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Literary Research Guide

This LibGuide offers tips and suggestions on researching authors, novels, poetry, and other literary topics.

Journal Locator

Using the Journal Locator, you can look up a journal by title and the Journal Locator will tell you which online research service contains full-text articles from it.

Let's say you need to read a story or essay from The Paris Review, one of the most highly-regarded literary journals. Here's how to proceed.

  • Click on the link in the left-hand column of this page named Find Journals by Title.  Or locate Find Journal Titles on the Library's homepage. Or try using the Journal Locator Quicksearch form just below.
  • When the Journal Locator opens, type in The Paris Review.
  • The Paris Review is also part of Piedmont University Libraries' print holdings, so you will find that information listed as well.
  • Click on the name of a database and it will open with the journal preselected for searching or browsing.

Locate the Full-text Journals Available

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