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Library & Research Skills Short Course

This short course is meant to help students to develop information literacy skills as they engage in a research process.

Welcome to the Library Research Skills Short Course

Information literacy (IL) refers to the ability to recognize a need for information and to find, analyze, and synthesize material from books, articles, websites, and more that meet that need.

For students, it often means:

  • the ability to begin with the requirements for an assignment and write a relevant research question;
  • find materials in any medium that answer the question;
  • analyze their accuracy, currency, and other criteria;
  • and use the materials to create a paper that’s complete with citations and other scholarly requirements.

The modules in this short course are designed to assist you throughout the research process, from identifying a topic and research questions to presenting data and research findings. Each module is comprised of a mixture of tutorials, videos, and quizzes. All activities should be completed in the order presented. 

Any data collected will improve the modules and other aspects of library services informed by research skills instruction. In some cases, your instructor may require you to submit quiz scores directly to them. Contact your instructor or a librarian if you have questions or need additional assistance.