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Academic Integrity & You

by Davy Gibbs on 2023-02-06T14:56:46-05:00 in General Research, Piedmont University, Research/Classwork Support, Writing | 0 Comments

Whether you are a freshman new to Piedmont U or a doctoral candidate putting the finishing touches on your dissertation, you will hear a lot about academic integrity, and especially plagiarism.

Why? Well, few concepts are more fundamental to the aspirations of higher education (or more vital to your experience as a student). Academic Integrity may seem simple, but in practice, the definitions and details can become confusing. The Library's guide Academic Integrity: Resources for Students & Faculty can help make things much clearer.

But what does it mean to have integrity?

First and foremost, it means being honest and trustworthy. It means having strong ethics and striving to do the right thing, even when there are easier, less honest ways of accomplishing your goals. Academic integrity is nothing more or less than acting with integrity within an academic environment.

Word cloud of integrity words.

The Library's guide Academic Integrity: Resources for Students & Faculty offers guidance for ethical academic conduct as defined by Piedmont University. You will also find materials and resources for learning about academic integrity and plagiarism and explanations of Piedmont's policies concerning infractions of academic integrity.

The guide includes a section that provides examples of various academic integrity problems, so you’ll know exactly what they are and how to avoid them. To learn more about Academic Integrity and Plagiarism, take a look at these short videos:

Want to learn even more? Take this Short Course on Academic Integrity.

Still unsure? The librarians can help. Drop by and talk with us or Ask a Librarian.

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