jeffrey Richmond-Moll, Kimia Shahi, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith.
NA500 .F73 2020
Frampton, Kenneth, author.
Modern architecture : a critical history / Kenneth Frampton.
Fifth edition.
NC1806.45 .P67 2020
The poster : a visual history / edited by Gill Saunders and Margaret Timmers.
NC998 .H46 2018
History of illustration / Susan Doyle, editor, Jaleen Grove, associate editor, Whitney Sherman, associate editor.
ND1349 .S34 2019
Schwabsky, Barry, author.
Landscape painting now : from pop abstraction to new romanticism / edited by Todd Bradway ; essay by Barry Schwabsky ; contributions by Robert R. Shane, Louise S²rensen, and Susan A. Van Scoy.
ND1488 .H35 2019
Hall, Marcia B., author.
The power of color : five centuries of European painting / Marcia B. Hall.
ND210.5 .I4 A54 2020
America's impressionism : echoes of a revolution / Amanda C. Burdan ; with contributions by Emily C. Burns ... [and four others].
ND212.5 .M63 B87 2016
Burdan, Amanda C. (Amanda Cathryne), 1973- author.
Rural modern : American art beyond the city / Amanda C. Burdan ; with contributions by Betsy Fahlman, Christine B. Podmaniczky, Jonathan Frederick Walz, Catherine Whitney.
ND237 .A827 A4 2011
Nemerov, Alexander.
To make a world : George Ault and 1940s America / Alexander Nemerov.
Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian American Art Museum ; New Haven [CT] : in association with Yale University Press, 2011.
ND237 .P65 M65 2020
Monahan, Anne, author.
Horace Pippin : American modern / Anne Monahan.
ND497 .B254 B37 2019
Banksy : you are an acceptable level of threat and if you were not you would know about it / compiled and edited by Gary Shove ; words by Patrick Potter.
Tenth edition, New expanded edition.
ND553 .G27 T46 2020
Thomson, Belinda, author.
Gauguin / Belinda Thomson.
New edition.
ND553 .M7 R820 2020
Rubin, James Henry, author.
Monet / James H. Rubin.
ND588 .K5 A4 2016
Paul Klee : irony at work / edited by Angela Lampe.
ND673 .M35 A4 2013
Magritte, Renâe, 1898-1967, artist.
Magritte : the mystery of the ordinary, 1926-1938 / edited by Anne Umland ; with essays by Stephanie D'Alessandro [and others].
New York : Museum of Modern Art, Ã2013.
NK1412 .K39 A4 2010
KAWS : 1993-2010 / [Brian Donnelly [and others] ; editors: Ian Luna & Lauren A. Gould].
New York : Skira Rizzoli : Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum : Rizzoli International, Ã2010.
NK1520 .L867 2017
Lupton, Ellen, author.
Design is storytelling / Ellen Lupton.
NK1980 .M37 2020
Massey, Anne, 1956- author.
Interior design since 1900 / Anne Massey.
Fourth edition ; new edition.
NK805 .B43 2020
Becoming America : highlights from the Jonathan and Karin Fielding collection of folk art / contributors: John Demos, Jonathan and Karin Fielding, Robin Jaffee Frank, James Glisson, editor, Stacy C. Hollander, Christina Nielsen, Sumpter Priddy, Elizabeth V. Warren, David Wheatcroft.
NK8912 .F35 2020
Falls, Susan, author.
Overshot : the political aesthetics of woven textiles from the Antebellum South and beyond / Susan Falls & Jessica R. Smith.
NX650 .S53 P76 2019
Princenthal, Nancy, author.
Unspeakable acts : women, art, and sexual violence in the 1970s / Nancy Princenthal.
NX688 .A4 I85 2019
Biennial Hamad bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art and Culture (7th : 2017 : Virginia Museum of Fine Arts), author.
Islamic art : past, present, future / edited by Jonathan Bloom & Sheila Blair.
P:  Language & Literature
PN4874 .M543 A3 2020
Mitchell, Jerry, author.
Race against time : a reporter reopens the unsolved murder cases of the civil rights era / Jerry Mitchell.
First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
PN6733 .S96 F57 2018
Symington, Sabrina, author, artist.
First year out : a transition story / by Sabrina Symington.
PN6790 .J33 N3313 2004
Nakazawa, Keiji, author.
[Hadashi no Gen. English]
Barefoot Gen : a cartoon story of Hiroshima / Keiji Nakazawa, edited by Alan Gleason and Colin Turner ; translated by Project Gen.
San Francisco, Calif. : Last Gasp of San Francisco, 2004-2009.
PN761 .S28 1994
Said, Edward W., author.
Culture and imperialism / Edward W. Said.
1st Vintage books edition.
PR6054 .A89145 L54 2021
Davies, Peter Ho, 1966- author.
A lie someone told you about yourself / Peter Ho Davies.
PS261 .C47 2020
Choiânski, Micha±, 1983- author.
Southern hyperboles : metafigurative strategies of narration / Micha± Choiânski.
PS3565 .C57 Z81255 2020
O'Donnell, Angela Alaimo, author.
Radical ambivalence : race in Flannery O'Connor / Angela Alaimo O'Donnell.
First edition.
PS3568 .I587 N68 2020
Râios, Alberto, author.
Not go away is my name / Alberto Râios.
PS3601 .L375 V65 2020
Ali, Kazim, 1971- author.
The voice of Sheila Chandra / Kazim Ali.
PS3602 .I23 A6 2020
Bibbins, Mark, author.
[Poems. Selections (2020)]
13th balloon : a poem / Mark Bibbins.
PS3603 .H33556 A87 2020
Chakraborty, Sumita (Poet), author.
Arrow : poems / Sumita Chakraborty.
PS3603 .H37978 D45 2020
Chatti, Leila, 1990- author.
Deluge / Leila Chatti.
PS3604 .A9884 C37 2020
Daye, Tyree, author.
Cardinal / Tyree Daye.
PS3606 .O74737 S25 2020
Foreman, Aricka, author.
[Poems. Selections]
Salt body shimmer : poems / Aricka Foreman.
First edition.
PS3610 .O383396 I54 2020
Johnson, Taylor, 1991- author.
Inheritance / Taylor Johnson.
PS3612 .O7747 H68 2020
LoTempio, Lucia, 1993- author.
Hot with the bad things : a lyric / Lucia LoTempio.
PS3613 .E887 S57 2020
Metres, Philip, 1970- author.
Shrapnel maps / Philip Metres.
PS3619 .I98 A6 2020
Sizemore, Vic (Victor Maynard), 1966- author.
[Essays. Selections.]
Goodbye, my tribe : an evangelical exodus / Vic Sizemore.
PS3619 .O39 A6 2020
Sok, Monica, 1990- author.
[Poems. Selections]
A nail the evening hangs on / Monica Sok.
PS595 .S75 N6 2020
No voice too small : fourteen young Americans making history / edited by Lindsay H. Metcalf, Keila V. Dawson, and Jeanette Bradley ; illustrated by Jeanette Bradley.
PZ7.1 .G7415
Gregorio, I. W., 1976- author.
None of the above / I.W. Gregorio.
First edition.
Q:  Science
QA273 .R83 2019
Ross, Sheldon M., 1943-
A first course in probability / Sheldon Ross.
9. ed., Pearson
India : Pearson, 2014.
QB981 .M218 2020
Marchant, Jo, 1973- author.
The human cosmos : civilization and the stars / Jo Marchant.
QB991 .E53 M33 2020
Mack, Katie, 1981- author.
The end of everything : (astrophysically speaking) / Katie Mack.
First Scribner hardcover edition.
R:  Medicine & Nursing
R135 .F534 2020
Lane Fox, Robin, 1946- author.
The invention of medicine : from Homer to Hippocrates / Robin Lane Fox.
First US edition.
RA639 .Q83 2012
Quammen, David, 1948-
Spillover : animal infections and the next human pandemic / David Quammen.
1st ed.
New York : W.W. Norton & Co., Ã2012.
RA644 .C67 C57 2020
Christakis, Nicholas A., author.
Apollo's arrow : the profound and enduring impact of coronavirus on the way we live / Nicholas A. Christakis.
First edition.
RA982 .M552 C467 2020
Segrest, Mab, 1949- author.
Administrations of lunacy : racism and the haunting of American psychiatry at the Milledgeville Asylum / Mab Segrest.
RC560 .G45 L48 2004
Lev, Arlene Istar.
Transgender emergence : therapeutic guidelines for working with gender-variant people and their families / Arlene Istar Lev.
New York : The Haworth Clinical Practice Press, Ã2004.
RM301.27 .F56 2020
Fisher, Jill A., 1976- author.
Adverse events : race, inequality, and the testing of new pharmaceuticals / Jill A. Fisher.
S:  Agriculture
SD412 .S74 2020
St George, Zach, author.
The journeys of trees : a story about forests, people, and the future / Zach St. George.
First edition.
T:  Technology
TD174 .J37713 2020
Jarrige, Franðcois, 1978- author.
[Contamination du monde. English]
The contamination of the earth : a history of pollutions in the industrial age / Franðcois Jarrige and Thomas Le Roux ; translated by Janice Egan and Michael Egan.
U:  Military Science
V:  Naval Science
Z:  Bibliography & Library Science