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Wall Street Journal Online: WSJ

This guide tells you how to create your Piedmont University WSJ user account and describes some of the extra content available to university subscribers.

The Wall Street Journal Online for Faculty & Staff

Tools to Learn More & Use in Instruction

The following resources can be found on the WSJ education pages for professors.

WSJ Professor Hub includes critical thinking resources above and How-To Guides.

WSJ Seminar Series highlights how to use WSJ's content to connect academic theory with real-world applications.

In the recent past, WSJ did a series of faculty seminars on how to use WSJ in their coursework. 

Critical Thinking Resource offers case studies you can utilize in your course. Currently available for business, finance, marketing, journalism, technology, and political science, each downloadable PDF includes WSJ articles along with a classroom application and questions. This can help you save time on lecture prep with articles and questions you can assign directly to your students.

Coronavirus Critical Thinking Resource For professors who are looking to incorporate recent Coronavirus coverage into their courses, we have created a Critical Thinking Resource with dedicated Coronavirus articles from The Wall Street Journal.

Assessment Tool offers you an easy way to assess your students’ knowledge of current events with WSJ articles. Each week, faculty contributors create and upload customizable multiple choice and true/false quizzes. Additionally, quizzes are auto-graded; and grades can be exported to add to your grade book or LMS.

WSJ Context is the Journal’s first higher education-focused product allowing instructors to seamlessly integrate WSJ content into lectures through shared reading lists. WSJ Context makes it simple to curate relevant articles based on the courses you teach, allowing you to share important and timely news stories with students every week.

The Weekly Review newsletter is created by faculty contributors who source three to five discipline specific WSJ articles each week and write a pedagogical application as well as critical thinking questions that allows you to integrate into your classroom discussions or exams.

How-To Guides offers you a trusted resource for interactive learning and student engagement during this time when remote teaching is more important than ever. Download the guides to discover simple and seamless ways to incorporate WSJ's broad and adverse content into online classes.