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Art & Art History

This guide is designed to support the research and information-seeking of Piedmont University students and faculty in the Department of Art

How To Start

As you start a process to find information to support your work, you should do some word-work to determine the most useful keywords to find the most materials that you can. Keywords you learn from your textbook or your professor will be useful.

English is a language with a very large vocabulary. and with many synonyms for concepts. So if you're concerned to find as much supporting material as you can, it's smart to think about synonyms for concepts and terms to characterize your topic precisely.

Here are some suggested keywords to get you started in research into art and art history.

  • Names of artists and artistic movements, for example, Bauhaus and Pop Art, Walter Gropius and Andy Warhol
  • Names of computer programs for graphic design and presentation, such as Photoshop
  • Painting or paint
  • Gouche or watercolor
  • Posters and c ommercial art
  • Layout (Printing)
  • Type and type-founding
  • Engraving

You can use these keywords and others from your textbooks to search the online reference services, such as Credo Reference, for background reading. Or you can search the MAYFLOWER online catalog for books and ebooks. You can use the same keywords to search for magazine and journal articles using online research services.

The books, ebooks, and online research services for Art available through the Library's website all contain images that you can save and use in your projects.