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The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning -- Journals

These titles are generally considered the most significant sources for the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education. When you click, the Journal Locator opens to display information about the journal, including fulltext availability. You can also launch a search of the title from the results screen.

Canadian journal for the scholarshipof teachingand learning -- 06/01/2011 - present

InSight: A journalof scholarlyteaching --01/01/2006 - present

Internationaljournalfor thescholarshipofteachingand learning --07/01/2008 - present

International journal of teaching and learning in higher education: The ISETL journal-- 03/01/2007 - present

Journal of the scholarship of teaching and learning--06/01/2009 - present

Teaching in higher education --0/01/1996 - present(fulltext delay: 18 months)

Teaching & learning inquiry: The ISSoTL journal -- 2013-present

This themed issue of Peer Review, published by the Association of American Colleges & Universities, has become a

Supporting Faculty through a New Teaching and Learning Center -- Peer Review.Spring 2009, v. 11/2

The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning -- Books & Ebooks

Monographic Series

New Directions for Higher Education -- 1997-present (fulltext delay: 12 months)

New Directions for teaching and learning -- 03/01/1997-present (fulltext delay: 12 months)

Current Journal Articles

The articles shown below are the latest from an RSS feed from Education Source. The search it's based on is (("Learning & scholarship") AND (college OR university OR higher education)) as subject headings.

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