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Test Prep and Practice Exams

Before you begin

The best path to test-prep success is through your college and department:

  1. Consult an academic advisor or faculty member.
  2. Confirm the cost, date, and location of your test.
  3. Prepare a calendar and study plan.
  4. Identify test-prep training opportunities and groups.
  5. Review the materials we've gathered here – many are free!

Library staff are available for additional support and materials requests.

Test preparation

During the course of your academic career, you will be required to take one or more standardized tests.

Formal assessment of knowledge and skills is a prerequisite for graduate school enrollment and for acquiring professional certification in particular fields.

In order to perform your best, it is essential to study and practice!

Tests are administered by commercial enterprises that charge fees to test-takers. In addition to creating and administering exams, the companies also produce study guides and test-preparation resources, which range in cost from free to whatever your wallet can bear.

Other businesses and publishers distribute books and videos, deliver online services and info, or offer tutors. Many helpful apps can now be found for mobile devices, and social media groups assist millions of anxious test-takers worldwide.

Unfortunately, the quality and effectiveness of these resources varies greatly--they may or may not be right for you. Again, we recommend seeking guidance from an academic advisor, a faculty member, or a knowledgeable librarian.

Good luck!