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Publishing Dissertations

This Libguide provides guidance on how to prepare and submit your dissertation for publication by ProQuest Dissertation Publishing.

How Long Does Processing Take?

How Long Before My Dissertation is Published?

After you submit your dissertation for publication, it is held by the Library until the end of the semester of submission/graduation. We do this so any last-minute changes can be accommodated before we release it to ProQuest. When we do so, the dissertation is locked. A student who needs changes made after release for publication must work with ProQuest directly to do so, and at that point, ProQuest charges a fee to make changes.

Once the Library system administrator releases your dissertation for publication by ProQuest, you can expect that it will be 8-10 weeks for you receive the printed copies you may have ordered. 

But It will only be 4-6 weeks until ...

  • your dissertation's bibliographic information will begin to appear in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses service and in Google Scholar results, and ...  
  • your full-text dissertation will be available for download or viewing on the PQDT platform.

And your dissertation take its place as part of the scholarly conversation of education?