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Working at Other Libraries

Piedmont University students have many options about working at, or borrowing books from, other college and university libraries in Georgia. This guide describes those options.

Working at Other Libraries - UPDATED

Fall 2021 COVID-19 Update: Our partner libraries at UGA, KSU, and UNG have adapted in various ways as they have reopened for the Fall semester. Please be sure to ask about local requirements or restrictions when you visit or visit their websites to learn more.

UGA Libraries are open to the public, including Piedmont University students and faculty. Look down the left-side of their homepage for their hours. Click on the library images for more details.

KSU's Sturgis Library is open to the public, including Piedmont University graduate students. Here is a page for their hours. Seating may still be limited.

UNG Library at Dahlonega is now open to the public again. 

All publicly supported colleges and universities in Georgia allow state residents to use their collections, facilities, and services on-site. However, library services such as book borrowing are usually not available to persons who are not registered students or faculty.

Piedmont University Library has negotiated book borrowing privileges for our students at several public university libraries around the state.