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The Artstor Digital Library is a online digital image library designed to serve educational and scholarly communities with nearly two million images from the collections of all types of museums from around the world.

Thumbnail Icons

Images for Academic Publishing icon

Images marked with this icon are available for publication as part of the Images for Academic Publishing program. Click the icon to download a high resolution file for publication. A new window will open explaining the process. If you are eligible for the program, click Proceed, then follow the prompts to download.

View Related Media icon

Other images of the same work, whether duplicates, details or alternate views, have been clustered behind this preferred image. Click this icon to view the other images, which will display on a new thumbnail page. To return to your original page, click on the Digital Library’s back button.

Others are Also Interested In icon

Discover the collective preferences of Digital Library users by exploring which images are most frequently used and associated with others in image groups. Click this icon to go to a new thumbnail page. This page displays, in order of frequency, other media most frequently saved to image groups with the lead image by instructor users. To return to your original page, click on the Digital Library’s back button.

Using the Image Viewer

The images you find using the search or browse features will automatically display as small thumbnail images with a brief caption. You can change to a larger thumbnail view by clicking Display options at the top of the page and clicking on Display Large Thumbnails. By double-clicking any thumbnail, you will launch the Image Viewer.

From the Image Viewer you can:

  • Zoom, pan, and rotate an image
  • View data about an image
  • Print an image (or a detail)
  • Download an image (or a detail)
  • Add a detail of an image to an image group

To get the most out of the Image Viewer, check out Artstor's helpful Did You Know? blog post, or watch the video below.

Downloading Full Images or Details

You must be logged in to your Artstor account to download an image from Artstor. Once you have logged in and performed your search, you can download an image using the following steps:

  1. Double-click an image thumbnail to open the Image Viewer.
  2. Click the Save icon in the lower right corner. Please note: If you have zoomed in or rotated the image but wish to save it in its original, full size and orientation, click the Reset icon to restore the image to its original view.
  3. A window with Artstor’s Terms & Conditions of Use will open. Review the terms if necessary and click "I Accept."
  4. You will then be prompted to either open or save a zip file, which contains both the JPEG and HTML files that you are attempting to download.

If you would like to download a detail of an image (for example, only a zoomed-in portion of the full image), you may do so from the Image Viewer. Zoom and pan within the image to find the desired detail, then click the Save icon and the follow the remaining download steps as listed above.

For more detailed information about downloading images from Artstor, including helpful notes for PC users and troubleshooting tips, please visit the Artstor Support site.