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Wall Street Journal Online: WSJ

This guide tells you how to create your Piedmont University WSJ user account and describes some of the extra content available to university subscribers.

The Wall Street Journal Online for Students

Learn More About What the WSJ Offers Students

The following resources can be found on the WSJ's education pages for students.

  • is a website which brings together articles for students on: Job Prep, Finance Tips, Career Insights, and Expert Advice.  "We are all business majors."
  • WSJ Noted is new digital magazine that was created specifically to serve the needs and interests of those ages 18–34. WSJ Noted speaks to, and with, younger generations as they navigate an evolving world.
  • Future View is a WSJ Opinion series which allows students to contribute to politics, culture and global affairs.(Published every Tuesday night.) 
  • WSJ Money Students can use this resource to find personal finance and money management information and submit money questions of their own. Financial aid officers and counselors will find the student loan content valuable as well.
  • WSJ Jobs is an online space for students and career-center staff to discover the latest information on business and careers. Students can find valuable information on how to best present themselves as they enter the labor market and ask WSJ reporters specific career questions.

Students can find and opt in or out to all WSJ Newsletters here and find WSJ Podcasts here.