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Center for Teaching & Learning

Welcome Week Seminar Recordings

Agenda for Welcome Week Seminars

August 10, 2023

Your Center for Teaching and Learning is committed to supporting, promoting, and enriching your ability to deliver meaningful and diverse opportunities for student growth and transformation both inside and outside of the classroom.

To kick-off Fall Semester 2023, we are offering a conference-style set of sessions focusing on student support for effective and efficient learning; these are primarily for faculty, but staff may also participate.

There will be four concurrent sessions over three time periods beginning at 9 am on Thursday, August 10, 2023. You may choose to focus on direct support by attending the sessions on First-Gen students, Counseling Services, and OARS, or you could choose a path to enhance your technical skills by attending sessions on Canvas, AI, and Grant funding. You can also choose to network with colleagues by attending the CTL Development Session and learning what your students experience in their journey here at Piedmont.

Stewart 118

Stewart 117

Stewart 130

Stewart 129

9:00 AM

Supporting Piedmont’s First-Gen Students

Grantsmanship 101

Canvas – A Working Workspace

AI in the Classroom – a survival discussion


Accommodations: Faculty & Student Responsibilities (OARS Office)

Helping Students in Distress

Canvas – A Working Workspace

AI in the Classroom – a survival discussion


Accommodations: Faculty & Student Responsibilities (OARS Office)

Supporting Piedmont’s First-Gen Students

CTL Today and Tomorrow

In their own words: Being a Piedmont Student

Session Information

Title of Session:  Supporting Piedmont’s First-Gen Students

Time/Room:  9:00AM, Stewart 118; 11:00 AM, Stewart 117

Summary: This session will provide an overview of Piedmont’s First-Gen Students and discuss ways faculty can best support them in the classroom. Our intention is to develop a campus community that mentors, advocates for, and serves our first-gen students.

Presenters:  Dr. Deb Dooley and Dr. Julia Schmitz

Title of Session:  Grantsmanship 101 – So you want to be a millionaire?

Time/Room: 9:00AM, Stewart 117

Summary: Do you have great ideas for student research projects, programs, or equipment but aren't sure how to find the resources you need? Well, you are in luck! Piedmont University has a new sponsored programs office, and in this session, we will walk through the basics of finding and applying for external funding at Piedmont.

Presenters:  Dr. Rebecca Godwin

Title of Session:  Canvas – A Working Workspace

Time/Room: 9:00AM, Stewart 130; 10:00AM, Stewart 130

Summary: While we’ve been using Canvas for several years, new templates and tools continue to be offered. This session will look at a variety of these from templates to lock-down browsers to the  gradebook.  A perspective of the student view will also be considered and discussed. Come with your questions and best practices and come away with tips to get your semester off to a great start.

Presenter:  Dr. Kerry Waller

Title of Session:  AI in the Classroom – a survival discussion

Time/Room: 9:00AM, Stewart 129; 10:00AM, Stewart 129

Summary: As we all know, AI is here whether we are prepared or not. But how do we prepare for it in the next week? How artificial is Artificial Intelligence? How will it affect Academic Integrity? How can we harness the power and control the use at the same time? Come with open minds and an eagerness to share – we are all in this together!

Facilitator:  Dr. Doug Torrance

Title of Session:  Accommodations: Faculty & Student Responsibilities (OARS Office)

Time/Room: 10:00AM, Stewart 118; 11:00AM, Stewart 118

Summary: This session will focus on what responsibilities the student and the professor both have when it comes to accommodations for students with disabilities. It will focus on the “do’s and dont’s” as well as the University’s overall process for requesting, developing, and activating accommodations. The second half of the session will focus on this year’s new initiative for proctoring as well as introducing faculty to the Accommodate platform that they will be required to utilize to submit exams for proctoring purposes.

Presenters:  Ms. Courtney Snow

Title of Session:  Helping Students in Distress

Time/Room: 10:00AM, Stewart 117

Summary: You have a student sitting in your office or your classroom crying, yelling, shutting down, or telling you they are suicidal. What do you do? Piedmont University Counseling Services offers a presentation on how to recognize, help, and refer students who are in distressing or crisis situations. You are invited to come and join us to get more information on this important topic.

Presenters:  Mr. Sean Williamson

Title of Session:  CTL Today and Tomorrow

Time/Room:  11:00AM, Stewart 130

Summary: What do you need from the CTL? How would you like to be involved? This open forum is your chance to speak up and get involved and ensure that we move forward in the right direction in the next few months and in the coming years. All are welcome, but be advised that you may end up being a new CTL Committee member!

Facilitators:  Ms. Sandra Maughon, Dr. Areatha Ketch, Mr. Bob Glass

Title of Session: In their own words: Being a Piedmont Student

Time/Room: 11:00AM, Stewart 129

Summary: “Back when I was a student….” may be what we think, but how valid is it? What is the student experience today? What do our students do while they are here at Piedmont? What do you think “A Day in the Life…” looks like? Come to this session and hear from students directly – you may be surprised at what you learn. And you may also think about things from a new perspective!

Facilitators: Ms. Madison Smith and students