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The Artstor Digital Library is a online digital image library designed to serve educational and scholarly communities with nearly two million images from the collections of all types of museums from around the world.


Keyword Search

This is the simplest and most popular search option, but it may also be the least precise.  Use the "Search" box found in the upper left corner of the front page of the Digital Library, or in the upper right corner of a search results page.

Your results will be shown as thumbnail images.  After you have performed a Keyword Search, you can narrow your results by using the Filter options along the left side of the results page.  You can narrow your results based on Classification (Paintings, Photographs, Fashion, Costume and Jewelry, etc.) or Geography.  You can also limit your results by date range using the slider above the results.


ARTSTOR'S BROWSE OPTIONS allow you to find images based on the following broad categories.


Use this option to view works from a particular country.  You may browse by classification within a country by clicking the plus sign (+) to the left of the country name in the alphabetical list.


Use this option to view images from one of sixteen different categories, such as:

  • Architecture and City Planning
  • Drawings and Watercolors
  • Fashion, Costume and Jewelry
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Paintings
  • Performing Arts
  • Science, Technology and Industry

You may browse by geography within a classification by clicking the plus sign (+) to the left of the category name in the alphabetical list.


Use this option to view images of works from specific collections around the world, such as museums, galleries, private collections, and colleges and universities.  To view information about a specific collection, click the title. A sample image and a corresponding collection description will appear on the right side of the page.

Featured Groups

These helpful, pre-created groups provide representative images for sample topics and broad subject areas such as:

  • Art and architecture from specific time periods or cultures (prehistoric art, Islamic art, Renaissance art, etc.)
  • Art and architectural themes (landscapes, still life, urban planning, etc.)
  • Social Studies and Humanities subject guides (over 20 subjects including Asian Studies, The Enlightenment, Environmental Studies, History of Medicine, Religious Studies, and World History)
  • Curriculum guides (collections of images from Artstor based on course syllabi shared by instructors)

For more information about Artstor's Browse feature, please visit the Artstor Support site.