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Usernames & Passwords for University Systems

This guide describes user credentials for public-facing University Systems used by all University constituents.

User Credentials for Piedmont University Systems

User Credentials for Piedmont University Systems
Single Sign On (SSO)

  • IT Services (ITS) assigns new students and personnel an email address and a temporary password.
  • ITS sends this information to new people as part of student orientation or employee onboarding activities, with directions about how to logon to University services for the first time.
  • When new students and personnel logon for the first time, the system requires them to choose a new permanent password.  
  • When you enter your University email address/username and your password into these systems, a central credentials server is checked for a match. This service is call the Piedmont University Single Sign-On service or Piedmont SSO.
  • Your Piedmont SSO credentials are used with almost all commonly used systems. Your username looks like this: (student) or (faculty, staff, administration). A student's username incorporates the person's 4-digit birthday.
  • Some systems will require two-factor authentication.

If you lose your temporary, one-time password, or if you forget your permanent password, follow the instructions on this Library FAQ to reset your password.

But there are a few systems that are exceptions to using your SSO credentials. They are described in the second table below.

Systems That Use Piedmont SSO Credentials

These commonly used services use your University SSO credentials.

Some systems will require two-factor authentication.

Service Username Example
Canvas or

Facilities Management HelpDesk or
IT Services Helpdesk or
Library Research Services or
Microsoft Office 365/Outlook/OneDrive, etc. or
Piedmont App or
Self-Service or
Starfish or

Systems That Don't Use SSO Credentials

These systems don't refer to the University's credentials management systems.

They require you to create your own account using your University email address as the username and then choosing your own password.

Service Username Example
Academic Writer
What is Academic Writer and how do I access it? or
Chronicle of Higher Education
How do I access the Chronicle of Higher Education? or
Emergency Alert System or
Grammarly for Education
What is Grammarly and how do I access it? or
LionLink, fka, Purple Briefcase or SuccessLink or