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All students enrolled in Piedmont College have full library privileges at both the Arrendale Library in Demorest and the Athens Campus Library. These privileges include book borrowing, reference assistance, interlibrary loan, and other library services.

Access to Online Research Materials

You have access to a broad array of services to assist you with your research and to help you find the full-text journal articles and other materials you need. Whenever you start your online research, you will have to identify yourself as a Piedmont College student to our Ezproxy service. Your username is your Piedmont College Single Sign-on username and your password is your Single Sign-on password. For more information about usernames and passwords, see these IT Department webpages.

  • If you are new to the College and have received your College email address, your next step is to setup your permanent password for the Webadvisor system. Here is more information about how to do that.
  • If you have forgotten your College Single-Sign-On password, you should use the Password Reset at Webadvisor to reset it. Don't use the password reset that is part of the Office 365 Outlook email application or the one that is part of Moodle.

To begin your work from this page, you should click this link and then choose a subject area. Then you'll see a selection of the services available in your subject. Click on the name of a service and you'll be prompted by Ezproxy to identify yourself. You do not need a GALILEO password to use the Library's online services.

Online Reference Service & Research Assistance

Call Us!

Whenever one of our libraries is open, you can call us for assistance: Arrendale Library in Demorest, 706-776-0111; Athens Campus Library, 706-433-0728.

Ask a Librarian!

All students can use the Ask a Librarian! service to obtain assistance that is less immediate than chat or a phone call. Types of questions appropriate for electronic reference are addresses, bibliographic sources, and other short answer requests. We will provide direct answers when possible, but sometimes, we may suggest sources or search strategies for you to use. We may ask to contact you by telephone when your question requires a complex answer that may be more easily addressed by phone than in writing. The Ask a Librarian! service has a goal of answering requests within 48 hours and our e-mail address is . In-person and telephone research instruction sessions are also available to all on-campus or cohort students.

Access to the MAYFLOWER, the Library's Electronic Catalog

Anyone who has access to a computer which is connected to the Internet can access the Arrendale Library's online catalog, the MAYFLOWER. Off-campus users should be prepared to give your Ezproxy username and password so you can use the eBooks and other licensed resources inside the MAYFLOWER.

Interlibrary Loan Service

All students have full access to the Interlibrary Loan Service and can request journal articles or books from Piedmont College Library or from other libraries for their use. Please refer to the Interlibrary Loan homepage for full information and to access the online request forms.