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Library Services for Athens Students & Faculty

This guide describes the services that the Library provides for students and faculty at the University's Athens campus.

Journal Articles & Videos

Below are a list of online resources related to the field of Psychology. Those at the top of the list marked "Best Bet" are excellent places to start your research project. 

PsycINFO, in particular, is the world’s largest database devoted to peer-reviewed literature in behavioral science and mental health, with archives reaching back to the 18th century. Produced by the American Psychological Association , it is an indispensable tool for the discovery of global scholarly research.

Finding & Using Ebooks

Listed below are the Library's three primary eBook collections, encompassing hundreds of thousands of titles and covering all disciplines. In addition to the convenience of accessing them remotely with your laptop or cell phone, using them for research has certain special advantages. 

When an ebook opens, scan the table of contents or the index for topics of interest to you, just as you would with a traditional printed book. You can then use the page number to navigate to the page you want and use Next and Previous to read forward and backward from that point.

But you can also use the Search feature to locate keywords within the text of the book. Matches are presented as a list of links, giving you instant access to the most relevant passages.