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July 2021
79 Titles Added
A:  General Works
B:  Philosophy & Psychology & Religion
BF441 .G693 2021
Grant, Adam M., author.
Think again : the power of knowing what you don't know / Adam Grant.
BF697.5 .S47 K76 2021
Kross, Ethan, author.
Chatter : the voice in our head, why it matters, and how to harness it / Ethan Kross.
First edition.
BF76.5 .L458 2020
Levitt, Heidi M., author.
Reporting qualitative research in psychology : how to meet APA style journal article reporting standards / Heidi M. Levitt.
Revised edition.
BF76.8 .C66 2020
Cooper, Harris M., author.
[Reporting research in psychology]
Reporting quantitative research in psychology : how to meet APA style journal article reporting standards / Harris Cooper.
Second edition, revised.
BL2525 .M575 2019
Mitchem, Stephanie Y., 1950- author.
Race, religion, and politics : toward human rights in the United States / Stephanie Y. Mitchem, University of South Carolina.
C:  Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography
D:  History (Europe & World)
D790 .G534 2021
Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963- author.
The Bomber Mafia : a dream, a temptation, and the longest night of the second World War / Malcolm Gladwell.
First edition.
D863 .R48 2021
Rhodes, Ben, 1977- author.
After the fall : being American in the world we've made / Ben Rhodes.
First edition.
DS22.7 .F37 2021
Favereau, Marie, 1977- author.
The Horde : how the Mongols changed the world / Marie Favereau.
E:  History (U.S.)
E169.12 .M454 2021
Menand, Louis author.
The free world : art and thought in the Cold War / Louis Menand.
First edition.
E183.7 .Z64 2020
Zoellick, Robert B., author.
America in the world : a history of U.S. diplomacy and foreign policy / Robert B. Zoellick.
First edition.
E184 .A1 L4135 2019
Lee, Erika, author.
America for Americans : a history of xenophobia in the United States / Erika Lee.
First edition.
E185.93 .T4 G67 2021
Gordon-Reed, Annette, author.
On Juneteenth / Annette Gordon-Reed.
First edition.
E441 .S654 2021
Smith, Clint, author.
How the word is passed : a reckoning with the history of slavery across America / Clint Smith.
First edition.
E449 .O1145 2021
Oakes, James author.
The crooked path to abolition : Abraham Lincoln and the antislavery Constitution / James Oakes.
First edition.
E645 .C697 2019
Confederate statues and memorialization / edited by Catherine Clinton.
E893 .P33 2021
Packer, George, 1960- author.
Last best hope : America in crisis and renewal / George Packer.
First edition.
F:  History (U.S. State/Local & New World)
F208.2 .R45 2020
Reinterpreting Southern histories : essays in historiography / edited by Craig Thompson Friend and Lorri Glover.
G:  Geography & Anthropology
G850 1898 .B28 2021
Sancton, Julian, author.
Madhouse at the end of the Earth : the Belgica's journey into the dark Antarctic night / Julian Sancton.
First edition.
H:  Social Sciences & Business
HC79 .T4 F744 2019
Frey, Carl Benedikt, author.
The technology trap : capital, labor, and power in the age of automation / Carl Benedikt Frey.
HM621 .G735 2021
Green, John, 1977- author.
[Essays. Selections]
The Anthropocene reviewed : essays on a human-centered planet / by John Green.
HV8059 .J67 2020
Joslyn, Mark R., author.
The gun gap : the influence of gun ownership on political behavior and attitudes / Mark R. Joslyn.
J:  Political Science
JC359 .G465 2021
Gildea, Robert, author.
Empires of the mind : the colonial past and the politics of the present / Robert Gildea.
First paperback edition.
JC423 .B4336 2020
Beyond populism : angry politics and the twilight of neoliberalism / edited by Jeff Maskovsky and Sophie Bjork-James.
JC491 .R4926 2020
Revolutions : how they changed history and what they mean today / edited by Peter Furtado.
JC574 .F677 2019
Forrester, Katrina, 1986- author.
In the shadow of justice : postwar liberalism and the remaking of political philosophy / Katrina Forrester.
JC574 .K74 2019b
Krastev, Ivan, 1965- author.
The light that failed : why the West is losing the fight for democracy / Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes.
First Pegasus Books hardcover edition.
JC574 .M84 2018
Mudge, Stephanie L., 1973- author.
Leftism reinvented : Western parties from socialism to neoliberalism / Stephanie L. Mudge.
JF1525 .W45 A86 2020
Arnold, Jason Ross, author.
Whistleblowers, leakers, and their networks : from Snowden to samizdat / Jason Ross Arnold.
JK1021 .C86 2020
Curry, James M., author.
The limits of party : Congress and lawmaking in a polarized era / James M. Curry and Frances E. Lee.
JK1021 .G558 2019
Ginsberg, Benjamin, author.
Congress : the first branch / Benjamin Ginsberg, Kathryn Wagner Hill.
JK1341 .H67 2017
Hopkins, David A., author.
Red fighting blue : how geography and electoral rules polarize American politics / David A. Hopkins.
JK1764 .B77 2019
Brown-Dean, Khalilah L., author.
Identity politics in the United States / Khalilah L. Brown-Dean.
JK1846 .V65 2020
Voter suppression in U.S. elections / edited by Jim Downs.
JK2261 .L49 2019
Lewis, Verlan, author.
Ideas of power : the politics of American party ideology development / Verlan Lewis.
JK2265 .D78 2020
Drutman, Lee, 1976- author.
Breaking the two-party doom loop : the case for multiparty democracy in America / Lee Drutman.
JK511 .K66 2019
Knott, Stephen F., author.
The lost soul of the American presidency : the decline into demagoguery and the prospects for renewal / Stephen F. Knott.
JK526 2016 .B46 2018
Benkler, Yochai, author.
Network propaganda : manipulation, disinformation, and radicalization in American politics / Yochai Benkler, Robert Faris, Hal Roberts.
JK529 .A694 2019
Alexander, Robert M., 1972- author.
Representation and the Electoral College / Robert M. Alexander.
JN231 .W49 2019
Williamson, Adrian, author.
Europe and the decline of social democracy in Britain : from Attlee to BREXIT / Adrian Williamson.
JN30 .G5524 2018
Gillingham, John, 1943- author.
The EU : an obituary / John Gillingham.
Revised and updated second edition.
JN30 .K73 2017
Krastev, Ivan, 1965- author.
After Europe / Ivan Krastev.
JN30 .P389513 2020
Patel, Kiran Klaus, author.
[Projekt Europa. English]
Project Europe : a history / Kiran Klaus Patel.
JN36 .M38 2019
McDonnell, Duncan, 1972- author.
International populism : the radical right in the European Parliament / Duncan McDonnell, Annika Werner.
JN8 .B47 2021
Berman, Sheri, 1965- author.
Democracy and dictatorship in Europe : from the Ancien râegime to the present day / Sheri Berman.
JV6271 .S34 2020
Sager, Alex, author.
Against borders : why the world needs free movement of people / Alex Sager.
K:  Law
KF358 .R45 2019
Religion, law, USA / edited by Joshua Dubler and Isaac Weiner.
KF4552 .S768 2019
Strang, Lee J., author.
Originalism's promise : a natural law account of the American Constitution / Lee J. Strang.
KF539 .I87 2021
Issenberg, Sasha, author.
The engagement : America's quarter-century struggle over same-sex marriage / Sasha Issenberg.
First edition.
L:  Education
LB2369 .M52 2021
MLA handbook for writers of research papers.
MLA handbook / [Modern Language Association Of America].
Ninth edition.
M:  Music
N:  Fine Arts
P:  Language & Literature
PN6728 .S95 L46 2017
Lemire, Jeff, author, artist.
Sweet Tooth / Jeff Lemire, story & art ; Josâe Villarrubia, colors ; Pat Brosseau, letters ; Jeff Lemire, collection cover art & color.
PQ2637 .A783 T713 2015
Sarraute, Nathalie, author.
[Tropismes. English]
Tropisms / Nathalie Sarraute ; translated from the French by Maria Jolas.
PR6053 .U825 S43 2021
Cusk, Rachel, 1967- author.
Second place / Rachel Cusk.
First edition.
PR6060 .E95 T48 2018
Jewell, Lisa, author.
Then she was gone : a novel / Lisa Jewell.
First Atria books hardcover edition.
PR6113 .I2645 M35 2021
Michaelides, Alex, 1977- author.
The maidens / Alex Michaelides.
First U.S. edition.
PR6123 .H556 W4 2021
Whitaker, Chris, author.
We begin at the end / Chris Whitaker.
First U.S. edition.
PR9619.4 .H48 G66 2021
Hepworth, Sally, author.
The good sister / Sally Hepworth.
First U.S. edition.
PS3501 .S56 F6 2018
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992, author.
Foundation / Isaac Asimov.
Del Rey trade paperback edition.
PS3551 .S5 F596 2020
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992, author.
Foundation and empire / Isaac Asimov.
2020 Del Rey trade paperback edition.
PS3551 .S5 S4 2020
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992, author.
Second foundation / Isaac Asimov.
2020 Del Rey trade paperback edition.
PS3602 .U3395 B53 2021
Buehlman, Christopher, author.
The blacktongue thief / Christopher Buehlman.
First edition.
PS3603 .H347 C56 2016
Chambers, Becky, author.
A closed and common orbit / Becky Chambers.
First US edition.
PS3603 .H347 L66 2014
Chambers, Becky, author.
The long way to a small, angry planet / Becky Chambers.
First edition.
PS3604 .A938 L37 2021
Dave, Laura author.
The last thing he told me : a novel / Laura Dave.
First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
PS3607 .O59774 H55 2021
Gorman, Amanda, 1998- author.
The hill we climb : an inaugural poem for the country / Amanda Gorman ; foreword by Oprah Winfrey.
PS3608 .A783293 O85 2021
Harris, Zakiya Dalila, author.
The other Black girl : a novel / Zakiya Dalila Harris.
First Atria Books hardcover edition.
PS3611 .I44 B66 2020
Kidd, Sue Monk, author.
The book of longings / Sue Monk Kidd.
PS3612 .I516 T56 2021
Lin, Tom, 1996- author.
The thousand crimes of Ming Tsu : a novel / Tom Lin.
First edition.
PS3618 .E5478 M35 2021
Reid, Taylor Jenkins, author.
Malibu rising : a novel / Taylor Jenkins Reid.
First edition.
PS3619 .E748 I4 2021
Serle, Rebecca, author.
In five years : a novel / Rebecca Serle.
First Atria Paperback edition.
PS3619 .H586 G74 2021
Shipstead, Maggie, author.
Great circle / Maggie Shipstead.
First edition.
PS3619 .W44253 G66 2021
Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix, author.
Good company : a novel / Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney.
First edition.
PS3620 .A288 A83 2021b
Taddeo, Lisa author.
Animal : a novel / Lisa Taddeo.
First Avid Reader Press hardcover edition.
PS3623 .E4324494 P76 2021
Weir, Andy, author.
Project Hail Mary : a novel / Andy Weir.
First edition.
PZ7 .B26225 In 2020
Barnes, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn), author.
The inheritance games / Jennifer Lynn Barnes.
First edition.
PZ7.1 .B6784 Fir 2021
Boulley, Angeline, author.
Firekeeper's daughter / Angeline Boulley.
First edition.
Q:  Science
QH440 .I83 2021
Isaacson, Walter, author.
The code breaker : Jennifer Doudna, gene editing, and the future of the human race / Walter Isaacson.
First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
R:  Medicine & Nursing
RA644 .C67 L49 2021
Lewis, Michael (Michael M.), author.
The premonition : a pandemic story / Michael Lewis.
First edition.
RA644 .C67 W75 2021
Wright, Lawrence, 1947- author.
The plague year : America in the time of COVID / Lawrence Wright.
First edition.
S:  Agriculture
T:  Technology
TX649 .B58 A3 2021
Bourdain, Anthony, author.
World travel : an irreverent guide / Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever ; illustrations by Wesley Allsbrook.
First edition.
U:  Military Science
V:  Naval Science
Z:  Bibliography & Library Science