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Evidence-Based Practice in Health Care: The PICO Framework

Finding Keywords for Your PICO Question

Finding Keywords for Your PICO Question

Once you have an effective PICO question, you should look for its most important keywords on which you can base your searching. The most significant words in the PICO below are highlighted. These are words you can use to search for articles that support your research.

PICO:  In patients undergoing abdominal surgery, is there evidence to suggest that chewing gum post-operatively compared with not chewing gum post-operatively affects post-operative ileus?

Take your keywords - patients, abdominal, surgery, chewing gum, post-operative ileus - and drop them into the Discovery Galileo search field on the Library's homepage and take a look at the result. 

You may find the search result is better with fewer words. And don't forget how to make phrases out of words, using double quotes: "chewing gum"

If you can't find much that's helpful, contact one of the librarians for help!