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Academic Integrity & Plagiarism

Why academic integrity matters; academic integrity policies and procedure; the Honor Pledge; about plagiarism.


The collection of videos listed below provides a brief overview about navigating the contemporary, networked information environment, the scholarly conversation, the ethical use of information, academic integrity, plagiarism, and the importance of citations in documenting contributions to scholarly conversations through writing, research, and other creative endeavors. 

Viewed in the order below, the videos have a natural flow of information from one to the next. However, you may watch them in any order you choose. Or you can choose from them to create a sequence of your own. Particularly recommended are the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism tutorials.

The short quiz at the end of the list offers an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of academic integrity and plagiarism, and it assumes that a student has watched at least the videos on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism. The results of the quiz can be saved as a PDF that can be used as evidence of successful completion. For more information about how to use it with a class, please contact one of the librarians.

Short Course: Academic Integrity & Plagiarism