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Education and School Law

This LibGuide provides resources for research in legal and news services concerning education and school law.

National Law and Regulations, both General and for Education

United States Department of Education

Policy Homepage Legislation, regulations, guidance, and other policy documents can be found here for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, No Child Left Behind, and general topics such as Civil Rights and Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, and Special Education. You can also link to the ED budget and the ED strategic plan.

Laws and Regulations for Education in Georgia

Official Code of Georgia, Annotated
This link opens LexisNexis to a browse screen for the Code of Georgia, Annotated. Title 20 of OCG Annotated is the title for education. You can drill down through the parts of the Education section, or you can select that section and search it.

State Board of Education

  • State Education Laws & Rules Mainpage for the laws and rules that apply to education in Georgia, provided by the Georgia State Board of Education
  • State Board of Education Rules The rules of the State Board of Education currently in effect
  • State Board Decisions Decisions made by the State Board to resolve appeals from local school board decisions. Decisions from 1975-present.
  • Proposed Rulemakings Proposed rulemakings are rules being considered for adoption by the State Board of Education. Prior to adoption, rules must be submitted for a public-review period of at least 30 calendar days.

Georgia Department of Education

Office of Policy and External Affairs

  • Policy Division Links to recent Evaluations, Policy Briefs, and Policy Reports.
  • Charter Schools Rules and regulations governing charter schools in Georgia.
  • Federal Policy and Programs Mainpage for documentation of significant Federal program and policy initiatives such as No Child Left Behind, National Reading First, ESOL, Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities, Charter Schools, and others.

Office of Standards, Instruction & Assessment

Special Education Services and Supports Mainpage for the Division for Special Education Services and Supports. Includes links to rules and regulations concerning students with disabilities and support services.