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Received in July 2016

This list was created on 05/16/2018.

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-- A: General Works --


-- B: Philosophy & Psychology & Religion --

BF176 .H34 1991
Hambleton, Ronald K.
Fundamentals of item response theory / Ronald K. Hambleton, H. Swaminathan, H. Jane Rogers.
Newbury Park, Calif. : Sage Publications, Ã1991.

BF204.5 .M68 1994
Moustakas, Clark E., author.
Phenomenological research methods / Clark Moustakas.

BF442 .E9294 2016
Evans, Jonathan St. B. T., 1948-
How to be a researcher : a strategic guide for academic success / Jonathan St B T Evans.
1 edition.

BF76.8 .C66 2011
Cooper, Harris M.
Reporting research in psychology : how to meet journal article reporting standards / Harris Cooper.
6th ed.
Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, Ã2011.

BF76.8 .N53 2010
Nicol, Adelheid A. M., author.
Displaying your findings : a practical guide for creating figures, posters, and presentations / Adelheid A.M. Nicol and Penny M. Pexman.
Sixth edition.


-- C: Archaeology & Genealogy & Biography --


-- D: History (Europe & World) --

D1055 .C3
Cartier-Bresson, Henri, 1908-2004, photographer.
The Europeans / photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson

DC611 .B773 G53 1994
Gibson, Ralph, 1939-
The spirit of Burgundy / photographs by Ralph Gibson ; introduction by Alain Coulange ; reminiscences by Colette.
1st ed.
New York : Aperture, Ã1994.


-- E: History (U.S.) --

E169 .Z8 F713 1986
Frank, Robert, 1924-
[Amâericains. English]
The Americans / Robert Frank ; introduction by Jack Kerouac.
1st Pantheon edition.

E185.615 .S57 1981
Sitkoff, Harvard.
The struggle for Black equality, 1954-1980 / Harvard Sitkoff.
New York : Hill and Wang, Ã1981.


-- F: History (U.S. State/Local & New World) --

F106 .P86
Porter, Eliot, 1901-1990.
Appalachian wilderness : the Great Smoky Mountains / Eliot Porter ; Natural and human history by Edward Abbey ; epilogue by Harry M. Caudill.
New York : Ballantine Books, [1975]

F20 .P65 1986
Porter, Eliot, 1901-1990.
Maine / Eliot Porter.
1st ed.
Boston : Little, Brown, Ã1986.

F289 .O37 B55 1983
Blackburn, Joyce.
James Edward Oglethorpe / Joyce Blackburn.
New York : Dodd, Mead, [983], Ã1970.

F289 .O37 E87 1984
Ettinger, Amos Aschbach, 1901-
Oglethorpe, a brief biography / Amos Aschbach Ettinger ; edited with an introduction by Phinizy Spalding.
[Macon, Ga.] : Mercer, Ã1984.


-- G: Geography & Anthropology --


-- H: Social Sciences & Business --

H61.24 .B57 2015
Birks, Melanie, author.
Grounded theory : a practical guide / Melanie Birks & Jane Mills.
Second edition.

H61.24 .C45 2014
Charmaz, Kathy, 1939-
Constructing grounded theory / Kathy Charmaz.
2nd ed.
London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage, Ã2014.

H61.28 .S25 2015
Salmons, Janet, 1952-
Qualitative online interviews : strategies, design, and skills / Janet Salmons (Vision2Lead and Capella University School of Business).
Second edition.

H61.295 .K56 2016
Kim, Jeong-Hee, 1965-
Understanding narrative inquiry : the crafting and analysis of stories as research / Jeong-Hee Kim.

H61.3 .B396 2013
Bazeley, Patricia.
Qualitative data analysis with NVivo / Pat Bazeley & Kristi Jackson.
2nd ed.
Los Angeles [i.e. Thousand Oaks, Calif.] ; London : SAGE Pubications, 2013.

H62 .G5166 2016
Given, Lisa M.
100 questions (and answers) about qualitative research / Lisa M. Given.

H62 .K6744 2015
Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka.
Reconceptualizing qualitative research : methodologies without methodology / Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Arizona State University.

H62 .M277 2016
Marshall, Catherine, 1946-
Designing qualitative research / Catherine Marshall, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Gretchen B. Rossman, University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Sixth edition.

H62 .P3218 2015
Patton, Michael Quinn, author.
[Qualitative evaluation methods]
Qualitative research & evaluation methods : integrating theory and practice / Michael Quinn Patton.
Fourth edition.

H62 .R737 2012
Rubin, Herbert J. aut (NL-LeOCL)072114029
Qualitative interviewing : the art of hearing data / Herbert J. Rubin, Irene S. Rubin.
3rd ed.
Los Angeles, CA [etc.] : Sage, cop. 2012.

H62 .T427 2015
Theoretical frameworks in qualitative research / edited by Vincent A. Anfara, Jr., Norma T. Mertz, University of Tennessee.
Second edition.

H62 .V6228 2014
Vogt, W. Paul, author.
Selecting the right analyses for your data : quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods / W. Paul Vogt, Elaine R. Vogt, Dianne C. Gardner, Lynne M. Haeffele.

H62 .V623 2012
Vogt, W. Paul.
When to use what research design / W. Paul Vogt, Dianne C. Gardner, Lynne M. Haeffele.
New York : Guilford Press, Ã2012.

HA29 .C7724 2015
Corbin, Juliet M., 1942- author.
Basics of qualitative research : techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory / Juliet Corbin, International Institute for Qualitative Methodology, Anselm Strauss.
Fourth edition.

HA29 .T634 2016
Tokunaga, Howard.
Fundamental statistics for the social and behavioral sciences / Howard T. Tokunaga.

HA31 .N53 2010
Nicol, Adelheid A. M.
Presenting your findings : a practical guide for creating tables / Adelheid A.M. Nicol and Penny M. Pexman.
6th ed.
Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, Ã2010.

HA31.2 .R43 2014
Rea, Louis M.
Designing and conducting survey research : a comprehensive guide / Louis M. Rea, Richard A. Parker.
Fourth edition.

HA31.3 .F69 2016
Fox, John, 1947-
Applied regression analysis and generalized linear models / John Fox.
Third Edition
Los Angeles : SAGE, [2016].

HM48 .K9 2015
Kvale, Steinar, 1938-2008, author.
InterViews : learning the craft of qualitative research interviewing / Svend Brinkmann, Aalborg University, Denmark ; Steinar Kvale, University of Aarhus.
Third edition.

HM538 .D55 2014
Dillman, Don A., 1941- author.
[Internet, mail, and mixed-mode surveys]
Internet, phone, mail, and mixed-mode surveys : the tailored design method / Don A. Dillman, Jolene D. Smyth, Leah Melani Christian.
Fourth edition.

HM571 .S53 2014
Silverman, David, 1943- author.
Interpreting qualitative data / David Silverman.
[Fifth edition].


-- J: Political Science --


-- K: Law --

KF4209.3 .P74 2015
Umpstead, Regina, author.
How to prevent special education litigation : eight legal lesson plans / Regina Umpstead, Janet R. Decker, Kevin P. Brady, David Schimmel, Matthew Militello.


-- L: Education --

LA217.2 .K646 2015
Kohn, Alfie.
Schooling beyond measure & other unorthodox essays about education / Alfie Kohn.

LA412 .F85 2015
Fullan, Michael.
The NEW meaning of educational change / Michael Fullan.
Fifth edition.

LB1072 .I66 2016
Immordino-Yang, Mary Helen, 1971- author.
Emotions, learning, and the brain : exploring the educational implications of affective neuroscience / Mary Helen Immordino-Yang ; foreword by Howard Gardner ; afterword by Antonio Damasio.
First edition.

LB1742 .R63 2010
Roberts, Carol M.
The dissertation journey : a practical and comprehensive guide to planning, writing, and defending your dissertation / Carol M. Roberts.
2nd ed.
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Corwin Press, Ã2010.

LB2343 .T93 2015
Twale, Darla J. (Darla Jean)
A faculty guide to advising and supervising graduate students / Darla J. Twale.

LB2369 .B57 1998
Bolker, Joan.
Writing your dissertation in fifteen minutes a day : a guide to starting, revising, and finishing your doctoral thesis / Joan Bolker.
1st ed.
New York : H. Holt, 1998.

LB2369 .D357 2012
Davis, Gordon B. (Gordon Bitter)
Writing the doctoral dissertation : a systematic approach / by Gordon B. Davis, emeritus, Honeywell professor of management information systems, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota ; Clyde A. Parker professor emeritus, educational psychology, University of Minnesota ; Detmar W. Straub, regents professor of the University System of Georgia and J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University.
3rd ed.
Hauppauge, N.Y. : Barron's, Ã2012.

LC7501 .E1385 D37 2016
Darling-Hammond, Linda, 1951- author.
Be the change : reinventing school for student success / Linda Darling-Hammond, Nicky Ramos-Beban, Rebecca Padnos Altamirano, Maria E. Hyler.


-- M: Music --


-- N: Fine Arts --

N6537 .H6 M37 2003
Marker, Sherry.
Edward Hopper / Sherry Marker.
North Dighton, MA : JG Press : Reprinted by World Publications Group, 2003, Ã1990.

N6537 .R3 A4 2000
Man Ray 1890-1976 / essays by Emmanuelle de L'Ecotais and Katherine Ware ; a personal portrait by Andrâe Breton ; edited by Manfred Heiting.
Kèoln ; New York : Taschen, Ã2000.

NA8230 .P64 2003
Plowden, David.
The American barn / David Plowden.
1st ed.
New York : Norton, c2003.


-- P: Language & Literature --

PE1431 .G73 2014
Graff, Gerald.
"They say / I say" : the Moves that Matter in Academic Writing / Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, Both of the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Third edition.

PS1145 .B35 A95 1971
Browne, Martha Griffith, -1906, author.
Autobiography of a female slave / Mattie Griffiths. New York, Redfield, 1857.
Detroit : Negro History Press, [1971?]

PS3053 .A2 2000
Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862.
New suns will arise : from the journals of Henry David Thoreau / photography by John Dugdale ; text edited by Frank Crocitto.
1st ed.
New York : Hyperion Books for Children, Ã2000.

PS3231 .A35 1996
Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892.
Whitman's men : Walt Whitman's Calamus poems celebrated by contemporary photographers / poetry selected and introduced by David Groff ; photography selected, edited, and introduced by Richard Berman.
New York, NY (300 Park Ave. S., New York 10010) : Universe, 1996.

PS3553 .R542 C58 2016
Cronin, Justin, author.
The city of mirrors : a novel / Justin Cronin.
First edition.

PZ3 .T1626 Se
Tanizaki, Jun'ichiråo, 1886-1965.
[Short stories. Selections. English]
Seven Japanese tales / by Junichiro Tanizaki ; translated from the Japanese by Howard Hibbett.
[1st American ed.].
New York : Knopf, 1963.


-- Q: Science --

Q180.55 .E9 P36 2013
Pan, M. Ling.
Preparing literature reviews : qualitative and quantitative approaches / M. Ling Pan.
4th ed.
Glendale, CA : Pyrczak Pub., Ã2013.

Q180.55 .S7 K73 2016
Kraemer, Helena Chmura.
How many subjects? : statistical power analysis in research / Helena Chmura Kraemer, Stanford University, Christine Blasey, Palo Alto University.
Second edition.

QA278 .M46 2013
Mertler, Craig A., author.
Advanced and multivariate statistical methods : practical application and interpretation / Craig A. Mertler, Rachel A. Vannatta.
Fifth edition.


-- R: Medicine & Nursing --

RJ505 .P6 K38 2014
Kestly, Theresa A., author.
The interpersonal neurobiology of play : brain-building interventions for emotional well-being / Theresa A. Kestly ; foreword by Bonnie Badenoch.
First edition.


-- S: Agriculture --

S521.5 .S65 D55 2006
Dilbeck, Perry, 1965-
The last harvest : truck farmers in the Deep South / by Perry Dilbeck ; with a conclusion by Tom Rankin.
1st ed.
Santa Fe, N.M. : Center for American Places ; [Athens, Ga.] : Distributed by the University of Georgia Press, 2006.


-- T: Technology --

TR1 .A62 no. 117
Josef Sudek, poet of Prague, outward journey.
New York, NY : Aperture Foundation, Ã1990.

TR140 .H83 A5 1997
Hurn, David, 1934-
On being a photographer : a practical guide / David Hurn in conversation with Bill Jay.
Portland, Or. : Lenswork Pub., 1997.

TR140 .P38 A3 1996
Patterson, Freeman, 1937-
ShadowLight : a photographer's life / Freeman Patterson.
1st ed.
Toronto : HarperCollins, Ã1996.

TR140 .S737 F38 1999
Fâarovâa, Anna.
[Josef Sudek. English]
Josef Sudek / Anna Fâarovâa ; [translated into English by Michael Knight].
Munich : Kehayoff, Ã1999.

TR146 .V49 1975
Vestal, David.
The craft of photography / David Vestal.
[Updated ed.].
New York : Harper & Row, Ã1975.

TR15 .S965 1989
Szarkowski, John.
Photography until now / John Szarkowski.
New York : Museum of Modern Art ; Boston : Distributed by Bulfinch Press, Ã1989.

TR185 .J39 2001
Jay, Bill.
Sun in the blood of the cat / Bill Jay.

TR350 .J35 2002
James, Christopher (Christopher P.), 1947-
The book of alternative photographic processes / by Christopher James.
Albany, N.Y. : Delmar Thomson Learning, Ã2002.

TR642 .R98 1998
Ryuijie, author.
Time and place / Ryuijie ; introduction by Josephus Daniels.
First edition.

TR645 .F672 A468 1990
Southall, Thomas W., 1951-
Of time & place : Walker Evans and William Christenberry / Thomas W. Southall ; with excerpts by James Agee and stories by William Christenberry.

TR647 .D84 1995
Dugdale, John, 1960-
Lengthening shadows before nightfall : pictures / by John Dugdale.
1st ed.
Santa Fe, N.M. : Twin Palms, 1995.

TR647 .E9 1997
Evans, Walker, 1903-1975.
Walker Evans, simple secrets : photographs from the collection of Marian and Benjamin A. Hill / [introductory essay by] Ellen Fleurov.
Atlanta, GA : High Museum of Art ; New York : Distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Ã1997.

TR647 .E9 A57
Evans, Walker, 1903-1975, photographer.
Walker Evans / with an introduction by John Szarkowski.

TR647 .G493 1991
Gibson, Ralph, 1939-
L'Histoire de France / [Ralph Gibson] ; introduction by Marguerite Duras.
New York, N.Y. : Aperture Foundation, Ã1991.

TR647 .G49413 1996
Gibson, Ralph, 1939-
[Lichtjahre. English]
Light years / Ralph Gibson ; edited by Peter Weiermair ; [translation from the German by John S. Southard].
Zurich : Edition Stemmle, [1996]

TR647 .G54 1986
Sandweiss, Martha A.
Laura Gilpin : an enduring grace / Martha A. Sandweiss.
Fort Worth, Tex. : A. Carter Museum, Ã1986.

TR647 .K45 2000
Kenna, Michael.
Night work / Michael Kenna.
Tucson, Ariz. : Nazraeli Press in association with Friends of Photography, Ã2000.

TR647 .S882 2002
Struth, Thomas, 1954-
Thomas Struth, 1977-2002 / essays by Douglas Eklund [and others].
Dallas : Dallas Museum of Art, Ã2002.

TR647 .S89 F37 1990
Fâarovâa, Anna, author.
Josef Sudek, poet of Prague : a photographer's life / biographical profile by Anna Farova.

TR647 .W458 1989
White, Minor.
Minor White, the eye that shapes / Peter C. Bunnell ; with Maria B. Pellerano and Joseph B. Rauch.
Princeton, NJ : Art Museum, Princeton University, Ã1989.

TR650 .N49 1999
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)
Looking at photographs : 100 pictures from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art / by John Szarkowski.
New York : The Museum ; Boston : Distributed by Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown and Co., 1999, Ã1973.

TR650 .W48
White, Minor.
Minor White : rites & passages : his photographs accompanied by excerpts from his diaries and letters / biographical essay by James Baker Hall.
Millerton, N.Y. : Aperture, 1978.

TR653 .R46313 1998
Renger-Patzsch, Albert.
[Albert Renger-Patzsch. English]
Albert Renger-Patzsch : photographer of objectivity / edited by Ann and Jèurgen Wilde and Thomas Weski ; with introductory text by Thomas Janzen ; [translated from the German by Anne Heritage].
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1998.

TR653 .W45697 1999
Weston, Edward, 1886-1958.
Edward Weston, 1886-1958 / essay by Terence Pitts ; a personal portrait by Ansel Adams ; edited by Manfred Heiting.
Kèoln ; New York : Taschen, Ã1999.

TR654 .A2
Abbott, Berenice, 1898-1991, photographer.
Berenice Abbott photographs / foreword, Muriel Rukeyser ; introduction, David Vestal.

TR654 .C36713 1992
Cartier-Bresson, Henri, 1908-2004.
[Henri Cartier Bresson, photographie. English]
Henri Cartier Bresson, photographer.
1st rev. ed.
Boston : Little, Brown, 1992.

TR654 .C675
Cosindas, Marie.
Marie Cosindas : color photographs / with an essay by Tom Wolfe ; [edited by Susan Feldman].
1st ed.
Boston : New York Graphic Society, Ã1978.

TR654 .D6313 1997
Doisneau, Robert.
[Trois secondes d' âeternitâe. English]
Robert Doisneau : three seconds of eternity : with an essay by the photographer.
New York : Te Neues Pub. Co., Ã1997.

TR654 .D85 2000
Dugdale, John, 1960-
Life's evening hour / prose and photographs by John Dugdale ; photographs edited by John Dugdale ; text edited by Shields Remine.
New York : August Press, 2000.

TR654 .G499 1974
Gibson, Ralph, 1939-
Days at sea / [Ralph Gibson].
[New York] : Lustrum Press ; Millerton, N.Y. : Distributed by the Book Organization, Ã1974.

TR654 .G527 1973
Gibson, Ralph, 1939-
The somnambulist : photographs / by Ralph Gibson.
[2nd ed.].
[New York, N.Y.] : Lustrum Press, Ã1973.

TR654 .H65 2000
Honeysett, Chris.
Qualities of light : a visual journey / photography by Chris Honeysett ; foreword by David Featherstone.
1st ed.
San Francisco : Crean Editions, Ã2000.

TR654 .J295 1998
Jacobson, Bill, 1955-
Bill Jacobson : 1989-1997 / with a story by Klaus Kertess.
1st ed.
Santa Fe, N.M. : Twin Palms Publishers, 1998.

TR654 .K433 1994
Kenna, Michael.
A twenty year retrospective / Michael Kenna.
1st ed.
Tokyo [Japan] : Treville, Ã1994.

TR654 .M4677 2000
Miller, Richard Copeland.
Passage : Europe / photographs by Richard Copeland Miller ; foreword by Philip Levine.
Revere, Pa. : Lodima Press, Ã2000.

TR654 .M63484 1993
Mora, Gilles, 1945-
Walker Evans : the hungry eye / Gilles Mora and John T. Hill ; [translated from the French by Jacqueline Taylor].
New York : H.N. Abrams, 1993.

TR654 .P4513 1991
Penn, Irving.
Passage : a work record / Irving Penn with the collaboration of Alexandra Arrowsmith and Nicola Majocchi ; introduction by Alexander Liberman ; produced by Nicholas Callaway.
1st ed.
New York : Knopf, 1991.

TR654 .P697 1988
Porter, Eliot, 1901-1990.
The West / Eliot Porter.
1st ed.
Boston : Little, Brown, Ã1988.

TR654 .R39 1989
Raymond, Lilo.
Revealing light : photographs / by Lilo Raymond ; introduction by Mark Strand.
1st ed.
Boston : Bulfinch Press, Ã1989.

TR654 .S93 1984
Szarkowski, John.
Irving Penn / John Szarkowski.
New York : Museum of Modern Art ; Boston : Distributed by New York Graphic Society Books, Ã1984.

TR654 .T955 2002
Twombly, Cy, 1928-2011.
Cy Twombly photographs : 1951-1999 / [essay by Vincent Katz ; editing and organization: Nicola del Roscio].
Mèunchen : Schirmer Mosel, Ã2002.

TR654 .W388 1998
Weidner, Andreas, 1956-
Patina / Andreas Weidner.
Stuttgart : Lindemanns, Ã1998.

TR655 .S34 2003
Schenck, Rocky.
Rocky Schenck photographs / Rocky Schenck ; foreword by John Berendt ; introduction by Connie Todd.
1st ed.
Austin, TX : University of Texas Press, 2003.

TR656.5 .I98 1998
Izu, Kenro, photographer.
Still life / Kenro Izu.
First Edition

TR656.5 .P47 2001
Penn, Irving.
Still life / by Irving Penn ; with an introduction by John Szarkowski.
1st ed.
Boston : Bulfinch Press Book, Ã2001.

TR659 .H42 2000
Heald, David, 1951-
Architecture of silence : Cistercian abbeys of France / photographs by David Heald ; text by Terryl N. Kinder.
New York : Harry N. Abrams, 2000.

TR659 .S84 2003
Sugimoto, Hiroshi, 1948-
Sugimoto : architecture / exhibition curator Francesco Bonami ; essays, Francesco Bonami, Marco De Michelis, John Yau.
Chicago, Ill. : Museum of Contemporary Art ; New York : D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, Ã2003.

TR659 .T54x 1993
Tillmanns, Urs.
[Kreatives Grossformat. Architekturfotografie. English]
Architectural photography : creative large format / Urs Tillmanns ; introd. by David Meili.
Feuerthalen [Switzerland] : SinarEdition, Ã1993.

TR659.5 .S189 2003
Sammallahti, Pentti.
Sammallahti / Pentti Sammallahti ; [text by Candace Perich].
Tucson, AZ : Nazraeli Press in association with Candace Perich Gallery, Ã2003.

TR660 .P38 1987
Patterson, Freeman, 1937-
Portraits of earth / Freeman Patterson.
San Francisco : Sierra Club Books, Ã1987.

TR660 .T52 1993
Tice, George A.
Stone walls, grey skies : a vision of Yorkshire / George Tice ; afterword by Juliet R.V. Barker ; [edited by Penny Fell].
2nd ed./expanded.
Bradford, England : National Museum of Photography, Film, and Television in association with Bradford and Ilkley Community College, 1993.

TR660.5 .C5 1987
Clift, William, 1944-
Certain places / photographs by William Clift.
Santa Fe, NM : William Clift Editions, 1987.

TR660.5 .G44 1998
Geesaman, Lynn, 1938-
Poetics of place / photographs by Lynn Geesaman ; essay by Jamaica Kincaid.
1st ed.
New York : Umbrage Editions, Ã1998.

TR660.5 .N455 1997
Neill, William.
Landscapes of the spirit / photographs by William Neill.
1st ed.
Boston : Little, Brown, Ã1997.

TR670 .F37 1996
Farber, Robert, 1944-
By the sea / Robert Farber.
Rev. ed.
New York : Amphoto Arts, 1996.

TR670 .W453 1995
Weidner, Andreas, 1956-
Kèustenklèange = Coastal romance / Andreas Weidner.
Stuttgart : Lindemanns, Ã1995.

TR675 .G4613x 1998
Gloeden, Wilhelm von, Baron, 1856-1931.
[Akte. English]
Taormina / Wilhelm von Gloeden.
New York : Te Neues Pub., Ã1998.

TR675 .G56 1997
Gloeden, Wilhelm von, Baron, 1856-1931.
Taormina, Wilhelm von Gloeden / [introduction by Roland Barthes ; designed, edited and produced by Jack Woody].
3rd ed.
Santa Fe, N.M. : Twelvetrees Press, 1997.

TR679 .H67 1991
Horst, 1906-1999.
Horst : sixty years of photography / with a text by Martin Kazmaier ; edited by Richard J. Tardiff and Lothar Schirmer.
New York : Rizzoli, 1991.

TR681 .F3 E55 1980
Eisenstaedt, Alfred.
Witness to our time / Alfred Eisenstaedt ; foreword by Henry R. Luce.
New York : Viking Press, 1980.

TR681 .F3 H659 2001
Horst, 1906-1999.
Horst portraits : 60 years of style / selected and with an essay by Terence Pepper ; notes on the plates and chronology by Robin Muir.
New York, NY : Harry N. Abrams, 2001.

TR681 .M4 G67 2000
Gorman, Greg.
As I see it / Greg Gorman ; preface by Elton John ; afterword by John Hurt.
1st ed.
New York : PowerHouse Books, 2000.

TR721 .P66 1987
Porter, Eliot, 1901-1990.
Eliot Porter / photographs and text by Eliot Porter ; foreword by Martha A. Sandweiss.
1st ed.
Boston : Published by New York Graphic Society Books, Little, Brown, in association with the Amon Carter Museum, Ã1987.

TR724 .J65 1998
Jones, Charles, 1866-1959.
Plant kingdoms : the photographs of Charles Jones / Sean Sexton, Robert Flynn Johnson ; preface by Alice Waters.
New York : Smithmark Publishers, 1998.

TR820 .E38 1985
Eisenstaedt, Alfred.
Eisenstaedt on Eisenstaedt : a self-portrait : photos and text / by Alfred Eisenstaedt.
1st ed.
New York : Abbeville Press, Ã1985.

TR820 .E393 1990
Eisenstaedt, Alfred.
Eisenstaedt : remembrances / Alfred Eisenstaedt ; edited by Doris C. O'Neil ; introduction by Bryan Holme.
1st ed.
Boston : Little, Brown, Ã1990.

TX719 .C85 1999
Culinaria : France / Andrâe Dominâe, editor ; Gèunter Beer, photography ; Peter Feierabend, art direction ; Martina Schlagenhaufer, language editor ; Michael Ditter, coordination.
Cologne [Germany] : Kèonemann, Ã1999.


-- U: Military Science --


-- V: Naval Science --


-- Z: Bibliography & Library Science --

Z665 .S746 2016
Stephens, Michael T., 1965- author.
[Essays. Selections]
The heart of librarianship : attentive, positive, and purposeful change / Michael Stephens.

Z675 .U5 A5935 2016
Anderson, Rick, 1965- author.
[Essays. Selections]
Libraries, leadership, and scholarly communication / essays by Rick Anderson.

Z675 .U5 D34 2016
Databrarianship : the academic data librarian in theory and practice / edited by Lynda Kellam and Kristi Thompson.

Z678.85 .F37 2016
Farmer, Lesley S. J., author.
Library improvement through data analytics / Lesley S.J. Farmer, Alan M. Safer.

Z678.9 .L5185 2016
Library technology buying strategies / edited by Marshall Breeding.

Z688 .A3 U63 2016
Forging the future of special collections / edited by Melissa A. Hubbard, Robert H. Jackson, and Arnold Hirshon.

ZA3075 .B87 2016
Burkhardt, Joanna M., author.
Teaching information literacy reframed : 50+ framework-based exercises for creating information-literate learners / Joanna M. Burkhardt.

ZA4080 .P87 2016
Purcell, Aaron D., 1972- author.
Digital library programs for libraries and archives : developing, managing, and sustaining unique digital collections / Aaron D. Purcell.

ZA5055 .U6 F67 2016
Hartnett, Cassandra J., 1964- author.
Fundamentals of government information : mining, finding, evaluating, and using government resources / Cassandra J. Hartnett, Andrea L. Sevetson, Eric J. Forte.
Second edition.