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Received in June 2017

This list was created on 05/16/2018.

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-- A: General Works --


-- B: Philosophy & Psychology & Religion --

B1853 .E5 C6713 1996
Descartes, Renâe, 1596-1650.
[Meditationes de prima philosophia. English]
Meditations on first philosophy : with selections from the Objections and Replies / Renâe Descartes ; translated and edited by John Cottingham ; with an introductory essay by Bernard Williams and a new introduction for this edition by John Cottingham.
Rev. ed.
New York : Cambridge University Press, 1996.

B828.2 .L56 1985
Lincoln, Yvonna S.
Naturalistic inquiry / Yvonna S. Lincoln, Egon G. Guba.
Beverly Hills, Calif. : Sage Publications, Ã1985.

BR1642 .U5 F565 2017
FitzGerald, Frances, 1940- author.
The Evangelicals : the struggle to shape America / Frances FitzGerald.
First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.


-- C: Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography --


-- D: History (Europe & World) --

D424 .K45 2015
Kershaw, Ian, author.
To hell and back : Europe, 1914-1949 / Ian Kershaw.

DA554 .B18 2016
Baird, Julia (Julia Woodlands), author.
Victoria The Queen : An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire / Julia Baird.
First edition.


-- E: History (U.S.) --

E160 .W54 2016
Williams, Terry Tempest, author.
The hour of land : a personal topography of America's national parks / Terry Tempest Williams.
First edition.


-- F: History (U.S. State/Local & New World) --

F296 .D38 2017
Davis, Jack E., 1956- author.
The Gulf : the making of an American sea / Jack E. Davis.
First edition.


-- G: Geography & Anthropology --


-- H: Social Sciences & Business --

HQ1421 .Z46 2016
Zeisler, Andi, 1972- author.
We were feminists once : from Riot Grrrl to CoverGirlª, the buying and selling of a political movement / Andi Zeisler.
First edition.


-- J: Political Science --

JK552 .W55 2017
Whipple, Chris, author.
The gatekeepers : how the White House Chiefs of Staff define every presidency / Chris Whipple.
First Edition.


-- K: Law --

KF156 .B53 2014
Black's law dictionary / Bryan A. Garner, editor in chief.
Tenth edition.


-- L: Education --

LB1025.3 .W47 2011
Wiliam, Dylan, author.
Embedded formative assessment / Dylan Wiliam.

LB1047.3 .M33 2016
Machi, Lawrence A., author.
The literature review : six steps to success / Lawrence A. Machi, Brenda T. McEvoy.
Third edition.

LB2822.82 .O33 2012
Odden, Allan.
Improving student learning when budgets are tight / Allan R. Odden.
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin, Ã2012.

LB45 .I58 1987
Interpretive ethnography of education : at home and abroad / edited by George and Louise Spindler.
Hillsdale, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 1987.


-- M: Music --


-- N: Fine Arts --

N6494 .C8 C77 2014
Cubism : the Leonard A. Lauder Collection / edited by Emily Braun and Rebecca Rabinow.

N6512.5 .A25 A23 2016
Abstract expressionism / edited by David Anfam ; texts: David Anfam, Jeremy Lewison, Carter Ratcliff, Susan Davidson.

N6512.5 .M5 M57 2010
Minimalism / edited by James Meyer.
Abridged, rev., and updated.
London, England ; New York, NY : Phaidon, 2010, Ã2000.

N6537 .B233 A4 2010
Basquiat, Jean-Michel, 1960-1988.
Basquiat / [editor, Dieter Buchhart and Sam Keller].
Ostfildern, Germany : Hatje Cantz, Ã2010.

N6537 .H6 W45 2011
Wells, Walter.
Silent theater : the art of Edward Hopper / Walter Wells.

N6537 .T96 A4 2017
Cy Twombly / edited by Jonas Storsve.

N6538 .N5 S64 1999 v1
Souls grown deep : African American vernacular art of the South / Paul Arnett, William Arnett, executive editors.
Atlanta, Ga. : Tinwood Books, 1999-

ND212.5 .A25 W66 2016
Women of abstract expressionism / edited by Joan Marter ; introduction by Gwen F. Chanzit, exhibition curator.

ND237 .J66 A4 2007
Jasper Johns : an allegory of painting, 1955-1965 / Jeffrey Weiss ; with John Elderfield [and others].
Washington : National Gallery of Art, Ã2007.

ND237 .P73 L36 1989
Landau, Ellen G.
Jackson Pollock / Ellen G. Landau.
New York : Abrams, 1989.

ND553 .P47 A4 2016
Umland, Anne, author.
Francis Picabia : our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction / Anne Umland and Cathâerine Hug ; with essays by George Baker [and 12 others].

NX456.5 .D3 D332 2015
Dada / edited by Rudolf Kuenzli.
Abridged, revised and updated 2015.

NX456.5 .S8 S87 2010
Surrealism / edited by Mary Ann Caws.
Abridged, rev., and updated.
London, England ; New York, NY : Phaidon, 2010, Ã2004.


-- P: Language & Literature --

PG3326 .B7 1996
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.
[Bratia Karamazovy. English]
The brothers Karamazov / Fyodor Dostoevsky ; translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky.
New York : Everyman's Library, 1990.

PG3326 .I3 2002
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.
[Idiot. English]
The idiot / Fyodor Dostoevsky ; translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky ; with an introduction by Richard Pevear.
New York : Everyman's Library, 2002.

PG3326 .Z4 2004
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.
[Zapiski iz podpol§ëiìa. English]
Notes from underground / Fyodor Dostoevsky ; translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volkhonsky [sic] ; with an introduction by Richard Pevear.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2004.

PG3365 .S613 2010
Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.
[Short stories. English. Selections]
The death of Ivan Ilyich and other stories / Leo Tolstoy ; translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky ; with an introduction by Richard Pevear.
1st Vintage Classics ed.
New York : Vintage Books, 2010.

PG5039.21 .U6 N413 2004
Kundera, Milan.
[Nesnesitelnâa lehkost bytâi. English]
The unbearable lightness of being / Milan Kundera ; translated from the Czech by Michael Henry Heim.
1st ed.
New York : HarperCollins, 2004.

PL832 .A9 T413 2006
Kawabata, Yasunari, 1899-1972.
[Tenohira no shåosetsu. English]
Palm-of-the-hand stories / by Yasunari Kawabata ; translated from the Japanese by Lane Dunlop and J. Martin Holman.
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006.

PL832 .A9 Y313 1996
Kawabata, Yasunari, 1899-1972.
[Yama no oto. English]
The sound of the mountain / Yasunari Kawabata ; translated from the Japanese by Edward M. Seidensticker.
First Vintage International edition.

PL856 .U673 N6713 2000
Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
[Noruwei no mori. English]
Norwegian wood / Haruki Murakami ; translated from the Japanese by Jay Rubin.
New York : Vintage International, Ã2000.

PL856 .U673 U4813 2005
Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
[Umibe no Kafuka. English]
Kafka on the shore / Haruki Murakami ; translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel.
1st Vintage International ed.
New York, N.Y. : Vintage International, 2006, Ã2005.

PN3378 .C6 2016
Cook, William Wallace, 1867-1933, author.
Plotto : the master book of all plots / William Wallace Cook ; foreword by Paul Collins.
First U.S. paperback edition.

PN51 .L57 2009
Literature & the economics of liberty : spontaneous order in culture / edited by Paul A. Cantor & Stephen Cox.
Auburn, Ala. : Ludwig von Mises Institute, Ã2009.

PN6728 .A348 W37 2016 v8
Ward, Pendleton, 1982- creator.
Adventure time. Volume 8 / created by Pendleton Ward ; colors by Maarta Laiho ; letters by Steve Wands.

PN6728 .D464 L462 2016
Lemire, Jeff, author.
Descender. Book three, Singularities / written by Jeff Lemire ; illustrated by Dustin Nguyen ; lettered and designed by Steve Wands.

PN6728 .H3783 L45 2016
Lemire, Jeff, author.
Hawkeye Vol. 6, Hawkeyes / Jeff Lemire, writer ; Ramâon Pâerez, artist ; Ian Herring with Ramâon Pâerez, color artists.

PN6728 .H38 M55 2003
Mignola, Michael.
Hellboy. Wake the devil / by Mike Mignola ; colored by James Sinclair ; lettered by Pat Brosseau ; cover colors by Dave Stewart ; introduction by Alan Moore.
2nd ed.
Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse Comics, 2003.

PN6728 .P36 V38 2016
Vaughan, Brian K., author.
Paper girls. 2 / Brian K. Vaughan, writer ; Cliff Chiang, artist ; Matt Wilson, colors ; Jared K. Fletcher, letters.

PN6728 .R863 A73 2015
Arcudi, John, author.
Rumble. Vol. 1, The color of darkness / John Arcudi, James Harren, co-creators ; Dave Stewart, color art ; Chris Eliopoulos, letters.

PN6728 .R863 A73 2016
Arcudi, John.
Rumble. Vol. 2, A woe that is madness / created by John Arcudi & James Harren ; Dave Stewart, color art ; Chris Eliopoulos, letters.

PN6728 .S17 V45 2017
Vaughan, Brian K., author.
Saga. Volume seven / writer, Brian K. Vaughan ; artist, Fiona Staples ; Fonografiks, lettering + design ; Eric Stephenson, coordinator.

PN6738 .G45 A45 2016 v.3
Giant Days Vol. 3

PN6738 .G59 A58 2017 v4
Allison, John, 1976- author.
Giant days. Volume four / created & written by John Allison ; illustrated by Max Sarin ; inks by Liz Fleming ; colors by Whitney Cogar ; letters by Jim Campbell ; cover by Lisa Treiman ; designer, Michelle Ankley ; associate editor, Jasmine Amiri ; editor, Shannon Watters.

PN6790 .J34 B5335 2016
Tabata, Yåuki, author, illustrator.
Black clover. Volume 3, Assembly at the royal capital / story and art by Yåuki Tabata ; translation by Taylor Engel.
Shonen jump manga edition.

PN6790 .J34 B64713 2016
Horikoshi, Kåohei, 1986- author, artist.
[Boku no hiro akademia. English]
My hero academia. 4, The boy born with everything / story & art Kohei Horikoshi ; Translation & English adaptation, Caleb Cook.
Shonen Jump manga edition.

PN6790 .J34 T65413 2015
Ishida, Sui, author, illustrator.
Tokyo ghoul. Volume 3 / story and art by Sui Ishida ; translation, Joe Yamazaki ; touch-up art and lettering, Vanessa Satone.
VIZ Signature edition.

PN6790 .J34 W3613 2015 v07
ONE, 1986-
[Wanpanman. English]
One-Punch Man / story by One ; art by Yusuke Murata.
Shonen Jump Manga edition.

PQ2036 .A5 2000
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778, author.
[Confessions. English]
Confessions / Jean-Jacques Rousseau ; translated by Angela Scholar ; edited with an introduction and notes by Patrick Coleman.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, Ã2000.

PQ2246 .M2 E5 2010
Flaubert, Gustave, 1821-1880.
[Madame Bovary. English]
Madame Bovary : provincial ways / Gustave Flaubert ; translated with an introduction and notes by Lydia Davis.
New York : Viking, 2010.

PR6053 .A73 B54 2015
Carter, Angela, 1940-1992.
The bloody chamber and other stories / Angela Carter ; introduction by Kelly Link.

PR6056 .I86 A6 2003
Fitzgerald, Penelope.
[Novels. Selections]
Offshore ; Human voices ; The beginning of spring / Penelope Fitzgerald ; with an introduction by John Bayley.
New York : Knopf, Ã2003.

PR6056 .I86 A6 2003b
Fitzgerald, Penelope.
[Novels. Selections]
The bookshop ; The gate of angels ; The blue flower / Penelope Fitzgerald ; with an introduction by Frank Kermode.

PR9199.3 .A8 H3 2017c
Atwood, Margaret, 1939- author.
The handmaid's tale / Margaret Atwood.

PR9199.3 .C663 G46 1991
Coupland, Douglas.
Generation X : tales for an accelerated culture / Douglas Coupland.
1st ed.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 1991.

PS1541 .A6 2013
Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886.
[Poems. Selections]
The Gorgeous Nothings / Emily Dickinson, Marta L. Werner, Jen Bervin ; with a preface by Susan Howe.

PS3503 .R167 D26 2006
Bradbury, Ray, 1920-2012.
Dandelion wine : a novel / Ray Bradbury.
New York : William Morrow, 2006.

PS3503 .R167 F3 2013
Bradbury, Ray, 1920-2012, author.
Fahrenheit 451 / Ray Bradbury ; introduction by Neil Gaiman.
60th anniversary edition.
First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.

PS3503 .R167 I44 2001
Bradbury, Ray, 1920-2012.
The illustrated man / Ray Bradbury.
New York : William Morrow, 2001.

PS3535 .I233 A6 2016b
Rich, Adrienne, 1929-2012, author.
Collected poems : 1950-2012 / Adrienne Rich.
First edition.

PS3552 .U4 F3 2002
Bukowski, Charles.
Factotum / Charles Bukowski.
1st Ecco ed.
New York, NY : Ecco, 2002.

PS3552 .U4 H3 2014
Bukowski, Charles.
Ham on rye : a novel / by Charles Bukowski.

PS3552 .U4 P67 2014
Bukowski, Charles, author.
Post office / Charles Bukowski.

PS3552 .U4 W6 2014
Bukowski, Charles, author.
Women / Charles Bukowski.

PS3554 .I33 A6 2017
Didion, Joan, author.
[Prose works. Selections]
South and West : from a notebook / Joan Didion ; foreword by Nathaniel Rich.

PS3555 .L5937 L4 1998
Ellis, Bret Easton, author.
Less than zero / Bret Easton Ellis.
First Vintage Contemporaries edition.

PS3555 .L5937 R8 1998
Ellis, Bret Easton.
The rules of attraction / Bret Easton Ellis.
1st Vintage Contemporaries ed.
New York : Vintage Contemporaries, 1998.

PS3558 .E87 O5 1993
Heynen, Jim, 1940-
The one-room schoolhouse : stories about the boys / Jim Heynen.
1st ed.
New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1993.

PS3559 .V435 A82 1995
Ives, David, author.
All in the timing : fourteen plays / David Ives.
A Vintage original, 1st ed.
New York : Vintage Books, 1995.

PS3563 .C337 B67 1999
McCarthy, Cormac, 1933-
The border trilogy / Cormac McCarthy.
New York : Everyman's Library, 1999.

PS3563 .C3694 B7 1984
McInerney, Jay.
Bright lights, big city : a novel / by Jay McInerney.
1st ed.
New York : Vintage Contemporaries, 1984.

PS3565 .L5 A6 2016
Oliver, Mary, 1935- author.
[Essays. Selections]
Upstream : selected essays / Mary Oliver.

PS3566 .A4554 F54 2005
Palahniuk, Chuck.
Fight Club / by Chuck Palahniuk.
First Norton pbk.

PS3601 .L58 M9
Almond, Steve.
My life in heavy metal : stories / by Steve Almond.
New York : Grove Press, Ã2002.

PS3608 .O658 A6 2016
Hopler, Jay, 1970- author.
[Poems. Selections]
The abridged history of rainfall / Jay Hopler.

PS3613 .O5657 M77 2016
Moore, Michele, 1961-
The cigar factory : a novel of Charleston / Michele Moore ; foreword by Pat Conroy.

PT2617 .E85
Hesse, Hermann, 1877-1962.
Siddhartha / Herman Hesse ; translated by Hilda Rosner.
New Delhi, IN : Rupa, 2003.

PT2681 .E18 S313 2016
Sebald, W. G. (Winfried Georg), 1944-2001, author.
[Schwindel, Gefèuhle. English]
Vertigo / W.G. Sebald ; translated from the German by Michael Hulse.

PT405 .S4313 2004
Sebald, W. G. (Winfried Georg), 1944-2001, author.
[Luftkrieg und Literatur. English]
On the natural history of destruction / W.G. Sebald ; translated by Anthea Bell.
Modern Library paperback edition.

PZ7.7 .C66438 Br 2013
Leth, Kate, author.
Bravest Warriors. Volume seven / created by Pendleton Ward ; written by Kate Leth ; illustrated by Ian McGinty ; colors by Lisa Moore ; letters by Steve Wands, Corey Breen. "Bugcat bites" / written by Kate Leth ; illustrated by Jake Myler [and 5 others]. "Short missions" / written by Mad Rupert, illustrated by Kat Leyh.

PZ7.7 .H378 Advg 2016 eb
Hastings, Chris, 1983- author.
Adventure time. Volume 9 / created by Pendleton Ward ; written by Christopher Hastings ; illustrated by Zachary Sterling, Phil Murphy.

PZ7.7 .L48 BRA 2016 v6
Leth, Kate, author.
Bravest Warriors. Volume six / created by Pendleton Ward ; written by Kate Leth ; illustrated by Ian McGinty ; colors by Lisa Moore ; letters by Steve Wands.

PZ7.7 .L9355 2016
Watters, Shannon, author.
Lumberjanes. 5, Band together / written by Shannon Watters ; colors by Maarta Laiho ; letters by Aubrey Aiese ; cover by Brooke Allen with colors by Maarta Laiho ; editor, Dafna Pleban.

PZ7.7 .T45 Gh 2016
Telgemeier, Raina, author, illustrator.
Ghosts / Raina Telgemeier ; with color by Braden Lamb.
First edition.


-- Q: Science --


-- R: Medicine & Nursing --


-- S: Agriculture --


-- T: Technology --

TR654 .E353 2016
William Eggleston : portraits / Phillip Prodger ; with an appreciation by Sofia Coppola.


-- U: Military Science --


-- V: Naval Science --


-- Z: Bibliography & Library Science --