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This guide describes the content online service APA Psycbooks, especially the APA Handbooks and the APA Encyclopedia of Psychology

Encyclopedia of Psychology (Oxford University Press)

International in scope, the peer-reviewed Encyclopedia of Psychology, conceived and published the the American Psychological Association in collaboration with Oxford University Press, will be the first place to turn to for authoritative information on every area of the field — and for answers to literally thousands of questions about concepts, methods, theories, findings, major figures, schools of thought, and emerging areas of interest ... and read about the psychological and behavioral aspects of virtually all disciplines. 

Articles range from 500 to 7,000 words in length. Multi-article entries cover major topics in depth, and the 400 biographies constitute a mini-encyclopedia in itself. An extensive system of cross-references facilitate research from article to article and clarify links within the field.

When these volumes open, you can browse their articles by title or look for the Search within this publication link above the title to search using keywords.

Encyclopedia of psychology (Oxford University Press)
Vol. 1: Abortion - Bystander Phenomenon
Vol. 2: Calkins, Mary Whiton - Determinants of intelligence: Nutrition and Intelligence
Vol. 3: Developmental agenda - Goodenough, Florence Laura
Vol. 4: Government regulation: Federal regulation - Learned helplessness
Vol. 5: Learning: An overview - Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Vol. 6: Optimism and pessimism - Rapaport, David
Vol. 7: Rape - Systems theory
Vol. 8: Taine, Hippolyte - Zubin, Joseph