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Received in March 2017

This list was created on 05/16/2018.

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-- A: General Works --


-- B: Philosophy & Psychology & Religion --

B2430 .W474 C65 1987
Coles, Robert.
Simone Weil : a modern pilgrimage / Robert Coles.
Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley, c1987.

BL42.5 .U5 P76 2007
Prothero, Stephen R.
Religious literacy : what every American needs to know--and doesn't / Stephen Prothero.
1st ed.
[San Francisco] : HarperSanFrancisco, Ã2007.

BL48 .B627 2007
Bowker, John, 1935-
Beliefs that changed the world : the history and ideas of the great religions / John Bowker.
London : Quercus Pub., 2007.

BL48 .S591 1996
Smart, Ninian, 1927-2001.
Dimensions of the sacred : an anatomy of the world's beliefs / Ninian Smart.
Berkeley : University of California Press, Ã1996.

BL501 .K45 1996
Keller, Catherine, 1953-
Apocalypse now and then : a feminist guide to the end of the world / Catherine Keller.
Boston : Beacon Press, Ã1996.

BL65 .P4 P44 2015
Peacemaking and the challenge of violence in world religions / edited by Irfan A. Omar and Michael K. Duffey.

BS2330.2 .B76 2010
Brown, Raymond E. (Raymond Edward), 1928-1998.
An introduction to the New Testament / by Raymond E. Brown.
New Haven, Conn. ; London : Yale University Press, 2010.

BS2555.3 .B7633 1994 v2
Brown, Raymond E. (Raymond Edward), 1928-1998.
The death of the Messiah : from Gethsemane to the grave : a commentary on the Passion narratives in the four Gospels / by Raymond E. Brown.
1st ed.
New York : Doubleday, Ã1994.

BS680 .A48 G38 2008
Garrett, Susan R., 1958-
No ordinary angel : celestial spirits and Christian claims about Jesus / Susan R. Garrett.
New Haven : Yale University Press, c2008.

BT301.2 .C76 1991
Crossan, John Dominic.
The historical Jesus : the life of a Mediterranean Jewish peasant / John Dominic Crossan.
1st ed.
[San Francisco] : HarperSanFrancisco, Ã1991.

BT303.2 .A54 2000
Akenson, Donald H.
Saint Saul : a skeleton key to the historical Jesus / Donald Harman Akenson.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.

BV4831 .D6 1975b
Donne, John, 1572-1631.
Devotions upon emergent occasions / John Donne ; edited, with commentary, by Anthony Raspa.
Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, 1975.

BX2350.2 .M449 1973
Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.
The Asian journal of Thomas Merton. Edited from his original notebooks by Naomi Burton, Patrick Hart & James Laughlin. Consulting editor: Amiya Chakravarty.
[New York], [New Directions Pub. Corp.], [1973]


-- C: Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography --


-- D: History (Europe & World) --


-- E: History (U.S.) --

E159 .W5 1966
Williams, Henry Lionel, 1894-1974.
Great houses of America / by Henry Lionel Williams and Ottalie K. Williams.
[1st ed.].
New York : Putnam, [1966]

E98 .A7 A17
Adair, John, 1913-1997.
The Navajo and Pueblo silversmiths / John Adair.
"First edition."
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 1944.


-- F: History (U.S. State/Local & New World) --


-- G: Geography & Anthropology --


-- H: Social Sciences & Business --

HV8661 .B15213 1995
Beccaria, Cesare, marchese di, 1738-1794.
[Works. Selections. English. 1995]
On crimes and punishments, and other writings / Beccaria ; edited by Richard Bellamy ; and translated by Richard Davies with Virginia Cox and Richard Bellamy.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1995.


-- J: Political Science --


-- K: Law --


-- L: Education --

LB1067 .K63 2015
Kolb, David A., 1939-
Experiential learning : experience as the source of learning and development / David A. Kolb, Experience Based Learning Systems, Inc.
Second edition.
Kolb, David A., 1939-
Experiential learning : experience as the source of learning and development / David A. Kolb, Experience Based Learning Systems, Inc.
Second edition.


-- M: Music --


-- N: Fine Arts --

NA7206 .W5 1957b
Williams, Henry Lionel, 1894-1974.
Old American houses : how to restore, remodel, and reproduce them / Henry Lionel Williams & Ottalie K. Williams ; drawings and photographs by the authors except where noted.
New York : Bonanza Books, Ã1957.

NA7207 .P65 1987
Pomada, Elizabeth.
Daughters of painted ladies : America's resplendent victorians / Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen ; photographs by Douglas Keister.
1st ed.
New York : E.P. Dutton, Ã1987.

NA7238 .S35 P66 1989
Pomada, Elizabeth.
The painted ladies revisited : San Francisco's resplendent Victorians inside and out / Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen ; photographs by Douglas Keister.
1st ed.
New York : Dutton, Ã1989.

NA735 .S35 B78 1974
Bruce, Curt.
The great houses of San Francisco. Photos. by Curt Bruce. Text by Thomas Aidala.
[1st ed. ].
New York, Knopf, 1974.

NK1530 .P45
Pennsylvania Art Project.
Folk art of rural Pennsylvania / selected by the index of American design, Pennsylvania art project, Work projects administration.
[Philadelphia?], [1941?]

NK2205 .A7 1965
Aronson, Joseph, 1898-1976.
The encyclopedia of furniture / Joseph Aronson.
3rd ed., completely rev.
New York, Crown Publishers [1965]

NK2405 .O7 1930
Ormsbee, Thomas H. (Thomas Hamilton), 1890-1969.
Early American furniture makers : a social and biographical study / by Thomas Hamilton Ormsbee ; with 122 illustrations.
New York : Gramercy Pub., [Ã1930]

NK2406 .C58 1962
Comstock, Helen.
American furniture : seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth century styles / by Helen Comstock.
New York : Bonanza Books, Ã1962.

NK2406 .F3 1972
Fales, Dean A.
American painted furniture, 1660-1880 [by] Dean A. Fales, Jr. Robert Bishop, illus. and design editor. Cyril I. Nelson, general editor.
[1st ed.].
New York, Dutton, 1972.

NK2406 .S29
Sack, Albert.
Fine points of furniture: early American. Foreword by Israel Sack; introd. by John Meredith Graham II.
New York, Crown Publishers [1950]

NK2406 .W5
Williams, Henry Lionel, 1894-1974.
Country furniture of early America.
New York, Barnes [Ã1963]

NK2435 .G4 N4 1983
Neat pieces : the plain-style furniture of 19th century Georgia.
Atlanta, Ga. (3101 Andrews Dr., N.W., Atlanta 30305) : Atlanta Historical Society, Ã1983.

NK7804 .B8 1954
Burgess, Fred. W. (Frederick William), 1855-1945.
Chats on old copper and brass / by F.W. Burgess ; edited and revised by C.G.E. Bunt.
Rev. ed.
London : Benn, [1954]

NK805 .H67
Hornung, Clarence P., 1899-1997.
Treasury of American design : a pictorial survey of popular folk arts based upon watercolor renderings in the Index of American Design, at the National Gallery of Art / by Clarence P. Hornung. Foreword by J. Carter Brown. Introd. by Holger Cahill.
New York : Harry N. Abrams, [1972]

NK805 .R38
Raycraft, Don.
Early American folk & country antiques, by Donald R. Raycraft. Foreword by Mary Earle Gould. Sketches by Carol M. Raycraft. Photos. by Rick Imig & Jerry Hyman.
[1st ed.].
Rutland, Vt., C.E. Tuttle Co. [1971]

NK8412 .K4
Kerfoot, J. B. (John Barrett), 1865-1927.
American pewter / by J.B. Kerfoot.
New York : Bonanza Books, 1976, Ã1924.

NK9990 .C2 B8
Butler, Joseph T.
Candleholders in America, 1650-1900; a comprehensive collection of American and European candle fixtures used in America [by] Joseph T. Butler.
New York, Crown Publishers [1967]


-- P: Language & Literature --


-- Q: Science --


-- R: Medicine & Nursing --


-- S: Agriculture --


-- T: Technology --

TH1155 .U55 1984
Universal design book containing official price lists, illustrating mouldings, balusters, stair work.
The Victorian design book : a complete guide to Victorian house trim.
Ottawa, Ont. : Lee Valley Tools ; Scarborough, Ont. : Trade distribution in North America by Firefly Books, Ã1984.


-- U: Military Science --


-- V: Naval Science --


-- Z: Bibliography & Library Science --