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January 2021
126 Titles Added
A:  General Works
B:  Philosophy & Psychology & Religion
B4377 .T35 2020
Taking Kierkegaard personally : first person responses / edited by Jamie Lorentzen & Gordon Marino.
B68 .W45 2020
Weiner, Eric, 1963- author.
The Socrates express : in search of life lessons from dead philosophers / Eric Weiner.
First Avid Reader Press hardcover edition.
BF717 .B76 2009
Brown, Stuart L.
Play : how it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul / Stuart Brown with Christopher Vaughan.
New York : Avery, Ã2009.
BS1192.5 .L47 1987
Levenson, Jon Douglas.
Sinai & Zion : an entry into the Jewish Bible / by Jon D. Levenson.
1st Harper & Row pbk. ed.
New York : HarperSanFrancisco, [1987]
BS1235.52 .K36 2018
Kang, Hwagu, author.
Reading the wife/sister narratives in Genesis : a textlinguistic and type-scene analysis / Hwagu Kang ; foreword by Richard E. Averbeck.
BV3457 .A1 G8613 2020
Guo, Nanyan, author.
[Zabieru no yume o tsumugu. English]
Making Xavier's dream real : vernacular writings of Catholic missionaries in modern Japan / Nanyan Guo.
First English edition.
BX5937 .T28 S47 2020
Taylor, Barbara Brown, author.
[Sermons. Selections]
Always a guest : speaking of faith far from home / Barbara Brown Taylor.
First edition.
C:  Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography
CB113 .H4 H37413 2020
Harari, Yuval N., author, creator.
[òKitsur toldot ha-enoshut. English]
Sapiens : a graphic history. Volume one, The birth of humankind / creation and co-writing, Yuval Noah Harari ; adaptation and co-writing, David Vandermeulen ; adaptation and illustration, Daniel Casanave ; colors, Claire Champion ; master text translation, Adriana Hunter.
First English language edition; First U.S. edition.
D:  History (Europe & World)
D16.9 .T85 2015
Trouillot, Michel-Rolph, author.
Silencing the past : power and the production of history / Michel-Rolph Trouillot ; with a new foreword by Hazel V. Carby.
D25.5 .M285 2020
MacMillan, Margaret, 1943- author.
War : how conflict shaped us / Margaret MacMillan.
First U.S. edition.
D862 .Z35 2020
Zakaria, Fareed, author.
Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world / Fareed Zakaria.
First edition.
DS559.5 .O27 1999
O'Brien, Tim, 1946-
If I die in a combat zone, box me up and ship me home / Tim O'Brien.
1st Broadway books trade pbk. ed.
New York : Broadway Books, 1999.
DS822.3 .W3713 2020
Watanabe, Kyåoji, 1930- author.
[Yukishi yo no omokage. English]
Remnants of days past : a journey through old Japan / Watanabe Kyoji ; translated by Joseph Litsch.
First English edition.
DS849 .U6 K5313 2020
Kibåo no Nichi-Bei dåomei. English
The Japan-US alliance of hope : Asia-Pacific maritime security / edited by Nakasone Peace Institute ; supervised by Shinichi Kitaoka and Fumiaki Kubo ; translated by Charles Stewart and Ikuo Anai.
First English edition.
DS889.5 .S46713 2020
Sengo Nihon no rekishi ninshiki. English.
History, memory, & politics in postwar Japan / edited by Iokibe Kaoru, Komiya Kazuo, Hosoya Yåuichi, Miyagi Taizåo, and the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research's Political and Diplomatic Review Project.
DS896.8 .N5 O9413 2020
Ozawa, Hiromu, 1947- author.
["Kidai shåoran" no Nihonbashi. English]
The Kidai Shåoran scroll : Tokyo street life in the Edo period / Ozawa Hiromu and Kobayashi Tadashi ; translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter.
First English edition.
E:  History (U.S.)
E183.8 .C5 M386 2017
McGregor, Richard, 1958- author.
Asia's reckoning : China, Japan, and the fate of U.S. power in the Pacific century / Richard McGregor.
E184 .A1 G554 2020
Glaude, Eddie S., Jr., 1968- author.
Begin again : James Baldwin's America and its urgent lessons for our own / Eddie S. Glaude Jr.
E185.615 .C87 2020
Currie, Elliott, author.
A peculiar indifference : the neglected toll of violence on black America / Elliott Currie.
First edition.
E241 .Y6 P55 2018
Philbrick, Nathaniel, author.
In the hurricane's eye : the genius of George Washington and the victory at Yorktown / Nathaniel Philbrick.
E467.1 .L4
Seidule, Ty, author.
Robert E. Lee and me : a Southerner's reckoning with the myth of the lost cause / Ty Seidule.
First edition.
E839.5 .K67 2018
Kornacki, Steve, 1979- author.
The red and the blue : the 1990s and the birth of political tribalism / Steve Kornacki.
First edition.
F:  History (U.S. State/Local & New World)
F379 .N553 L433 2020
Ball, Edward, 1958- author.
Life of a Klansman : a family history in white supremacy / Edward Ball.
First edition.
G:  Geography & Anthropology
GN281 .K37813 2020
Kawabata, Hiroto, 1964- author.
[Wareware wa naze wareware dake nanoka. English]
Lost in evolution : exploring humanity's path in Asia / Hiroto Kawabata ; technical advisor, Yousuke Kaifu ; translated by Dana Lewis.
First English edition.
GV1113 .K36 K5413 2020
Kigai to kåodåo no kyåoikusha Kanåo Jigoråo. English
The legacy of Kano Jigoro : judo and education / The Committee for the Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Jigoro Kano ; translated by Tom Kain.
First English edition.
GV708.8 .H377 2020
Harper, Joanna (Biophysicist), author.
Sporting gender : the history, science, and stories of transgender and intersex athletes / Joanna Harper.
GV708.8 .S49 2019
Sex, gender, and sexuality in sport : queer inquiries / edited by Vikki Krane.
H:  Social Sciences & Business
HC462.9 .Y66813 2020
Yoshikawa, Hiroshi, 1951- author.
[Jinkåo to Nihon keizai. English]
Population and the Japanese economy : longevity, innovation, and economic growth / Yoshikawa Hiroshi ; translated by Charles Stewart.
First English edition.
HF3829 .S5 S84613 2019
Suenaga, Kunitoshi, 1943- author.
[åOmi shåoningaku nyåumon. English]
The story of Japan's Ohmi merchants : the precept of Sanpo-yoshi / Kunitoshi Suenaga ; translated by Larry Greenberg.
First English edition.
HF5549.5 .S47 G53 2018
Gibson, Sarah, 1993- author.
Gender diversity and non-binary inclusion in the workplace : the essential guide for employers / Sarah Gibson and J. Fernandez.
HQ 78 . H45 2019
Dale, Helen, author.
A practical guide to understanding gender variance : including intersex, trans, non-binary & gender fluid individuals / Helen Dale.
HQ1075 .C68 2019
Cover, Rob, author.
Emergent identities : new sexualities, genders and relationships in a digital era / Rob Cover.
HQ1595 .P34 H65 2020
Holmes, Rachel, author.
Sylvia Pankhurst : natural born rebel / Rachel Holmes.
HQ21 .F365 2014
Faye, Guillaume, 1949- author.
[Sexe et dâevoiement. English]
Sex and deviance / Guillaume Faye.
First English edition.
HQ72.8 .W37 2020
Ward, Elizabeth Jane, author.
The tragedy of heterosexuality / Jane Ward.
HQ73 .S26 2018
Santos, Rita, 1985- author.
Beyond gender binaries : the history of trans, intersex, and third-gender individuals / Rita Santos.
First edition.
HQ75.4 .S53 A3 2020
Shapland, Jenn, 1987- author.
My autobiography of Carson McCullers / Jenn Shapland.
First US edition.
HQ77.8 .J67 D63 2008
Docter, Richard F.
Becoming a woman : a biography of Christine Jorgensen / Richard F. Docter.
New York : Routledge, Ã2008.
HQ77.9 .G74 2017
Green, Jo, 1979- author.
The trans partner handbook : a guide for when your partner transitions / Jo Green.
HQ77.9 .K747 2017
Krieger, Irwin, author.
Counseling transgender and non-binary youth : the essential guide / Irwin Krieger.
HQ77.9 .T71537 2016
Transgender and intersex : theoretical, practical, and artistic perspectives / Stefan Horlacher, editor.
HQ78 .L64 2018
Lohman, Eric, author.
Raising Rosie : our story of parenting an intersex child / Eric Lohman and Stephani Lohman ; foreword by Georgiann Davis.
HQ78 .M35 2019
Malatino, Hil, author.
Queer embodiment : monstrosity, medical violence, and intersex experience/ Hilary Malatino.
HQ78 .R83 2017
Rubin, David A., 1978- author.
Intersex matters : biomedical embodiment, gender regulation, and transnational activism / David A. Rubin.
HQ78|b.P48 2021
[S.l.] : JESSICA KINGSLEY, 2020.
HS2325 .L38 2020
Lavin, Talia, author.
Culture warlords : my journey into the dark web of white supremacy / Talia Lavin.
First edition.
HV551.5 .J3 I6413 2020
Iokibe, Makoto, 1943- author.
[Daisaigai no Jidai. English]
The era of great disasters : Japan and its three major earthquakes / Iokibe Makoto ; translated by Tony Gonzalez.
HV6432 .G829 2020
Guantanamo voices : true accounts from the world's most infamous prison / edited by Sarah Mirk ; introduction by Omar el Akkad ; illustrated by Gerardo Alba, Kasia Babis, Alex Beguez, Tracy Chahwan, Nomi Kane, Omar Khouri, Kane Lynch, Maki Naro, Hazel Newevant, Jeremy Nguyen, Chelsea Saunders, Abu Zubaydah.
HV8699 .U6 T435 2021
Chammah, Maurice, author.
Let the Lord sort them / Maurice Chammah.
First edition.
J:  Political Science
K:  Law
K646 .P557 2019
Pikramenou, Nikoletta, author.
Intersex rights : living between sexes / Nikoletta Pikramenou.
L:  Education
LA217.2 .S347 2020
Schneider, Jack (Writer on education), author.
A wolf at the schoolhouse door : the dismantling of public education and the future of school / Jack Schneider and Jennifer Berkshire.
LB1028 .F73 2019
Fraenkel, Jack R., 1932- author.
How to design and evaluate research in education / Jack R. Fraenkel, San Francisco State University, Norman E. Wallen, San Francisco State University, Helen H. Hyun, San Francisco State University,
Tenth edition.
International student edition.
LB1028.3 .R595 2019
Roblyer, M. D., author.
Integrating educational technology into teaching : transforming learning across disciplines / M.D. Roblyer, Nova Southeastern University (retired), Joan E. Hughes, University of Texas at Austin.
Eighth edition.
LB1048.5 .B49 2007
Henderson, Anne T., author.
Beyond the bake sale : the essential guide to family-school partnerships / Anne T. Henderson, Karen L. Mapp, Vivian R. Johnson, and Don Davies.
LB1068 .N49 2019
Newman, Mark, 1948- author.
Visual literacy : reading, thinking, and communicating with visuals / Mark Newman and Donna Ogle.
LB1072 .M56 2019
The mindful school : transforming school culture through mindfulness and compassion / edited by Patricia A. Jennings ; associate editors, Anthony A. DeMauro, Polina P. Mischenko.
LB1139.23 .P375 2019
Pastel, Encian, author.
Supporting gender diversity in early childhood classrooms : a practical guide / Encian Pastel, Katie Steele, Julie Nicholson, Cyndi Maurer, Julia Hennock, Jonathan Julian, Tess Unger and Nathanael Flynn.
LB1707 .T435 2020
Teaching the teacher : LGBTQ issues in teacher education / edited by Cathy A. R. Brant, Lara M. Willox.
LB2844.1 .N4 C63 2009
Codell, Esmâe Raji, 1968- author.
Educating Esmâe : diary of a teacher's first year / Esmâe Raji Codell.
Expanded ed.
LB3227.5 .T73 2018
Trans* policies and experiences in housing and residence life / edited by Jason C. Garvey, Stephanie H. Chang, Z Nicolazzo, and Rex Jackson ; foreword by Kathleen G. Kerr.
First edition.
LC212.2 .M35 2020
Making sense of race in education : practices for change in difficult times / edited by Jessica A. Heybach and Sheron Fraser-Burgess.
LC2574.6 .K55 2020
Kilgo, Cindy A., author.
Supporting success for LGBTQ+ students : tools for inclusive campus practice / Cindy Ann Kilgo.
LC2574.6 .T73 2019
Trans people in higher education / Edited by Genny Beemyn.
LC2575 .Q44 2017
Queer people of color in higher education / edited by Joshua Moon Johnson, American University of Malta, and Gabriel Javier, Multicultural Student Center.
LC2575 .R47 2020
Rethinking LGBTQIA students and collegiate contexts : identity, policies, and campus climate / edited by Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher, Devika Dibya Choudhuri, and Jason L. Taylor.
LC40 .D994 2019
Dwyer, James G., 1961- author.
Homeschooling : the history and philosophy of a controversial practice / James G. Dwyer and Shawn F. Peters.
LC71 .J66 2015
Jones, Tiffany, author.
Policy and gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex students / Tiffany Jones.
Cham [Switzerland] : Springer, [2015]
M:  Music
ML410 .B4
Tunbridge, Laura, 1974- author.
Beethoven : a life in nine pieces / Laura Tunbridge.
ML419 .S49 A3 1999
Shankar, Ravi, 1920-2012, author.
Raga mala : the autobiography of Ravi Shankar / edited and introduced by George Harrison ; additional narrative by Oliver Craske.
1st Welcome Rain ed.
New York, NY : Welcome Rain Publishers, 1999.
ML420 .P28 S63 2020
Smarsh, Sarah, author.
She come by it natural : Dolly Parton and the women who lived her songs / Sarah Smarsh.
First Scribner hardcover edition.
N:  Fine Arts
NC1639 .M67 S53 2020
North, Ryan, 1980- adapter.
Slaughterhouse-five : or the children's crusade : a duty-dance with death / story by Kurt Vonnegut ; written by Ryan North ; illustrated by Albert Monteys.
ND1059 .S28 A4 2020
Satåo, Yasuhiro, author.
[Motto shiritai Ito Jakuchu. English]
The world of Ito Jakuchu : classical Japanese painter of all things great and small in nature / Sato Yasuhiro ; translated by Michael Brase.
First English edition.
P:  Language & Literature
PJ7916 .O64 N55 2004
Boof, Kola.
Nile River woman : the very first poems / by Kola Boof ; supervised by Cornel Chesney ; edited by Kola Boof and Nafisa Goma ; translation to English by Kola Boof.
Aguanga, CA : Door of Kush Publications, 2004.
PL635 .S95 2019
Nakanishi, Susumu, 1929- author.
The Japanese linguistic landscape : reflections on quintessential words / Nakanishi Susumu ; translated by Ryan Shaldjian Morrison.
First English edition.
PN6727 .T64 Z46 2020
Tomine, Adrian, 1974- author.
The loneliness of the long-distance cartoonist / Adrian Tomine.
First edition.
PR2894 .B275 2019
Bate, Jonathan author.
How the classics made Shakespeare / Jonathan Bate.
PR2965 .A67 2021
The Arden research handbook of contemporary Shakespeare criticism / edited by Evelyn Gajowski.
PR2971.U6|bS55 2020
Shapiro, James, 1955- author.
Shakespeare in a divided America / James Shapiro.
PR2976 .S495 2019
Smith, Emma (Emma Josephine), author.
This is Shakespeare / Emma Smith.
First United States edition.
PR468 .R42 F74 2019
Freedgood, Elaine, author.
Worlds enough : the invention of realism in the Victorian novel / Elaine Freedgood ; [Editorial: Anne Savarese and Jenny Tan].
PR6045 .O72 T5 1966
Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941.
Three guineas / Virginia Woolf.
New York : Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1966?, Ã1938.
PR6065 .F36 H35 2020
O'Farrell, Maggie, 1972- author.
Hamnet : a novel of the plague / Maggie O'Farrell.
First American edition.
PR6108 .A39 M53 2020
Haig, Matt, 1975- author.
The midnight library / Matt Haig.
PR6120 .A487 G65 2013
Tarttelin, Abigail, 1987-
Golden boy : a novel / Abigail Tarttelin.
First Atria books hardcover edition.
PR646 .L87 2019
Lupic, Ivan, author.
Subjects of advice : drama and counsel from More to Shakespeare / Ivan Lupiâc.
PR9199.4 .S53697 A6 2016
Shraya, Vivek, 1981- author.
[Poems. Selections]
Even this page is white / Vivek Shraya.
PR9619.4 .M3798 M54 2020
McConaghy, Charlotte, author.
Migrations / Charlotte McConaghy.
First edition.
PS 3553 .L2865 S83 2019
Clark, Martin.
The substitution order / Martin Clark.
First Vintage Books edition.
New York : Vintage Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, June 2020.
PS303 .B86 2019
Burt, Stephanie, 1971- author.
Don't read poetry : a book about how to read poems / Stephanie Burt.
First edition.
PS3511 .A86 Z7838 2020
Gorra, Michael Edward, author.
The saddest words : William Faulkner's Civil War / Michael Gorra.
First edition.
PS3560 .O775 C47 2020
Joseph, Lawrence, 1948- author.
A certain clarity : selected poems / Lawrence Joseph.
First Edition.
PS3562 .E8544 A77 2020
Lethem, Jonathan, author.
The arrest : a novel / Jonathan Lethem.
First edition.
PS3563 .I421444 G6 2002
Miller, Sue, 1943- author.
The good mother / Sue Miller.
First Perennial edition.
PS3563 .I42175 C48 2020
Millet, Lydia, 1968- author.
A children's bible : a novel / Lydia Millet.
First edition.
PS3565 .B75 G6 1999
O'Brien, Tim, 1946- author.
Going after Cacciato / Tim O'Brien.
First Broadway books trade paperback edition.
PS3565 .B75 J85 2014
O'Brien, Tim, 1946-
July, July / Tim O'Brien.
First Mariner books edition.
PS3570 .E95 Q4 2003
Tevis, Walter S.
The Queen's gambit / Walter Tevis.
1st Vintage Contemporaries ed.
New York : Vintage Contemporaries, 2003.
PS3601 .L3257 L43 2020
Alam, Rumaan, author.
Leave the world behind : a novel / Rumaan Alam.
First edition.
PS3601 .P666 I58 2015
Apps, Aaron, author.
Intersex : a memoir / Aaron Apps.
PS3602 .E826 A6 2019
Betts, Reginald Dwayne, 1980- author.
[Poems. Selections]
Felon : poems / Reginald Dwayne Betts.
First edition.
PS3603 .L548 R432 2020
Cline, Ernest, author.
Ready player two : a novel / Ernest Cline.
First edition.
PS3603 .O427 W44 2020
Cole, Alyssa, author.
When no one is watching : a thriller / Alyssa Cole.
First edition.
PS3614 .O774 O88 2021
North, Anna, author.
Outlawed : a novel / Anna North.
PS3618 .U755 S7 2007
Russell, Karen, 1981-
St. Lucy's home for girls raised by wolves : stories / Karen Russell.
1st Vintage Contemporaries ed.
New York : Vintage Books, 2007.
PS3619 .T828 S58 2020
Stuart, Douglas, 1976- author.
Shuggie Bain : a novel / by Douglas Stuart.
First edition.
First Grove Atlantic hardcover edition.
PS3623 .A86737 M46 2020
Washington, Bryan, 1993- author.
Memorial / Bryan Washington.
PS3625 .U15 H68 2010
Yu, Charles, 1976- author.
How to live safely in a science fictional universe / Charles Yu.
1st ed.
PS591 .I55 W47 2020
When the light of the world was subdued, our songs came through : a Norton anthology of Native nations poetry / editors, Joy Harjo, LeAnne Howe, Jennifer Elise Foerster.
First Edition.
PS682 .G58 2020
The glorious American essay : one hundred essays from colonial times to the present / edited and with an introduction by Phillip Lopate.
First edition.
PZ7.1 .G576 Ri 2020
Gino, Alex, author.
Rick / Alex Gino.
First edition.
PZ7.1 .O84
Oseman, Alice, author.
Loveless / Alice Oseman.
Q:  Science
Q124.97 .F35 2020
Falk, Seb, author.
The light ages : the surprising story of medieval science / Seb Falk.
First American edition.
Q180.55 .E9 M34 2018
McGregor, Sue L. T., author.
Understanding and evaluating research : a critical guide / Sue L.T. McGregor.
QB641 .J64 2020
Johnson, Sarah Stewart, author.
The sirens of Mars : searching for life on another world / Sarah Stewart Johnson.
First edition.
QH438.5 .M3813 2020
Matsuoka, Seigåo, 1944- author.
[Kachåo fåugetsu no kagaku. English]
Flowers, birds, wind, and moon : the phenomenology of nature in Japanese culture / Matsuoka Seigow ; translated by David Noble.
First English edition.
QL775 .S24 2020
Safina, Carl, 1955- author.
Becoming wild : how animal cultures raise families, create beauty, and achieve peace / Carl Safina.
First edition.
R:  Medicine & Nursing
RA 422 .A78 2019
ARTICULATING INTERSEX : a crisis at the intersection of scientific facts and social ideals.
[S.l.] : SPRINGER, 2020.
RA564.9 .S49 C43 2018
Chang, Sand C., author.
A clinician's guide to gender-affirming care : working with transgender & gender-nonconforming clients / Sand C. Chang, PhD, Anneliese Singh, PhD, LPC, lore m. dickey, PhD ; foreword by Mira Krishnan.
RA564.9 .S49 N69 2020
Nowakowski, Alexandra "Xan" C. H., author.
Transformations in queer, trans, and intersex health and aging / !c Alexandra C.H. Nowakowski, J.E. Sumerau and Nik M. Lampe.
RA564.9 .T73 J66 2019
Jones, Tiffany, author.
Improving services for transgender and gender variant youth : research, policy and practice for health and social care providers / Tiffany Jones.
RC883 .R45 2009
Reis, Elizabeth, 1958-
Bodies in doubt : an American history of intersex / Elizabeth Reis.
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.
RD137 .S846 2006
Surgically shaping children : technology, ethics, and the pursuit of normality / edited by Erik Parens.
Baltimore, Md. : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.
S:  Agriculture
T:  Technology
TJ211.49 .I7413 2020
Ishiguro, Hiroshi, 1963- author.
[Dåosureba hito o tsukureruka. English]
How human is human? : the view from robotics research / Ishiguro Hiroshi ; translated by Tony Gonzalez.
First English edition.
TR676 .S93 2010
Swan, Rebecca, 1968-
Assume nothing / Rebecca Swan ; foreword by Judith "Jack" Halberstam.
[Berkeley, CA}] : [Soft Skull Press], [2010.]
TX724.5 .J3 T295813 2020
Takagi, Rin, 1947- author.
[Dai Ryåukyåu ryåorichåo. English]
Traditional cuisine of the Ryukyu Islands : a history of health and healing / Takagi Rin ; translated by Enda Kazuko and Deborah Iwabuchi.
First English edition.
U:  Military Science
U264.3 .K35 2020
Kaplan, Fred M., author.
The bomb : presidents, generals, and the secret history of nuclear war / Fred Kaplan.
First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
V:  Naval Science
Z:  Bibliography & Library Science