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Wall Street Journal Online: WSJ

This guide tells you how to create your Piedmont University WSJ user account and describes some of the extra content available to university subscribers.

About the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are perhaps the most important "newspapers of record" in the United States. A newspaper of record is a major newspaper with large circulation whose editorial and news-gathering functions are considered reliable, credible, and authoritative by the populations they serve. 

While the Wall Street Journal is usually though of as a "business newspaper," it may be better to say "business-focused," since the Journal's reportage and analysis cover the entire gamut of national and international news and affairs. 

Piedmont University students, faculty, and staff now have access to the full website version of the Wall Street Journal, the Wall Street Journal Online. This version includes 4 rolling years of current and retrospective content and an extensive array of materials that support university students and faculty to learn how to use the Journal to their best benefit. For an archive of the Journal from 1984-present in a text-only format, see this link.

Look below for information about how to setup an account so you can experience the Wall Street Journal's content, which is as deep as it is wide-ranging.

Create Your Wall Street Journal Online Account

Access to the Wall Street Journal Online

You must always use the following link to access the Journal, which is also available from in the WSL Online link on various Online Research A-Z pages. This is the link professors should use to embed the WSJ in Canvas pages.

Even on-campus, this link will open a University logn authentication page. Provide your Piedmont University username and password when OpenAthens asked. (Your University username is your complete email address.)

To create your account:

1. The first time you click the link, you will be expected to create an account. Fill out the form and there's a blue button at the bottom to Create.

2. The form requires you choose an Account Type: Student, Faculty, or Staff. The only difference between the Faculty and Staff forms is a field for faculty where they can choose a title (not required): Dr., Prof., Ms., etc.

3. The student form has two fields that are required: Graduation Month and Graduation Year. If your graduation date changes, these values can be changed.

4. You must use a Piedmont University email address when you create your account: or
Your WSJ username will be your complete email address.

5. You can choose any password, but using your University password makes remembering easier.

6. You must agree to the Privacy Notice, but you do not have to agree to "receive updates and special offers." If you do agree to that, you can unsubscribe within your account profile.

7. Once you've created your account, you can look in your Account Profile to sign up for newsletters, podcasts, and other features.

Shown below is what the student sign-up form looks like.