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The Artstor Digital Library is a online digital image library designed to serve educational and scholarly communities with nearly two million images from the collections of all types of museums from around the world.

Requesting Instructor Privileges

Instructor-level privileges give faculty users access to additional features that facilitate teaching with the Digital Library, such as uploading and managing personal collections of their own images and sharing images with others at their institutions using Institutional Folders

To request instructor-level privileges, please email the Library's Artstor administrator, Bob Glass, at

Curriculum Guides for Instructors

To assist instructors both inside and outside the discipline of art history, Artstor has worked with faculty members and subject experts from around the United States to create a number of curriculum guides.

These guides are collections of images from the Artstor Digital Library based on syllabi for college courses. Each curriculum guide is broken down into topics or themes, each composed of approximately ten or fewer images that illustrate or support the subject.

The following curriculum guides are currently available:

  • Survey of Western Art I
  • Survey of Western Art II
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Shakespeare: Text and Performance
  • History of Theatre
  • History of Architecture and Urbanism I
  • Colonial Latin America

To access the curriculum guides:

  1. Enter the Artstor Digital Library and select the Featured Groups option listed under Browse on the left side of the page.
  2. Under the Browse by Featured Group heading, click the plus sign (+) to the left of Curriculum Guides to list courses for which guides are available.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) next to a given course name to see the list of topics and themes for that course.
  4. Double-click a topic to view the images related to that topic.

Sharing Images Using Folders

Users with instructor privileges can use Institutional Folders to share image groups with others at Piedmont University, either using a password or without restriction.

  • Generate folders of images that can be viewed by students in a particular course
  • Create folders that students in your course can add to/edit themselves
  • Add your own notes to images and make those notes searchable or viewable to either a restricted group of users or anyone at Piedmont University.